What is hash (hashish)?

Hash, sometimes called hashish, is the product formed when cannabis trichomes are collected and pressed together. Depending on the purity and the preparation method, hash can have a light/dark brown or even a blonde/creamy appearance. The main impurities tend to be plant matter, leaf fragments etc. Hash can be smoked in a joint, bong or pipe. It can also be vaporised or consumed in cannabis edible products.


Best cannabis strains to make hash with

Hash can be made with any cannabis strain. It doesn't matter whether you use cannabis grown from autoflower seedsfeminised seeds or regular cannabis seeds. Nor does it matter whether you grow indica seeds, sativa seeds or hybrid seeds. So long as you have healthy plants grown from quality cannabis seeds with a good amount of resin production you can expect to make high quality hashish. Most people make THC rich hash, but some people make hash from CBD rich cannabis strains. The choice of hash is yours to create!


Frequently asked questions about hash

What is hashish made out of?

The cannabis trichomes contain cannabinoids such as THC. Other cannabinoids will also be present, depending on the type of cannabis seeds you grew. These trichomes can be collected in various ways, when they are dry and pressed together they form a sticky lump of hash. The simplest way to make hash is to rub your fingers on some buds and make a small ball of finger hash

What does hashish look like?

Often hash has a brown, perhaps slightly glossy appearance. The colour of the hash is determined by the amount of other leaf/plant material which made its way into your hash. If you made hash using the ice water method with ‘bubble bags’ you may find that hash made from the smallest sieved particles has a blonde creamy appearance. This is often regarded as the best, or purest, hash and is often the most expensive form.

How much does hashish cost?

Hash prices can show surprising variations. In a Dutch coffee shop, budget hash can start at around €5/g and go up to around €20/g for the finest hash selections. Note that in Dutch coffeeshops, hash tends to measure around 26% THC. For comparison, typical THC levels in Dutch coffeeshop weed are around 16%.

THC levels in hash and cannabis, official Dutch Government data

How to make hashish from weed?

There are several methods detailed above. You can remove the trichomes with your fingers to make finger hash. Or you can remove the trichomes by stirring the shredded buds in ice water and filtering them through various size sieves to make ice water hash. You can use dry ice, or simply just physically beat the dry branches to remove the trichomes. Once pressed together they form a sticky mass, ready to be enjoyed!

What are the short / long term effects of hash?

Hash contains the same psychoactive ingredients as cannabis buds, just in a slightly more concentrated form. You can expect similar effects to those found when vaping/smoking buds. But you will be able to use hash in lower quantities than you would when using weed. That’s because hash generally has a greater cannabinoid concentration than the original cannabis buds.