Food pairing. A look into cannabis cuisine

Food pairing. A look into cannabis cuisine

Two of the greatest stoner pleasures in life, apart from sex, have got to be food and cannabis. Few other things combine to make people quite as happy and contented. There is great synergistic delight from combining cannabis with quality food and drink. The effects of the cannabis make the food taste even better, the appetite is amplified to new levels of urgency and appreciation. The post-meal satisfaction is hard to improve on, unless you have another joint and some sticky chocolate pudding on the way.

Wine lovers have been pairing specific wines with matching foods for centuries. Cheese, meat, fish and just about every gastronomic delight can apparently be paired with a wine which will bring out the best in the food. As cannabis hits the mainstream, more and more people are finding that some cannabis varieties are a perfect match for certain foods and flavours.

Enjoying the complicated cannabis flavours

The first question to ask yourself is how are you planning to enjoy tasting your cannabis? Mixing it with a lot of tobacco may not be the best way. Many people prefer to vape their herbs rather than smoke them with tobacco in order to make food pairing work well. That’s because some people find that smoking cannabis with tobacco can mask the flavours and dull the taste buds. Vaping cannabis, or smoking pure joints, allows you to taste the full array of terpenes and get the best unadulterated flavour from the cannabis buds.

Being able to taste the various terpenes is the key to making good food pairings with cannabis. That’s one reason why so many people prefer the combustion-free approach and vaporize their buds. Others prefer to smoke a pure joint of cannabis and try to discern the various tastes and flavours. Mixing your cannabis with a lot of tobacco may make it tricky to taste the cannabis. Find the method which best allows you to taste the various flavours in the cannabis. One useful feature in vaporizers is the ability to vary the temperature. This gives you a different flavour profile for your cannabis when vaped at low vs high temperatures.

The starting point is to assess the aroma of your buds. This is not as easy as it sounds. For many people, the cannabis aroma is something to appreciate rather than something to analyse and study. So, if you haven’t done so before, spend some time smelling the aroma of your stash and try to identify some of the basics.

Sweet tasting cannabis varieties

Perhaps you can start in general terms. Maybe the buds have a ‘sweet’ aroma, like many of the Girl Scout Cookie family of varieties such as Meringue®. Or perhaps your buds have a scent of candy, such as Mokum’s Tulip®. These could be great varieties to pair with a dessert, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Jorge's Diamonds #1 is another notably sweet variety with hints of raspberries and honey.

Some cannabis varieties have a definite fruity aroma and taste such as Passion Fruit and the Orange Family of cannabis seeds. These varieties are often rich in citrus terpenes such as Limonene. You can match these varieties with either a sweet fruity desert, or perhaps a savoury dish such as spicy Lemon Chicken or Duck a L’Orange. If you are drinking a cocktail or drink with a citrus flavour then you may wish to complement that with a vape of Orange Bud or Orange Hill Special. Try combining a Daiquiri Lime cocktail with the great tasting Auto Daiquiri Lime autoflower variety if you enjoy the high life. Please be careful when mixing cannabis and alcohol. Not everyone finds it a winning combination.

Here are some recommended pairings of cannabis and food from the Dutch Passion team.

Strawberry Cough with Strawberries and cream

Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough is an iconic variety. It was named after the strawberry taste which you get after inhaling the variety. Some people find you need to cough briefly after inhaling to get the strawberry taste. Strawberry Cough is a THC-rich variety with a notable anti-anxiety effect. Stress simply dissolves and is replaced with a feel-good, euphoric high. Could there be a better combination than a vaporizer full of Strawberry Cough and a bowl full of fresh strawberries?

Strawberry Cough with strawberries



Blueberry muffin and coffee with Dutch Passion feminized Blueberry

Dutch Passion Blueberry cannabis seeds have been near the top of the bestselling feminized cannabis seed list for many years. The intensely pleasurable high comes with a fresh taste of juicy dark berries, especially Blueberries. The buds often contain blue hues as well as a thick resinous coating and a sweet taste. It’s a perfect match for a Blueberry Muffin, and to finish the snack off in style why not add a cup of fresh ground coffee. Somehow the coffee complements the sweetness of the Blueberry and gives your lounge the aroma of an authentic Dutch Coffeeshop. A treat and weed combo made in heaven.


Durban Poison and Fish Curry. Aniseed heaven

Fish Curry often uses aniseed to spice up the dish. The terpene Anethole gives the distinctive aniseed taste/aroma and is also found in cannabis. Durban Poison often grows with a light aniseed taste from the same terpene and complements any aniseed dish very well. Try vaping some Durban Poison a few minutes before your Seychelles Fish Curry and savour the complementary taste as your appetite reaches new levels!


Sweet and sour. Auto Daiquiri Lime and sweet fruit cake

As well as enjoying complementary pairings of terpenes and food you can also try contrasting some of the flavours. Sweet and sour tastes often go well together. If you have a sweet tooth try balancing the sweetness of your dessert with a cannabis variety which has a sour lime taste, such as Auto Daiquiri Lime.


Orange Bud and Chocolate Fudge Cake

Another great pairing is the taste of a rich sweet chocolate fudge cake with Dutch Passion’s multi cannabis cup winning Orange Bud. The sweet creamy taste of chocolate is contrasted by the sharp citrus orange zest from the Orange Bud. The two contrast perfectly making a marriage of rich flavours which any cannabis lover would enjoy. The post-meal satisfaction is also top notch from this pairing!


Late night roast coffee and a strong indica

Ever since the days of the first Dutch coffee shops people have loved the rich aroma of fresh roasted coffee and
the intoxicating scent of cannabis. It really is a beautiful combination, one which has greeted many tourists visiting Amsterdam. Many cannabis lovers enjoy finishing the day with a coffee and a smoke/vape. We recommend indica varieties for evening use, many people find them more relaxing than a stimulating sativa. Some people find too much coffee in the evening can reduce their inclination for sleep. Combine that with a powerful sativa and you could be awake for hours. Better to save some high quality indica buds for that evening coffee. When pairing food, drink and cannabis think about the sativa/indica heritage of a cannabis variety as well as the terpenes and taste.


The future of food and cannabis pairings

Locally grown food and cannabis will eventually form the backbone of future cannabis/food pairings. That will mean organically grown cannabis which is pesticide free. Some people think that cannabis grown with vegan nutrients will eventually become the norm. That means that nutrients should be based on minerals rather than animal nutrients such as fish, blood & bone-based plant feeds. ‘Vegan’ nutrients would allow the cannabis to be used without ethical concerns from vegan cannabis lovers.

Likewise, food will be grown and sourced locally with an ethical approach. For some cannabis lovers that will mean vegan/vegetarian food. Sourcing locally grown cannabis varieties may mean that certain types of cannabis can’t always be grown locally. For example, in northern Europe it would be easier to cultivate outdoor indica varieties easier than it is to grow e.g. outdoor photoperiod Haze varieties. Locally grown and ethically sourced foods and cannabis could well become an important part of our future gastronomic culture as cannabis becomes increasingly legal. This article may make interesting further reading on this subject.

Cannabis and wine pairings

There are wine connoisseurs as well as cannabis connoisseurs. It’s inevitable that the two worlds will eventually meet and the process is already starting. In Colorado chefs have started trying to combine fine wines with cannabis and fine food. The logic is simple enough. The virtuous combination of food, wine and cannabis complements and encourages mutual consumption for a perfect evening of indulgence. We can expect to see much more of this in other legal states/countries eventually. Laws will eventually change to allow chefs to cook with cannabis, as well as serve it during meal breaks - perhaps with a vaporiser. For those lucky enough to live in areas with legal cannabis, wine and cannabis pairing evenings are already happening.

Vice TV is already finding that shows and recipes featuring cannabis/food pairings are very popular. So much so that the Vice TV team have released a book ‘Bong Appetit’. Another popular TV show that features food from the perspective of a cannabis lover is ‘Fuck That’s Delicious’ which features chef/rapper Action Bronson. Food shows are already one of the most popular genre’s on TV. The use of cannabis in the kitchen is only going to add extra interest to food shows in the future.

Make no mistake, there is massive popular interest in the combination of cannabis and food/drink. Much of this is driven from North America who currently enjoy some of the most relaxed cannabis laws. But the rest of the world can firmly expect to see the same trend of cannabis beginning to mix with the world of food and drink.

Making your own cannabis/food pairings

Some cannabis fans like to experiment, contrasting sweet strains with spicy foods for different effects. The choice is yours. Those with a real love for cannabis could have different cannabis varieties paired with the starter, main course and dessert. It helps if you grow your own cannabis seeds, that way you have a clear picture of the genetics being used. Much of the street weed is from unclear genetic origins. Some dealers simply use a fictitious variety name which they think sounds catchy and marketable. That leaves their customers with no idea what they are really smoking.

Growing your own cannabis seeds remains the best way to have full clarity on the genetics. What’s more, you can decide to grow organically, guaranteeing that your buds will be free of contaminants, pesticides etc. Just choose some feminized seeds or autoflower seeds from a proven seed company which you can trust. Growing your own cannabis seeds has never been as easy!

Food pairing. A look into cannabis cuisine
October 25th 2019
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