Auto Cinderella Jack, strongest autoflower on earth with over 25% THC

Auto Cinderella Jack, strongest autoflower on earth with over 25% THC

Some recent THC tests, independently verified by two separate laboratories have shown almost 26%THC levels in buds from Auto Cinderella Jack. It’s the highest auto THC levels ever seen by Dutch Passion in many years of autoflower seed research and breeding. In this review we give you an inside glimpse into some of the work done behind the scenes by Dutch Passion in order to supply our customers with the most potent weed seeds on the planet.

Autoflower seeds with THC levels from 22% to 26%
Why does Dutch Passion make these THC tests?
Understanding THC Levels in Cannabis Plants
High THC cannabis seeds are produced by hard work and science, not by accident
Auto Cinderella Jack seeds grown organically under LED
Autoflower seed world record for highest THC content
How do breeders measure THC, and why?
Auto Cinderella Jack, strong terpene profile provides great taste and flavour
Grow the highest THC autoflower weed strain

Autoflower seeds with THC levels from 22% to 26%

Auto Cinderella Jack seeds have always been capable of THC levels above 20%. But it wasn't until the most recent batch of test results that we saw THC content hit almost 26%.

The first lab produced the following results. Samples came from 3 different plants:

  • Auto Cinderella Jack #1 = 20.84% THC
  • Auto Cinderella Jack #2 = 25.94% THC!
  • Auto Cinderella Jack #3 = 21.30% THC

The second laboratory then re-checked sample #1 and sample #2. The results were very close to the original results. This second test from an independent laboratory was the confirmation needed to show that these results are genuine.

  • Auto Cinderella Jack #1 = 22,37% (previous lab found 20.84% THC)
  • Auto Cinderella Jack #2 = 24.28% (previous lab found 25.94% THC)

The Auto Cinderella Jack plants were grown organically in 7 litre containers, conditions similar to those used by many home growers. It shows the quality levels which can be obtained by home growers using the best auto seeds.

Auto Cinderella Jack lab results

Download the original lab results - Sativanalisis & Canna Fundación

Why does Dutch Passion make these THC tests?

As part of the ongoing Dutch Passion commitment to supply their customers with the finest cannabis seeds, regular testing is done on both existing strains and research projects.

Laboratory testing is mandatory on any new research variety. Without lab tests to show terpene profiles and cannabinoid content it isn't really possible to identify and professionally breed the best parent varieties to create new strains.

Seeds of existing Dutch Passion strains are regularly taken, grown and tested for various reasons, from ensuring quality standards are being maintained, to entering samples for cannabis cups.

Understanding THC Levels in Cannabis Plants

THC is one of the factors which defines the strength of the high. Home growers rarely get THC testing done on their crops, it's expensive. Many home growers will achieve around 15% THC in their crops when using seeds of a THC rich strain. With 15% THC you can expect a strong high and pleasurable effects. Of course, much depends on the cannabis genetics and the environmental conditions. Some cannabis varieties (high CBD, low THC strains) are deliberately bred to be under 1% THC and these strains will never deliver high THC crops.

For the average home grower around 15% THC would be typical when using good quality THC rich seeds. Achieving THC levels of 20% tends to be done by the more experienced growers who can maintain their plants in the ‘sweet spot’ during cultivation. This requires high THC genetics, an experienced grower and stable grow room conditions with optimal use of nutrients and lighting.

THC levels of 25% and above are not that common, despite what you may see claimed online. To achieve 25% THC you need to be using the highest THC cannabis seeds. You also need the experience to deliver stable optimised conditions to the plants from start to finish.

To reach 25% THC you may also have worked hard on your grow room design, perhaps installing LED grow lights and maybe UV supplemental lights to boost THC in the last few weeks. It’s also worth mentioning that many people are entirely satisfied with THC levels of around 8-10% and below. These are the levels produced by many CBD rich cannabis seeds, and the growers often wouldn’t change them.

Auto Cinderella Jack bud

High THC cannabis seeds are produced by hard work and science, not by accident

Regular lab testing is the hallmark of any serious cannabis breeder or seedbank. Without it you are at a significant disadvantage. It is important to state that THC isn’t the only cannabinoid which is analysed and quantified. Experienced cannabis users know that a range of cannabinoids are required to produce an agreeable high. The entourage effect from the full spectrum of cannabinoids is important to produce a rounded and enjoyable effect. One interesting feature of Auto Cinderella Jack is the presence of quite a range of cannabinoids. Perhaps that is one of the reasons she is such a highly enjoyable variety to vape/smoke.

As previously mentioned, THC isn't the only consideration when looking for good quality genetics. But a high THC level is usually a reliable indicator of a memorable vape/smoke. So when the Dutch Passion team saw the most recent batch of test results for Auto Cinderella Jack they were particularly impressed.

Three samples were tested and showed THC ranging from 21% to 26% THC. Suspecting that the results needed backing up (we had never seen such high THC results on an auto), a second lab test from a different company was arranged. The results came back the same, within the small differences of experimental error, around 1.5%. Although the team are used to seeing good quality genetics produce over 20% THC, it was the first time they had seen an auto above 25% THC.

Auto Cinderella Jack seeds grown organically under LED

The plants were grown using LED grow lights. LED is preferred by many of the top growers because the light spectrum is optimised for cannabis cultivation and has a low heat signature. Many of the best cannabis growers get superior quality/potency levels with LED. For that reason they would never switch back to HPS.

The high potency auto plants featured in this article were grown simply in 7 litre containers. The grow medium was a 4:1 mix of coco:light-mix soil. The plants were grown organically, using the full Biotabs nutrient line. The plants were then simply given water for much of their life. The slow release BioTabs nutrients gradually release essential minerals and nutrients, making it very easy to grow cannabis. Towards the end of the grow an occasional top feed was given.

Autoflower seeds and LED Blue Light Treatment

The Auto Cinderella Jacks were grown under an LED light from California Lightworks (the Solar System 550, using 400W). At the end of the grow cycle the adjustable-spectrum grow light was used to deliver ‘Blue Light Treatment’. This is where the plant receives only blue light wavelengths for the last 2-3 days, all the red diodes are switched off. This is felt to substantially increase terpene production prior to harvest, and is a useful technique used by some growers to turbocharge the flavour.

The philosophy of the expert grower was simply to provide the plants with the best organic environment and LED grow lights, allowing the genetics to do the work. Little day-to-day effort was required once the seedlings were growing. A Blumat moisture meter was used in the grow medium to ensure that the plants were only watered when required. This very simple process, produced from years of experience, is all that was required to produce these exceptional results.

Autoflower seed world record for highest THC content

The organic principles and 20 hours of daily LED light allowed the plants to thrive in optimum conditions. This, alongside the cannabis cup winning genetics, created the right conditions for a high quality result. With THC levels recorded at a fraction below 26%, the results show just how good autoflower seed genetics have become in recent years.

It is also worth noting that the grow conditions which achieved the 26% THC are identical to those used by many home growers and professional cultivators alike; organic grow medium, LED grow lights and 7 litre containers. There is nothing complicated about growing auto seeds. If you get the environmental conditions right and use the best autoflower seeds then you are set for a superb quality result. The Dutch Passion test grower got 26% THC, you can too! Growing auto seeds is easy and fast.

How do breeders measure THC, and why?

There are different techniques used to measure THC and other cannabinoids. Most serious breeders use laboratories with HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) to quantify the cannabinoid content. It’s accurate and relatively fast.

The downside is the cost. Send off a few samples for cannabinoid (and terpene) analysis and you won't have much change from €500. Multiply that for every variety in your collection, and the research varieties too, and you can soon be spending tens of thousands of euros each year. Especially if you are a quality focussed seed company.

HPLC may be a big expense, but for the serious cannabis seed professionals it is simply an unavoidable cost of doing business. Without professional lab analysis, the breeder is blindfolded to the true genetic properties of the plants they work with. When you buy your cannabis seeds, make sure they come from a breeder that fully understands the importance of professional breeding principles.

In house lab analysis vs outsourced lab analysis

One advantage for a seedbank to work with external analysis (as opposed to having their own ‘in house’ lab) is that results can be cross checked by several independent labs, ensuring that results are not biased or erroneous.

Other ways to measure THC

For the best cannabis seed companies, proper laboratory analysis is simply regarded as a necessary cost of business. Without it breeding is little more than educated guesswork. There are simpler, but less accurate ways to measure THC. A simple Thin Layer Chromatography kit is a fraction of the cost of HPLC and can give approximate indications, rather than precise quantifications.

If money is no object, a Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer can be used. Like HPLC, this is a complicated analytical technique normally used by professional labs with a skilled operator.

For those with a particular interest in THC/cannabinoid measurement, this Research Paper in cannabinoid testing provides a more detailed in-depth discussion.

Cannabinoid testing is a must for the best seed suppliers

The reality is that testing for cannabinoids (and terpene profiles) has become mandatory for professional cannabis breeders in recent years. Yes, the costs are very high, especially when done correctly on a large scale. But the correct use of cannabinoid/terpene analysis is a tremendous asset to any cannabis breeder. It allows rapid identification of the best genetic lines. Poor quality, or inconsistent genetic lines can be quickly discarded.

The USA and Canadian cannabis industries are good examples of how cannabis breeders/growers can work together with analytical labs to enhance the quality of the breeding work and mother selection. It does increase costs, but it can shorten breeding projects. Most importantly, it allows steady quality improvements through genetic selection.

This makes successful cannabis breeding faster and more focussed, meaning that the best cannabis seed suppliers can provide superior seeds to their customers. Modern analytical lab support is essential to the best breeders in several different ways. For example, our latest research project THC-Victory (the worlds first THC-V rich seed variety) would have been impossible without lab testing.

Beware of extravagant THC claims from unproven analytical techniques

Dutch Passion use high quality HPLC testing from independent, unconnected, laboratories to provide accurate and unbiased test results. But not all seed companies do it the proper way. Some seed companies simply fabricate THC levels and make no attempt to explain their ‘results’. Other seed companies will use cheaper and less accurate techniques, publishing only the THC levels which suit them.

Over recent years several companies have released highly inaccurate, low cost equipment (e.g. low cost ‘sensors’ which connect to a smart phone). The worst of these devices can give highly inaccurate results. Dutch Passion has seen, tested and rejected many of these gadgets over the years. Other seed companies rely on them for their marketing data, especially the ones which give falsely high readings. Be careful about trusting online misinformation from less ethical seed companies. You don't want to waste several months growing low quality seeds. Choose a seed company you can trust.

The most potent weed comes from the highest THC seeds

If you are going to invest several months of your time and money growing your own cannabis, then make sure that your cannabis seed supplier is doing their job as professionally as they can. Does your seed supplier publish detailed THC test results? Do they explain how they got the result and which techniques were used to check and double check the data? Have they remained at the top of the seed world for a long time? Have they been rewarded with Cannabis Cups for their breeding efforts?

For the most enjoyable cannabis you need the finest quality cannabis seeds. Remember, even the most experienced cannabis growers in the business can't produce quality results from second rate seeds. Choose the best cannabis seeds from a supplier you trust. If you do grow Dutch Passion seeds then you may wish to read more about how to germinate cannabis seeds and how to grow autoflower seeds.

Auto Cinderella Jack, strong terpene profile provides great taste and flavour alongside 25% THC

In order to create what we believe to be the world’s strongest autoflower strain, the Auto Cinderella Jack parent genetics were selected on THC levels and nothing else. Professional lab analysis was used at each stage of breeding to confirm high-THC levels. This was repeated over several generations, on all individuals plants used in the breeding.

Originally this project began with a selected crossing of some premium quality specimens of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. The auto genetics came from the Magnum genetic line which ensures harvest quantities are well above average. As well as THC you can expect smaller amounts of CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV, CBC and CBDV. The presence of so many minor cannabinoids is thought to be one of the reasons that Auto Cinderella Jack is regarded as such an enjoyably potent variety with so many repeat growers.

The high is unmistakably strong, but at the same time it delivers a magnificent feel-good effect which seems to dissolve stress and anxiety. As well as a powerful cannabinoid profile, Auto Cinderella Jack also impresses with a strong taste which connoisseurs will adore.

Alpha Pinene, with the scent of fresh forest pine is the dominant terpene in Auto Cinderella Jack, accounting for around 40-45% of the total terpene content.

Beta Myrcene is the next most dominant, accounting for 20-25% of the terpene. Myrcene is also found in hops, thyme and other herbs with a pleasant floral scent.

Beta Caryophyllene accounts for 15-20% of the terpenes, it’s an essential oil found in cloves. The citrus scent Limonene is also found in Auto Cinderella Jack.

The combination of these terpenes gives a strong, piney-spicy aroma. Auto Cinderella Jack delivers an unusually tasty and aromatic crop and an exceptionally strong vape/smoke.

The most potent autoflower weed from the highest THC seeds

It is worth noting that many feminised seed strains will struggle to reach the 26% THC level seen in the Auto Cinderella Jack sample. That indicates two things to the home grower.

Firstly, that the best autoflower seeds have come a long way since their launch. Secondly, the simplicity of growing autos means that the grower doesn't need to do much other than provide a stable environment - the genetics do all the work for you. There isn't too much to go wrong when growing autoflower seeds so long as the grow room basics are maintained.

One other observation from the recent Auto Cinderella Jack THC tests is the level of consistency from the auto seeds. Buy a pack of good quality autoflower seeds and you can fully expect heavy yields, strong buds, a tent full of consistently potent plants and a simple growing experience. And all in just 10-11 weeks. If you haven’t tried growing auto seeds yet, there has never been a better time to start. Nor has there been a better auto strain to start with!

Legal Canadian cannabis growers enjoy the auto experience

Over the last couple of years many of the Canadian legal growers have bought and used genetics from Dutch Passion. Some of these used Auto Cinderella Jack seeds for their first grows and got high quality results. Some of the producers used Auto Cinderella Jack in their pre-rolls. With THC levels above 20%, the pre-rolled Auto Cinderella Jack joints were stronger than many of the feminised strains on offer.

Grow the highest THC autoflower weed strain

Which is the most potent autoflower strain that you have grown? Do you think it is better than your best photoperiod harvest? Dutch Passion is interested to hear from you about your experiences growing your strongest ever crop. What was the key to your best ever grow? Seeds or all-round environmental conditions, or both? If you enjoyed this article, please let us know if you would like to see a similar in-depth review of a Dutch Passion variety in the future.

If you haven’t grown autoflower seeds before then we hope that our behind-the-scenes look into the Dutch Passion quality control procedures gives you confidence to try. Auto Cinderella Jack seeds are available in packs of 1, 3 or 7 seeds. You can order them online here and get delivery in 24 hours if you wish. Of course you can browse the rest of Dutch Passion’s prize winning collection of auto seeds. Our unique seed finder can help you choose the best seeds for your personal preferences. Enjoy growing your own highly potent home grown cannabis!

Auto Cinderella Jack, strongest autoflower on earth with over 25% THC
March 6th 2020
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