Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city with a large surrounding urbanised area. It’s also home to Scotland's largest community of cannabis home growers. Glasgow growers often prefer to grow indoors due to the cool, breezy climate with ample rain. Outdoor photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds can struggle to finish at these latitudes, therefore many outdoor growers in the Glasgow area tend to use autoflower seeds for their guerrilla growing. Cannabis seeds in Glasgow are easy to come across. You can buy from one of the local seed shops, or you can buy them easily online. With limited outdoor grow options, Glaswegian growers are known for their love of high quality indoor harvests.

Buy cannabis seeds in Glasgow

One very easy way to buy cannabis seeds in Glasgow is to get them from Dutch Passion online. You can buy autoflower seeds, feminised seeds or regular cannabis seeds and they will be shipped promptly in plain packaging and delivered via the Royal Mail.

With over 3 decades at the top of the cannabis seed business and numerous cannabis cups you know you are dealing with one of the most professional names in the cannabis seed world. Dutch Passion customer service, in the unlikely event you will ever need it, is always there to help!

Summers are rarely long and tropical in the Glasgow area, which is why most people prefer indoor growing with either feminised seeds or autoflower seeds. The best chances for outdoor growers are with autoflower seeds. Autumn can often arrive a couple of weeks too early for photoperiod feminised outdoor strains to have a guaranteed harvest.

Best cannabis seeds for Glasgow

Glaswegian growers are typically technically proficient at creating and using an indoor grow room. They often take advantage of the numerous local grow shops to create grow rooms which can operate all year round, summer and winter, with optimised indoor grow conditions/temperatures.

Typically, high THC strains have been strong favourites in the Glasgow area. But more recently many medical growers have started growing their own too, including CBD rich strains and some of the cannabis seeds from the Special Cannabinoid seed collection.

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Glasgow

Growing indoor cannabis seeds in Glasgow avoids the unpredictable nature of the demanding northern weather. Spring can be cool, grey and damp. Summers can be hot though they are often far shorter than many outdoor Glaswegian growers would prefer. Autumn can be cold with winter frosts/storms arriving early. It’s no surprise that the Scottish indoor cannabis community is so large! For many, indoor growing is simply the best and easiest way to grow your own cannabis in the Glasgow area.

Favourite strains vary from one grower to the next, some prefer classic strains. Others enjoy the loud flavours and banging THC levels from some of the latest USA special strains. The following high THC varieties have been best selling strains in the Glasgow area in recent years.

Auto White Widow, frosty, fast and with a seriously strong high

Amsterdam Amnesia, legendary Amnesia genetics

Power Plant, famously heavy yields and a potent sativa high

Auto Cinderella Jack, perhaps the world’s strongest autoflower

Glueberry OG, insane yields combine with mind-numbing potency!

Best outdoor cannabis seeds selection for Glasgow

The biggest challenge for outdoor cannabis seed growers in Glasgow is the short growing season and unpredictable spring/autumn weather. Even tough, proven outdoor photoperiod feminised strains like Frisian Dew are difficult to recommend given the often brief growing season. Yes, in the best years it is possible to complete a photoperiod harvest but guarantees are hard to provide. That’s why autoflower seeds are often preferred.

Glasgow growers often start their autoflower seeds indoors for a couple of weeks under 24 hour indoor light during May and plant them outdoors at the start of June.

Auto Mazar, strong reliable and powerful Afghani genetics

Auto Blackberry Kush, blissfully enjoyable high from truly beautiful deep purple/blue buds

Auto Blueberry, the connoisseurs choice - deeply pleasurable with a fruity berry taste!

Auto Think Different, the legendary auto with incredibly heavy yields and a stress-busting high

Auto Power Plant, very heavy yields of very high THC buds with the easiest auto grow experience you have ever tried!

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Glasgow?

Growers in the Glasgow area may be interested in checking out these seed resellers featured in our official dealers list and who are nearby (or a short drive from) Glasgow.

● Hemp House, 8 Parnie Street, Glasgow

● The Vault, Edinburgh

Of course, Glasgow growers can also buy seeds directly from the Dutch Passion website.

Find cannabis seed shops near Glasgow

If you live in, or near, Glasgow it’s easy to buy cannabis seeds. Perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to buy your seeds is online from Dutch Passion. You get the benefit of several decades of experience and the peace of mind that you are dealing with a leading industry professional with proven genetics. But you may prefer to buy your seeds locally.