Manchester, sometimes referred to as ‘Madchester' from the 1980’s indie dance scene, has always been a hotbed of cannabis cultivation. It’s one of the north’s biggest cities/metropolitan areas with a rich industrial heritage. These days Manchester is being transformed with extensive redevelopments, but it remains a city with great cultural history and a huge number of cannabis growers. Buying cannabis seeds in Manchester is very easy whether you are shopping locally or online with Dutch Passion.

Buy cannabis seeds Manchester

Manchester growers are served by an excellent range of grow shops and seed shops. Like any major European city, cannabis is used widely across Manchester. Manchester, like nearby Merseyside, has had a thriving cannabis scene for several decades. This has resulted in a mature network of grow shops and head shops/seed shops. If you’re planning to grow your own cannabis in Manchester you shouldn't have any issues getting started!

The easiest way to get your seeds in Manchester is to check out the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection and buy online. Your seeds will be delivered quickly discreetly in plain packaging by the Royal Mail. You can choose autoflower seeds, photoperiod feminised seeds or even regular seeds. Manchester growers also have the choice of several local seed shops if they need seeds in a hurry!

Best cannabis seeds for Manchester

Manchester growers are mainly indoor growers due to the tough, cool and damp northern climate. Summers can be warm but not necessarily as long as the outdoor growers would like. Hardy specialist outdoor strains like Frisian Dew can be grown outdoors in the Greater Manchester area, but poor weather in September/October can make life unpredictable for those growing feminised seeds outdoors. Autoflower seeds, with their fast life cycle, are preferred by many northern outdoor growers.

Most northern growers find the best quality harvests come from indoor growing. Autoflower seeds and feminised seeds are the most popular cannabis seeds with Manchester indoor growers. Both seed types remain equally popular with indoor growers

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Manchester

The most popular indoor cannabis seeds for Manchester are high-THC strains with generous yields. The following 5 strains have proved popular over recent years with buyers from the Manchester region

Auto Critical Orange Punch, Easy to grow, but with spectacular results (High Times top-10 strain of 2018)

Sugar Bomb Punch, extreme-THC indica strain with rock hard buds

Auto Blackberry Kush, incredible bag appeal combined this with very high THC levels

Skywalker Haze, fast-growing Sativa with a delicious tasting stress-busting effect

C-Vibez, banging genetics from Mad Scientist x Voodoo with over 20% THC

Best outdoor cannabis seeds selection for Manchester

Many determined and experienced Greater Manchester outdoor growers get good results with photoperiod feminised seeds such as Frisian Dew and Durban Poison. However, the unpredictable north-west climate never offers any guarantees of good weather around the crucial period at the start of October when photoperiod harvests tend to come in.

That’s why so many Manchester outdoor growers tend to plant a few autoflower seeds alongside their photoperiod feminised strains. Autoflower seeds can be started outdoors around mid/late May, preferably after a couple of weeks of indoor growth under 20 hours of daily light. Often they are ready to harvest in August, well before the bad weather arrives.

Frisian Dew, A tough photoperiod strain, proven under UK conditions for many years

Durban Poison, outdoor South African genetics which have stood the test of time

Auto Banana Blaze, hardy indica autoflower strain that does well outside in the UK

Auto Orange Bud, legendary genetics with the speed and convenience of an easy-to-grow autoflower

Auto Blueberry, smooth, long lasting and deeply relaxing effect for the finest connoisseur home growers!

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Manchester?

With over 3 decades at the forefront of the cannabis seed business you can trust Dutch Passion genetics and (if you ever need them) customer service. If you don't want to buy your seeds direct from Dutch Passion then you may find them in stock at a local Manchester reseller.

● Hempology. Find them in Affleck's Arcade on Oldham Street, Manchester

● Emporium Cannabis Seeds. On Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester

Find cannabis seed shops near Manchester

If you’re a Manchester grower looking to start a grow you shouldn't have any problems getting hold of good quality cannabis seeds and grow shop suppliers. Remember that the easiest way to buy you autoflower seeds or feminised seeds is just to visit the Dutch Passion website. The online order process is faster and simpler than ever and you can rely on our 30+ years of experience to ensure that you get the best cannabis seeds for you!