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High Altitude

Dutch Passion High Altitude cannabis varieties have been selectively bred to grow and bloom well at high altitude. The Dutch Passion breeding work was done in the Swiss Alps over several years, selecting and crossing the individuals that grew best at high altitude. These sturdy, tough high altitude cannabis seeds are ideal for outdoor growers facing the challenge of high altitude/mountain growing.

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Pamir Gold®

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Western Himalayas Hybrid

Snow Bud®

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Afghani X South African genetics

What are high altitude cannabis strains ?

High altitude cannabis seeds have been selectively bred over many generations in high altitude breeding locations. The result are specialised cannabis strains which are uniquely adapted to thrive at high altitudes where non-adapted cannabis strains would simply fail to survive.

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High altitude strains are specially bred to be extra resilient to the challenges faced when growing outdoors (or in greenhouses/polytunnels) in often cool, windy, high altitude locations. If you grow cannabis outdoors in mountainous areas or higher altitude regions then you need to buy specialist high altitude cannabis seeds for optimised results.

Best cannabis strains from our high altitude collection

Pamir Gold and Snow Bud are Dutch Passion’s high altitude cannabis strains. They were developed over several outdoor seasons in the Swiss Alps during the 1990’s. Each year, the offspring from the previous season’s best performing plants were kept and crossed during the subsequent year. Over many generations this selective breeding produced Pamir Gold and Snow Bud.

Pamir Gold

Pamir Gold genetics originally came from the Tadzjikistan region of the western Himalayas. These genetics were systematically adapted to growing conditions at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps over several years.

Pamir Gold is mostly Indica variety (60% indica, 40% sativa) with a sweet earthy taste. You may notice hints of lemon and pear. Plants typically reach 1.5 to 1.8 meters outdoors with good mold and mildew resistance. Yields are well above average. Pamir Gold does also grows well in indoor grow rooms. THC levels are high/very high

Snow Bud

Snow Bud uses hybridised Afghani and South African cannabis genetics. Just like Pamir Gold these were adapted to high altitude cultivation in the Swiss Alps. She is slightly sativa dominant and is an above-average yielder of strong and satisfying buds. She can reach up to 2.2m tall outdoors and will deliver harvests at high altitudes where other varieties would fail. The Snow Bud name comes from the huge numbers of white hairs (pistils) which emerge during bloom

What is the genetic heritage of our high altitude strains?

Pamir Gold has genetics from the Himalayan region. Snow Bud has genetics from Afghanistan and also South Africa. The important consideration is not so much the source of the original genetics as the fact that they were selectively bred over many generations in demanding conditions. This intensive and challenging breeding process means that only a small percentage of plants are selected for onward development. This means that the final high altitude cannabis seeds that you buy are fully adapted to growing at high altitude locations.

How to choose cannabis seeds for high altitude?

If you’re growing in high altitude locations such as the Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Caucasus regions etc then you don't want to risk an outdoor grow season with unproven seeds. Cannabis growing in mountains regions or high altitude plateaus brings specific outdoor challenges which most cannabis seeds simply don’t cope with. If you grow at high altitudes then you need specially adapted high altitude cannabis seeds to deliver the best results.

What is considered as a high altitude for growing cannabis?

Anything much above 300-450m is considered high altitude territory. But some growers will venture to much higher altitudes! One great advantage of growing at high altitudes is that you can select private grow locations that very few people are ever likely to venture anywhere near. Dutch Passion high altitude cannabis seeds have been grown successfully in mountainous regions all around Europe (and beyond) at altitudes of 2000m+ with great results.

What to look for when growing high altitude cannabis seeds?

Many high altitude growers will consider fortifying the local soil with extra minerals and nutrients. That can mean a long walk with a heavy back pack for some high altitude growers! The better the grow conditions, the better the results you can expect. Many higher altitude growers try to select a location with some protection from the prevailing wind/weather. But it’s important to state that Pamir Gold and Snow Bud are both very tough and hardy outdoor strains that will produce results even in poor conditions where other strains would not survive.

What are the typical regions where high altitude seeds are suitable?

The Alps, Himalayas, Rocky Mountains, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Caucasus and other similar high altitude locations will all benefit from outdoor cannabis strains which have benefitted from specialist selective breeding at high altitudes.

What are the key advantages of high altitude cannabis strains?

The main benefit of high altitude cannabis strains is the resilience to prevailing conditions/temperatures as well as the dependable performance at higher altitudes where even some tree species won’t grow. The atmosphere gets slowly thinner as altitude increases. Eventually it starts to affect the way plants and animals live. By breeding cannabis strains such as Pamir Gold and Snow Bud to thrive in mountainous regions, high altitude growers can grow in confidence!