There are plenty of cannabis growers and cannabis connoisseurs in the Bristol region. Bristol growers are served by some excellent local grow shops and hydroponic suppliers, there are a few experienced head shops and a thriving cannabis community. Like other UK cities, there are increasing numbers of medical cannabis users. But the majority would probably describe themselves as recreational growers and consumers. High THC cannabis seeds strains remain popular. Getting cannabis seeds in Bristol, and anything else you need to start a grow is straight forward.

Buy cannabis seeds Bristol

Bristol’s location in the south-west allows for somewhat better conditions for outdoor growers than those in more northerly locations. The outdoor growing season can extend into early October for those growing photoperiod feminised outdoor cannabis seeds. Though many outdoor growers enjoy the speed benefits of autoflower seeds which can allow a mid-summer outdoor harvest before the wet, cooler autumn weather arrives.

But most Bristol cannabis growers tend to prefer indoor growing. This allows the highest quality levels. Most Bristol growers prefer to grow from autoflowering cannabis seeds or feminised seeds. In most cases, growers buying cannabis seeds in Bristol do so online. Despite Brexit, Dutch Passion routinely ship seeds to the UK every day without any issues. But there are some nearby seed shops for those that prefer to buy their cannabis seeds in person.

Best cannabis seeds for Bristol

Many Bristolians tend to grow high THC cannabis seeds. They have an equal affinity for autoflower seeds and feminised seeds, though there is a trend towards CBD rich strains especially for medical growers. These days, relatively few regular cannabis seeds are sold. Bristol growers instead preferring the convenience of feminised seeds or the speed/ease of autoflower seeds.

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Bristol

Given the strong preference for THC rich cannabis strains in the Bristol area, the following strains are all selected from the exclusive Dutch Passion ‘Extremely high THC cannabis seed collection’. This seed collection is reserved for the top dozen or so Dutch Passion strains which are lab-proven to exceed 20% THC. In some cases, you can expect to see THC levels in excess of 25%!

Auto Skywalker Haze, with THC levels over 26% is this the world’s strongest autoflower?

Auto Kerosene Krash, independently measured THC levels well over 20%!

C-Vibez, every plant returned 20%+ THC levels in a recent test.

HiFi 4G, heavy yielding USA genetics with sky high THC levels

Meringue, delicious USA special Wedding Cake genetics

Best outdoor cannabis seeds selection for Bristol

The south-west offers better growing conditions for outdoor cannabis than many other UK regions. Summers can be warm, though the end of season weather can be damp and cool. It’s possible to grow some tough, rapid photoperiod outdoor feminised seeds which will finish in late September or early October such as Think Fast or Frisian Dew. But autoflower seeds are an easy and quick way to get a mid-summer harvest and are highly recommended.

Auto Lemon Kix. Citrus candy scented buds with THC over 20%

Frisian Dew. Tough, proven outdoor fem seeds. Harvest around early October

Think Fast. Recessive auto genes help this fem strain finish early!

Auto Cinderella Jack. Solid, dependable and notoriously potent auto genetics

Auto Mazar. Northern guerrilla growers’ favourite, a classic hash plant

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Bristol?

These days most cannabis growers tend to buy their cannabis seeds online. Even after Brexit, you are still allowed to buy cannabis seeds online. Dutch Passion deliver promptly in plain, discreet packaging. With over 30 years experience you can expect dependable customer service and great quality results. But you may prefer to buy your seeds in person from a store:

Bristol Genuine Seed Bank, on Midland Road, Bristol

Find cannabis seed shops near Bristol

Getting your cannabis grow started in Bristol won’t be difficult. With several long-standing and experienced grow room suppliers based nearby you will find everything you need! Buying cannabis seeds in Bristol is also easy enough whether you prefer online purchases or whether you like the chance to purchase your seeds in person.