Cannabis vs Marihuana vs Weed Seeds

Marihuana seeds (often spelt as marijuana seeds) are the main method of propagating the cannabis plant, although many private growers often distribute cuttings of prized strains. However many growers claim that they achieve the best results when growing from seed.

Marihuana seeds are produced when pollen from the male plants fertilises the female plants initiating the female plant to produce seeds. Marihuana seeds can then be planted and will themselves grow into mature cannabis plants allowing the reproductive cycle to repeat itself. The seeds will remain viable for a few years, and when stored in cool/dry conditions (such as a refrigerator) marihuana seeds will remain viable for many years though the germination rates will decrease over time.

In the 1980’s the Dutch cannabis industry took cannabis breeding and seed supply to new levels of professionalism and excellence. Dutch Passion were one of the first companies to begin expert cannabis breeding programs using qualified biologists and geneticists.

Only the best cannabis genetics from around the world were used in these specialised breeding programs. The result for companies such as Dutch Passion was the creation of marihuana seeds that gave new levels of quality and consistency in the final strains.

 Pollinate cannabis

Marihuana seeds normally produce roughly equal numbers of male and female offspring. However Dutch Passion was able to stun the cannabis world in the 1990’s when they began selling feminised marihuana seed technology. These new feminised seeds gave rise to 95%+ female plants, this had been a dream of cannabis growers for many years but was widely believed to be technically impossible. Today, feminised marihuana seeds are now more popular than traditional seeds as they allow the grower to produce only the desired female plants.

The widespread availability of high quality marihuana seeds allowed an explosion of small- scale growing. Cannabis supply was no longer a battle between large foreign export gangs and government border control guards. Cannabis supply was domesticated and many small growers could produce their own personal supply simply by purchasing marihuana seeds of their favourite varieties which could be grown outside, in greenhouses or indoors under grow lights.

Growing your own cannabis had just become easy, convenient and highly satisfying. Just a small amount of knowledge was needed to get the best results. Cannabis is not difficult to grow, it has adapted to many different growing conditions and is not called ‘weed’ without reason. It can grow just about anywhere.

What Are Weed Seeds

Weed seeds is a street name for cannabis (or marijuana) seeds. They are natures method of allowing the cannabis plant to be spread around the environment and regrow.

Weeds seeds can be legally bought and sold in certain regions e.g. large sections of Europe but remain illegal in other areas. Over the last 2-3 decades many professional weed breeders have dedicated their expertise to breeding the best yielding and most potent weed varieties they can. The seeds from these prize strains can then be distributed to head shops and growers around the world.

One result of the trade in weed seeds has been the incredible enrichment in the genetic diversity of cannabis. Rare Cannabis indica genetics from in accessible Himalayan valleys have now found their way into back gardens and greenhouses all over the world.

Exceptional Cannabis sativa genetics from the deepest Thai jungles have made their way to growrooms and greenhouses in Canada and Scandinavia. Sometimes these strains retain their purebred characteristics, and other times the strains have been carefully and painstakingly crossbred with other varieties creating precious new weed strains.

Dutch Passion, as one of the very first companies to start selling weed seeds in the 1980’s, have played an important role in the preservation and diversification of cannabis.

Weed seeds of different varieties may have subtle differences in appearance, but they all perform the same job. The seeds will swell in moist conditions during germination and over the period of a few days a seedling will emerge complete with roots and a first pair of leaves. Weed seeds can be germinated and grown in soil or any number of modern alternatives such as coco fibre, clay pellets, glass wool etc. Growing great weed these days is not at all difficult. Good light levels are needed for respectable yields, along with a suitable growing medium with enough nutrients and water. But the first job for any potential grower is finding a seed supplier that has the experience and know-how to equip you with the best weed seeds that nature can provide. Dutch Passions advice is to get the best seeds you can, start with quality genetics from a trusted source.

Thanks to professional breeders, the choice of varieties has never been greater but the choice can sometimes seem confusing. The cheapest weed seed suppliers are rarely the best, but if you are looking for great quality at an affordable price then Dutch Passion recommend you take a look at their seed collection.