Wales has plenty of cannabis growers, the Cardiff area particularly so. Cannabis is widely available to buy on the streets in Wales, but many people find that growing your own is the best way to guarantee premium quality for the lowest possible prices.

Getting your own grow room started is easy. Cardiff and the surrounding area is well supplied with grow shops offering the necessary nutrients and equipment. Getting cannabis seeds in Cardiff is also straightforward. The easy way to get them is online from suppliers such as Dutch Passion. But there are also some local seed shops and head shops you can visit to get your cannabis seeds in Cardiff.

Buy cannabis seeds Cardiff

Cardiff cannabis growers have the choice of indoor or outdoor growing. Most people prefer indoor growing where the conditions can be optimised and guaranteed from cannabis seed to harvest. Indoor growing offers the highest quality results.

Outdoor growing is possible with both autoflower seeds and feminised cannabis seeds. Many outdoor growers find it perhaps a little easier to grow autoflower seeds due to the demanding weather patterns and summers which can be shorter than many would prefer.

There are a number of seed shops within a drivable distance of Cardiff where you can buy your cannabis seeds in person. But many home growers prefer the simplicity and convenience of buying cannabis seeds online. With over 30 years experience supplying cannabis seeds, your next seed delivery is literally just a few clicks away.

Best cannabis seeds for Cardiff

The majority of cannabis growers in and around Cardiff prefer high THC cannabis seeds. Autoflower seeds and photoperiod feminised seeds are equally popular with indoor growers. Outdoor growers often use a mix of both autoflower seeds and outdoor strains.

Outdoor strains often finish around early October, around the same time that the bad weather starts to set in. If Cardiff outdoor growers get lucky they can harvest their photoperiod crops before autumn/winter but there are no guarantees. Autoflower seeds allow outdoor growers to hedge their bets and get a midsummer crop.

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for Cardiff

When buying cannabis seeds in Cardiff, most growers opt for reliable high THC strains with reasonably fast bloom times. Cardiff growers are equally at home growing autoflower seeds or feminised seeds indoors. Here are some of Dutch Passion’s most potent indoor strains, all members of the Extremely high THC cannabis seed collection, Dutch Passion’s finest with each strain independently measured at over 20% THC!

Auto Skywalker Haze, with THC levels over 26% is this the world’s strongest autoflower?

Auto Kerosene Krash, independently measured THC levels well over 20%!

C-Vibez, every plant returned 20%+ THC levels in a recent test.

HiFi 4G, heavy yielding USA genetics with sky high THC levels

Meringue, delicious USA special Wedding Cake genetics

Best outdoor cannabis seeds selection for Cardiff

Many Welsh growers routinely harvest outdoor feminised photoperiod strains. But photoperiod strains need to be tough and proven to survive the unpredictable Welsh weather. Strains like Frisian Dew and Think Fast are recommended. But autoflower seeds are highly recommended to get a guaranteed harvest. Try germinating them indoors and planting them outside in late May or early June for an August harvest

Auto Lemon Kix. Citrus candy scented buds with THC over 20%

Frisian Dew. Tough, proven outdoor fem seeds. Harvest around early October

Think Fast. Recessive auto genes help this fem strain finish early!

Auto Cinderella Jack. Solid, dependable and notoriously potent auto genetics

Auto Mazar. Northern guerrilla growers favourite, a classic hash plant

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Cardiff?

Many cannabis growers shop online for their seeds. Despite Brexit, Dutch Passion still ship seeds to the UK every day. Your cannabis seeds will be delivered promptly, reliably and discreetly. With 30+ years you can trust Dutch Passion to deliver the finest quality and consistency. But some growers may prefer to shop locally:

Gorilla Seed Bank, in nearby Weston Super Mare

Find cannabis seed shops near Cardiff

Anyone considering a cannabis grow in the Cardiff area needn't worry too much about getting started! All your supplies are close at hand. If you don't mind buying cannabis seeds online you have a better choice than ever! Numerous local suppliers offer everything from nutrients to equipment. You don't buy many cannabis seeds, so choose a seed supplier you can trust to deliver excellent genetics and experienced customer service. Pob lwc!