Top 5 fast growing cannabis seeds

Top 5 fast growing cannabis seeds

From time to time, some growers find themselves in a position where they simply need a fast growing, fast flowering cannabis strain which they can harvest in the shortest possible time.
If you need fast flowering cannabis seeds, we recommend these top 5 strains. Each will deliver a fast, heavy harvest and high THC levels.

How fast does cannabis grow?

How fast does cannabis grow? When grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light, many autoflower seeds will be ready to harvest around 75 days (10-11 weeks) later. In this article you will hear about autoflower strains that are ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. Feminised seeds often take around 14 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. That’s about 5 weeks of vegetative growth followed by 9 weeks of bloom.

For those that grow their own cannabis seeds at home, speed of harvest is often one of the key considerations. Fast flowering cannabis strains tend to be popular. Slow flowering strains may have plenty of great qualities, but they may not be the right choice for you if you need a fast harvest.

Many commercial growers are under financial pressure to complete a crop cycle as quickly as possible in order to start the next crop. Home growers are often more quality focussed. If you’re only growing a couple of crops per year, you may as well grow the best cannabis seeds you can buy. Most growers want a high quality harvest with above average yields. But they also usually want the convenience of a rapid crop.

The following list of Dutch Passion’s 5 fastest flowering cannabis seeds will make it easy for you to grow your own crop in record time.

Fastest flowering cannabis strains

Bubba Island Kush feminised seeds, as little as 7 weeks in bloom

Bubba Island Kush needs just 7 weeks in bloom

Indica lovers that want fast flowering seeds will love Bubba Island Kush. These high THC feminised USA cannabis seeds were created by crossing (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre '98 Bubba Kush reverted male. Plants reach an average indoor height of around 1 metre. Indoor cannabis growers will love the speed of flowering. She can be ready in as little as 7-7.5 weeks of bloom. Precede that with 4 weeks of vegetative growth and you can be looking at a crop of Grade-A Kush in a total time period of just 11 weeks.

The buds grown from Bubba Island Kush seeds are particularly potent with a powerful anti-anxiety high. Medical growers will enjoy strong, relaxing and soothing indica body effects. These fast flowering seeds are part of the exclusive Dutch Passion very high THC cannabis seeds category.

Bubba Island Kush leaves can turn very dark during bloom. This gives her a real hash plant appearance with extremely resinous buds and resin-frosted fan leaves. Concentrate makers will love the deliciously rich terpene profile, perfect for making tasty hash, BHO, wax and shatter.

Bubba Island Kush has an earthy Kush aroma but the sour and fruity tones tend to dominate. The heavily frosted buds are dense and compact. They deliver a relaxing high which is deeply satisfying and enjoyable. Anyone looking for a hard-hitting, fast Indica which produces the best quality buds in the shortest time need look no further. These are the best fast flowering feminised Kush seeds in the Dutch Passion collection.

For those that specialise in quality focussed home growing, few indica strains can match the speed and potency of Bubba Island Kush. This really is fast budding cannabis. Optimise your indoor grow conditions and grow her under LED grow lights for the very best quality harvests.

Optimising your grow room conditions

Bubba Island Kush seeds are part of the ‘USA Special Cannabis Seed’ collection. Expect THC levels of around 20% and a memorable smoke/vape quality. These 20% THC levels are noticeably higher than the average THC levels found in Dutch Coffee shops of around 15-16%. Even ‘premium strength’ Dutch coffeeshop strains (officially measured at around 18% in Dutch Government studies) are not as potent as a well grown Bubba Island Kush.

If you love USA special strains such as Bubba Island Kush then you may also want to check out Dutch Passion’s recommended list of the 5 best USA cannabis seeds.

What’s a high amount of THC for cannabis?
Top 5 USA cannabis seeds

Bubba Island Kush feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics pre ‘98 Bubba Kush X (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush)
 USA Special
Variety Type Indica
THC level Very High
Flowering time 7 weeks
Yield L

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Orange Bud feminised seeds, THC rich citrus scented buds in as little as 7 weeks of bloom!

Orange Bud with THC rich citrus scented buds

Fast flowering cannabis sativa strains don't get much better than the legendary Dutch Passion original Orange Bud seeds. Despite the sativa heritage, Orange Bud can be ready to harvest in as little as 7 weeks of bloom though 8 - 8.5 weeks is more typical of most phenotypes. Fast harvests are one of the reasons Orange Bud seeds have remained a best selling orange skunk since the 1980’s.

Skunk seeds have a reputation for being among the easiest cannabis seeds to grow. Orange Bud continues that great tradition with an exquisitely enjoyable (and long lasting) stress-busting high with a mouth-watering taste of sweet, freshly picked oranges. Orange Bud seeds grow easily in all the usual grow systems and grow mediums. Home growers with a preference for fruity, citrus-tasting sativa strains will love the combination of heavy yields, strong buds and fast harvests.

If you are a sativa connoisseur and want more recommendations for the best sativa cannabis seeds, please check out our top 5 sativa seed recommendations.

Top 5 sativa cannabis seed varieties
Orange Bud grow review under 400W HPS grow lights

Orange Bud feminised seeds are the foundation of our popular Orange family of cannabis seeds. This also includes strains such as Passion FruitCritical Orange Punch (a High Times Top-10 strain recommendation!) and Orange Hill Special. Orange Hill Special is another cannabis cup winning member of the acclaimed Orange Family. Orange genetics stand for cannabis cup winning potency, ease of growth, heavy yields and great consistency.
Fans of fast flowering autoflowering cannabis seeds should check out Auto Orange Bud. She grows from autoflower seed to harvest in around 75 days. Even better, she is a member of Dutch Passion’s elite ‘extremely high THC cannabis seeds’ collection.

Orange Bud feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised/Regular
Genetics Original Orange Bud
Cannabis seeds family Orange Family
Variety Type  Sativa
THC level Very High
Flowering time 7 weeks
Yield XL

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Passion #1 feminised seeds, outdoor harvests in September

Passion #1 feminised seeds

Outdoor cannabis growers looking for fast flowering plants from seed should take a look at Passion #1. This is a Californian Indica which is a best selling member of the Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection. THC levels on this strain are officially classified as high. Expect a powerful, relaxing and sedating effect. Outdoor growers looking for fast flowering cannabis strains that are mold resistant won't find many faster indicas which offer these levels of potency.

Passion #1 is usually ready to harvest around late September or early October in the northern hemisphere. These fast growing cannabis seeds will grow well outdoors at Dutch latitudes or the southern UK. In Mediterranean and Central European conditions they will flourish.

Passion#1® grows long, compact buds which are heavy with resin. She was developed only for outdoor/greenhouse cannabis growing, not for the indoor grower. The smoke is soft and gentle with a sweet citrus aroma and an exhilaratingly powerful euphoric high. Smoke a little more and you will notice a strong, heavy and pleasurable stone. Outdoor cannabis growers often produce plants that are 2-3m tall and almost as wide from Passion #1 seeds. If you like fast and vast cannabis plants, then outdoor growing is something you should consider.

One other fast flowering, tough and robust outdoor cannabis seed which comes with the highest recommendations from the Dutch Passion team is Frisian Dew.

Growing cannabis seeds easily outdoors

Some outdoor cannabis growers have found that growing their outdoor seeds in a greenhouse protects the plants from the worst of the weather and can allow a longer grow season, heavy harvests and perhaps even higher quality levels.

Growing cannabis seeds in a greenhouse

Outdoor cannabis growers with short growing seasons can sometimes find that photoperiod feminised seeds can struggle to complete bloom before bad winter weather arrives. Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be a great help in these situations. Outdoors, many autoflower strains can grow from seed to harvest in around 100 days. That’s fast enough even for those with the shortest of summers.

Top 5 outdoor cannabis strains

Passion #1 feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics Californian Indica
Cannabis seeds family Dutch Outdoor
Variety Type Hybrid
THC level High
Outdoor grow Outdoor
Greenhouse grow Greenhouse
Flowering time 6 weeks
Yield XL

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Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds - germination to harvest in as little as 9 weeks

Auto Blackberry Kush, seed to harvest in 9 weeks

Quick flowering cannabis seeds don't get much faster than Auto Blackberry Kush. Some phenotypes are ready to harvest around 60 days after germination. She is an Indica dominant autoflower strain created by crossing Dutch Passion's original Blueberry and a dark coloured, very potent Hash plant.  There are purple/blue phenotypes and green ones.

Auto Blackberry Kush is a resinous Kush plant, the phenotypes with blue/purple colours are stunningly beautiful. This is a high-quality Indica autoflower with a complex, fruity, earthy/piney/Kush aroma and taste. She grows very vigorously with a large main bloom and many strong side branches - a typical result from an Indica dominant autoflower seed.

These are quick flowering cannabis seeds with a connoisseur appearance and a complex Kush aroma. Often the plants are ready to harvest around 70-75 days after germination. But plants have been known to be ready for harvest in 60 days or less. Fast growing cannabis strains really don't get much faster!

The special appearance of Auto Blackberry Kush has made her a customer favourite. These are THC rich buds with the ultimate bag appeal! Check out the intensely coloured purple buds in some of the following grow reviews.

How to grow Auto Blackberry Kush with minimum effort and maximum yields
Auto Blackberry Kush in soil with leds
Auto Blackberry Kush review with holographic series 1 led grow light
Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, some of the best customer indoor cannabis grows and photos

Auto Blackberry Kush is a perfect choice for any grower seeking fast flowering plants from seeds which can also produce some simply gorgeous blue/purple colours in the frosty buds. If you have never experienced the pleasure of growing a beautifully coloured plant before then consider some Auto Blackberry Kush seeds for your next grow. The cannabis cup winning parent genetics ensure THC levels of up to/around 20%, allowing her membership of the prestigious collection of ‘Very high THC autoflower seeds’.

Auto Blackberry Kush feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised autoflower
Genetics Auto Blackberry Kush feminized
Cannabis seeds family Blue Family
Variety Type Indica
THC level Very High
Outdoor grow Outdoor
Indoor grow Indoor
Flowering time 10 weeks
Yield XL

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Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds, as little as 8 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest

Auto Blueberry, seed to harvest in 8 weeks

Auto Blueberry needs few introductions. Using cannabis cup winning genetics from her original Blueberry heritage, this variety delivers a silky smooth and powerful effect with a truly delicious taste of blueberries and dark fruit. Some phenotypes are ready in as little as 8 weeks after germinating the autoflower seed, though 10 weeks is nearer normal.

Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, Auto Blueberry does well under 20 hours of daily indoor light with 4 hours of darkness. With their fast life cycles, autoflower seeds are also great choices for the outdoor grower, where they usually take around 100 days from seed to harvest.

200g Auto Blueberry grown in coco fibre under 400W HPS
Auto Blueberry grown under LED in airpots

Auto Blueberry is a member of the Blue family of cannabis seeds, all related in one way or another to original Blueberry. Ask any old school grower one of their top-10 fruitiest cannabis strains and they will probably mention Blueberry. The genetics are proven over several decades, known for an irresistible combination of high strength buds with an unbeatable taste which some describe as similar to a sweet blueberry muffin.

The fastest Auto Blueberry phenotypes can be ready as little as 8 weeks after seed germination. If you want a fast flowering autoflower seed there are few that come with the same pedigree and reputation as Auto Blueberry.

Auto Blueberry feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised Autoflower
Genetics Blueberry X Indica autoflower
Cannabis seeds family Blue Family
Variety Type Indica
THC level Medium
Indoor grow Indoor
Seed to harvest 8-10 weeks
Yield M

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Quick and easy to grow cannabis seeds

For growers in a rush, there is nothing quite as appealing as some fast flowering cannabis seeds. Fast flowering doesn’t always mean high quality, so do your research carefully. The 5 varieties recommended in this article are excellent cannabis seeds for any grower that wants a high quality crop in a hurry.

Those interested in fast growing cannabis seeds should take a general look at the Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection. They are nearly all 75-day autoflower strains and therefore well suited to the grower in urgent need of a fast crop. Some, such as Auto Ultimate and Auto Glueberry can take an extra couple of weeks but reward the patient home grower with real XXL harvests.

Of course, not every grower prioritises the speed of growth as their main goal. The following articles may be interesting reading for those with other priorities from their cannabis cultivation.

Best 5 yielding indoor feminised seeds
Best 5 yielding autoflower seeds

But if you just want to focus on growing the very highest THC seeds, then the following article about the 25% THC levels in Dutch Passion Auto Cinderella Jack could be an interesting read.

With THC levels above 25% is Auto Cinderella Jack the world’s strongest autoflower?

Whatever cannabis seeds you choose for your next grow, select proven strains with good pedigrees from a seed bank you can trust. Most importantly of all, enjoy the grow and the harvest!

Top 5 fast growing cannabis seeds
October 2nd 2020
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