How to make hash with dry ice

How to make hash with dry ice

If you have want to know more about making hash with dry ice (carbon dioxide pellets) then read on! Historically, many people have made hashish with the water/ice method. One disadvantage of that method is the fact that your hash is produced as a wet slurry which needs drying over a couple of days. When you make hash with dry ice, you get fast and easy hash production process which you can enjoy immediately. Whats more, many hash connoisseurs say that the dry ice retains more of the taste and flavor, meaning that dry-ice hash is the best quality you can get. So is the extra hassle of using dry-ice worth the quality improvement?


Making hashish with dry ice.

Dry ice is simply solidified carbon dioxide, or CO2. It is non-flammable and can be bought from local pharmacies. It can also be bought online and is usually delivered in special polystyrene containers which keep it cool enough to survive the overnight shipping process. Dry ice has a temperature of around -78ºC (-109ºF). It will cause severe skin damage, so wear goggles and thick gloves. Oven gloves, or similar are best, don’t expect latex gloves to protect you from such extreme temperatures.


When dry ice is added to a bucket of shredded cannabis buds and shaken, the resin glands freeze. This makes them brittle, allowing them to easily break off the buds/leaves. The trichome resin glands are collected in the normal way using standard hash collection bags. Hash bags are designed for making ice/water hash but they work great for making dry ice hash too. They can be bought online and come in a set with different sized screens, e.g. 73μ, 160μ and 220μ. Making hash with dry ice is simple and quick, and that is part of the appeal. There is no need to wait for the hash to dry, just collect it and enjoy it!


Dry ice hash has an extra deep and rich taste which is adored by hash connoisseurs. Some hash connoisseurs claim that traditional water/ice hash method loses some of the flavor and terpenes in the water. With dry-ice hash there is no loss of flavor at all, and the ultra low temperatures preserve the full delicious hash taste. If you haven’t tried hash made with dry ice, you have been missing out!

How to make hash with dry ice? 

Hash made with the dry ice extraction method.

Hash is simply the collected resin glands from the cannabis plant. Some people like to vape or smoke the non-compressed resin glands. This is called Kief. Other hash fans love to compress the resin glands to make a sticky, shiny ball of hash (cannabis resin). Usually hash has a light brown color but this varies according to the purity and type of hash. The larger the size of the ‘holes’ in the collection bags the more hash you will collect and the more leaf/green material also. However, the smaller micron sizes (e.g. the 73μ collection bag) will contain less leaf material, but a higher percentage of resin glands. The smaller the micron rating of the bag, the less chance of any green leaf material making it into your hash.


In general, the more green, leafy material in your hash the less potent it is. Usually the most potent hash comes from the bag with the smallest pore size, such as the 73μ collection bag. That’s because it usually collects most trichomes and the least green leafy material. Sometimes the hash produced from the smallest size collection bags may have a blond, or very light brown appearance.

How to make hash with dry ice?

What you need to make dry ice hash.

To make your own dry ice hash you will need the following materials:

  • Shredded/ground-up cannabis buds/leaves
  • A clean bucket
  • A well ventilated room to work in.
  • Some hash bags/bubble bags
  • Some heavy duty oven gloves, safety glasses and long sleeve clothing
  • Dry ice, often around 1Kg of dry ice (2-3 pounds) is used for a home extraction.
  • A flat, clean surface to shake your hash bags onto.
  • A scraping tool (e.g. paint scraper) to collect the resin glands when you empty the hash bags.

Put the dry ice and shredded buds/trim in the bucket. Add the dry ice pellets, put the hash bags on the bucket and shake. The dry ice rapidly cools the buds and freezes any sticky resin glands on the plant material. At these ultra low temperatures, the trichomes become brittle and glass-like. The mechanical shaking removes them, and by tipping your bucket upside down you collect the resin glands in the hash bags. The hash bags can be removed and the collected contents are tipped onto your clean work surface and scraped up. To ensure that you have extracted all the hash, repeat the process until no more is hash is removed. You can add extra CO2 pellets if necessary. You can choose whether to keep your product as loose, powdery ‘kief’ or to compress it into a ball of hash.

How to make hash with dry ice?

Safety considerations when making dry ice hashish.

Use a well ventilated room or an external area such as a garage. Your lungs need to absorb oxygen to survive but you will be using lots of carbon dioxide. In a closed room you could suffer oxygen deprivation, therefore it is vital to ensure excellent ventilation. Remember that dry ice can cause instant and severe skin/eye damage. Many hash fans are perfectly happy to leave dry ice extractions to the professionals for very good reasons. Don’t put dry ice in a sealed container, if it warms up and expands it could explode the container. Dispose of dry ice safely, don’t try to flush it down the toilet or sink as it can freeze them. Instead, simply place the unwanted CO2 pellets near an open window, door or garden and leave them to evaporate away naturally.


Making hash with dry ice. The fastest way to make hashish.

Dry ice is a fast way to make hash. Once you have your plant material in a clean bucket with the dry ice it takes just a few minutes to make your hash which you can enjoy immediately. If you make hash with the more traditional ice/water method then you could be waiting a couple of days until the hash has dried out. During the drying of ice/water hash some of the tasty terpenes are lost. With dry-ice hash no drying is required and no terpenes are lost, you can enjoy it immediately if you wish. If you want hash with the richest, darkest and most appealing flavor you should try hash made with the dry ice method. to make hash with dry ice?

Dry ice hash. Maximum flavor!

As soon as the dry ice touches the resin glands, the extreme low temperatures lock in all the terpenes and other aromatics. With the traditional water/ice method some of these aromatic compounds and terpenes are inevitably washed away and lost to the water. That’s why many of the most serious hash lovers prefer to make their own hash.

Growing your own cannabis from feminized cannabis seeds or autoflower seeds and using the dry ice method is the cheapest way to make the highest quality hash.

How to make hash with dry ice
July 30th 2019
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Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-11-15 14:32:14

Hello @ Tyler Uyehara 2021-11-05 02:33:33, You do not need to air dry your hash after this extraction method. It is immediately good for use or storage :) Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

Tyler Uyehara

2021-11-05 02:33:33

Hi There, In the scenario that I'm fresh freezing the material and using the dry ice method, would I need to air dry the hash afterwards or am I free to use it directly after sifting?

Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-10-28 13:45:18

Hey @ Keifer Southland 2021-10-26 12:39:23, Are you going to use it for edibles? Than you need to decarb it indeed, you can check out how long and on what temp you need to set your oven in this blog: Around 110 Celcius for 30 to 40 minutes :) Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

Keifer Southland

2021-10-26 12:39:23

Thanks Jay. 1st time trying this method worked like a charm. Incredibly simple with great results. I'm using a home made t bar press. How long and what temp should I leave it in the oven? Thanks again.

Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-10-11 11:04:49

Hello @ Keifer Southland 2021-10-10 08:35:17, It could definitely be possible that the trichome heads come off more easily if the plant material is already frozen prior to the dry ice extraction! Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

Keifer Southland

2021-10-10 08:35:17

Would freezing plant material over night in a regular freezer prior to dry ice extraction make it any more successful?

Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-10-04 11:49:08

Hello @ Timmy Pea 2021-09-17 18:12:14, Most of these big fan leaves do not have a lot of THC in them, so you could try to decarb them and make oil but you need a lot to make it a bit potent. Best would be to use the sugar leaves that are closest to the buds when you start cutting them! Good luck :) Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

Timmy Pea

2021-09-17 18:12:14

Is there any value to decarbolizing shade leaves which have been removed to allow more light to reach the plant ? I've collected and dried a bag full of what I figure are low value leaves but I'd be interested to know IF there's enough TCH to make it worth it for RSO oil or edibles?

Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-07-29 10:07:56

Hey @ Tino 2021-07-28 04:18:24, You can do both with the dry ice method! This mainly depends on your personal preferences. We see that you get different yields and quality depending on which strain you use for the hash making. Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion


2021-07-28 04:18:24

Is dry ice hash made with fresh buds or with dried buds? Unfortunately nobody talks about that and I dont know if it needs to be dried first or not.

Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-06-18 12:01:29

Hello @ Steve Pondick 2021-06-08 20:00:50 If you are going to smoke or vaporize your dry ice hash than there is no need for de-carbing before making the hash. However if you are planning on eating the hash without heating it any more than you should decarb indeed. Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

Steve Pondick

2021-06-08 20:00:50

do i need to decarb with dry ice method