How and where to buy cannabis seeds in the UK? Is it safe and legal to buy weed seeds online? Do you recommend seed shops near me? What are the best feminised & autoflower seeds for UK growers? UK cannabis growing has boomed in recent years, more people than ever now grow a few cannabis plants at home. This means that there are plenty of questions about the best ways to buy cannabis seeds in the UK. Check your facts with this practical guide and quickly find the right seeds for you.

Buy cannabis seeds UK

Buying cannabis seeds UK has never been easier. Despite Brexit, Dutch Passion still ship cannabis seeds via regular mail to UK growers. You can choose autoflowering seeds, feminised seeds or regular seeds. Your online cannabis seed UK purchase will be shipped in plain, discreet packaging. Or you can buy Dutch Passion seeds from any of the numerous UK seed resellers, distributors and head shops.

Best feminised cannabis seeds UK

Some feminised cannabis seeds UK such as Frisian Dew are bred specifically for outdoor UK growers. The tough, hardy genetics can be grown successfully even in the far north of England. However, many UK growers prefer to grow their feminised seeds indoors. Indoor UK cannabis growers lean towards the higher THC indoor feminised cannabis seeds such as Sugar Bomb Punch, C-Vibez, HiFi 4G and Meringue.

Frisian Dew - perfect outdoor feminised strain for UK growers

Sugar Bomb Punch - extremely high THC for indoor growers

C-Vibez - in our tests all plants showed THC levels above 20%

HiFi 4G - Hybrid USA strain with sky-high THC levels

Meringue - USA wedding Cake genetics with 20%+ THC

Best autoflower cannabis seeds UK

Autoflower cannabis seeds UK are popular with both indoor and outdoor growers. UK outdoor growers often use autoflower seeds since they grow from seed to harvest in around 100 days at UK latitudes, fast enough for a harvest in most UK summers! Growers in northern England and especially Scotland can often struggle to complete outdoor harvest of feminised photoperiod strains before the bad winter weather arrives. Autoflower cannabis seeds are therefore a great option for UK outdoor growers.

Autoflower cannabis seeds UK have never been more popular with indoor growers either. With THC levels on a par with the best feminised cannabis seeds you are assured of a top quality harvest. For many, autoflowering cannabis seeds UK are the fastest and most convenient way to grow your own cannabis.

Auto Cinderella Jack - with THC levels over 25% is this the world’s strongest auto?

Auto Lemon Kix - THC levels over 20% with a trademark sweet candy taste!

Auto Kerosene Krash - hard hitting USA Special cannabis seeds

Auto Orange Bud - mouthwatering citrus flavours with THC levels over 20%

Auto Meringue - The best auto wedding cake genetics you can buy!

Best regular cannabis seeds UK

Since the arrival of autoflower seeds and feminised cannabis seeds, regular seeds have become a niche for old-school growers or those making their own crosses. Dutch Passion still stocks one of the largest collections of regular cannabis seeds. The seeds will give rise to roughly 50% male and 50% female offspring. UK growers of regular cannabis seeds often prefer to opt for cannabis cup winning classic strains which have stood the test of time. The following regular cannabis seeds are particularly popular with UK growers.

Mazar, the classic Afghani hash plant, potent and pungent in equal measure

Blueberry, legendary cannabis genetics with a fruity dark berry flavour

White Widow, grow yourself XL yields of mind-numbing frosty nuggets

Skunk #1, an iconic cannabis strain, massively potent with a loud aroma!

Orange Bud, anti-anxiety effects with high THC levels and a sweet citrus taste

Best medical cannabis seeds UK

Medical cannabis seeds UK remain the most popular way for people to produce their own cannabis. Restrictions with NHS cannabis prescriptions mean that very few UK patients can get cannabis on prescription from the NHS. That’s the main reason so many UK patients grow their own medical cannabis seeds. Some people prefer medical cannabis seeds with a high THC content, others prefer CBD rich strains. Many UK growers are also interested in the special cannabinoid seeds which produce plants rich in rare, unusual cannabinoids such as CBG, THCV, CBDV etc. Dutch Passion have pioneered the development of many of these novel cannabinoid strains.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel, high CBD low THC medical cannabis seeds for UK growers.

Auto CBD-Victory, autoflowering medical cannabis seeds rich in CBDV (cannabidivarin)

CBG-Force, feminised medical cannabis seeds which produce plants rich in CBG (Cannabigerol)

THC-Victory, feminised medical cannabis seeds which produce plants rich in THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin)

Bubba Island Kush, a THC rich strain which is compact and easy to grow. Many medical growers have a high value for THC as well as other cannabinoids

Where to buy cannabis seeds in the UK?

Getting cannabis seeds in the UK is very easy. Anyone can order cannabis seeds UK online from Dutch Passion. The online seed purchase process is fast and simple, seeds will be shipped quickly in plain packaging. With over 3 decades supplying and supporting growers, you can guarantee good quality genetics and (if you need it) great customer service too.

You can also buy cannabis seeds from a very large number of seed shops, distributors etc in the UK. The major cities, listed below, all have Dutch Passion distributors nearby. This means that you can visit your local shops in person to make a cannabis seed purchase.

● Cannabis seeds Glasgow

● Cannabis seeds Manchester

● Cannabis seeds London

● Cannabis seeds Leeds

● Cannabis seeds Birmingham

● Cannabis seeds Cardiff

● Cannabis seeds Bristol

The full list of Dutch Passion UK cannabis seed sellers is here

Is it legal to buy cannabis in the UK?

UK cannabis laws remain confused, illogical and largely ignored by the public. It’s a result of cannabis being regarded as a political hot potato that no Government has been prepared to address. A small number of NHS patients have been granted prescriptions for cannabis, but this represents literally a handful of people.

UK medical laws only allow cannabis to be prescribed by the NHS as a medicine of last resort. If you have the cash you can get a private medical cannabis prescription, but the high costs make this option far too expensive for most people. That’s why many medical cannabis users simply grow their own cannabis from seeds.

Cannabis seeds UK law and regulations

In the UK, cannabis seeds are legal to own, buy, sell or transport. But they are illegal to germinate unless you have a Home Office licence. The Home Office actively avoids granting such licenses to individuals. Combine this with the fact that penalties for cannabis possession/cultivation have been gradually decreasing for many years and you have a perfect recipe for a vibrant black-market economy.

Which is exactly what the UK has got. In many parts of the UK possession of ‘personal quantities’ of cannabis will only get you a warning. In some more progressive areas of the country the local Police have de-prioritised the personal cultivation of 9 plants or less, meaning that a first offence may only warrant a caution (or it may even be ignored).

UK cannabis laws are applied differently around the country, and from officer to officer. This makes life difficult for the average cannabis grower. Generally speaking, most UK cannabis consumers and cannabis seed growers completely ignore the law but remain hopeful that laws will improve and eventually come into line with the trends in North America.