Our top 5 USA cannabis seeds

Our top 5 USA cannabis seeds

The USA cannabis industry has produced some of the best new cannabis strains in recent years. Billions of Dollars have been poured into the USA cannabis industry in the search for the most enjoyable and most potent cannabis strains. Professional breeders, backed up by some of the world’s most professional laboratory infrastructure, are busy identifying and breeding the best cannabis genetics. Dutch Passion’s job is to bring the best of these USA genetics to our customers in the form of feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

With so much effort and money feeding the frenzy for elite USA genetics there has been plenty of success. Here is our top-5 list of the best USA special cannabis seeds. All these USA seed varieties can be found in our collection of Extremely High THC seeds. Expect varieties which will be well over 20% THC in good conditions.

Sugar Bomb Punch, THC rich indica dominant marijuana seeds

Anyone looking for a frosty variety with some of the best USA indica-leaning hybrid genetics we have ever seen should take a serious look at Sugar Bomb Punch feminised seeds. The genetics come from some proven highly potent parent strains. Critical Orange Punch uses some prize winning genetics which recently made the High Times list of top-10 cannabis strains. These were crossed with Bubba Island Kush, the resulting hybrid was finally crossed with the legendary THC Bomb.

The cross of such illustrious parent genetics produces Sugar Bomb Punch. Bloom takes around 8-10 weeks and the trademark trichome sugar frosting starts to gather momentum from week 4-5 onwards. The buds and many of the fan leaves will show a sticky coating which gets increasingly dense as harvest approaches. Squeeze the firm buds and you can smell the sweet and fruity aromas, you will love the candy scent.

Sugar Bom Punch - THC Bomb X (Critical Orange Punch X Bubba Island Kush)
Sugar Bomb Punch genetics come from some proven highly potent parent strain.

Sugar Bomb Punch feminised seeds for easy and potent harvests

Dutch Passion breeders selected the Sugar Bomb Punch genetics based on premium potency and ease of growth. This makes the process of growing your own high THC weed easier. There are no special tips or advice needed to grow this variety. Use this Dutch Passion cannabis seed germination guide if you are new to growing. This indoor cannabis growing guide may also be useful. Most people tend to give Sugar Bomb Punch seeds around 4-6 weeks of vegetative growth before putting her into bloom.

In bloom, Sugar Bomb Punch doesn't stretch a great deal thanks to the indica-leaning hybrid genetics. She is a compact cannabis plant with ample side blooms which will yield heavily. With THC levels of over 20% this is a cannabis strain which packs a serious punch as well as a rich sweet and fruity taste. The high tends to arrive quickly, painting a big smile on your face as stress dissolves rapidly and your worries fade into the background. Smoke a little more and your body will want to rest and chill out on your sofa. It’s a wonderfully enjoyable high which lovers of high quality hybrids, or indica leaning hybrids will want to experience again and again.

Sugar Bomb Punch Budshot
With THC levels of over 20% this is a cannabis strain which packs a serious punch.

Top 5 Indica Cannabis Strains

Kerosene Krash, fine quality cannabis seeds from the USA

With genetics from Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with Sherbet, Kerosene Krash promises some of the strongest cannabis buds you have ever tried. This feminised seed strain was inspired by our Gorilla Glue #4 mother plant, this is one of the highest quality specimens ever encountered by our breeders. THC levels are very high and this is complemented by a wonderful terpene profile and beautiful looking buds.

The genetics were so good, they were crossed with a special Sherbet male. If anything, this particular crossing improved on the original Gorilla Glue #4 and Kerosene Krash was born. The terpene profile in particular is excellent. Kerosene Krash produces THC levels in excess of 20% with a strong fueled spicy, earthy kush scent. Potency consistency from one plant to the next is also good with this USA special strain, she is uncomplicated to grow.

Kerosene Krash - Gorilla Glue #4 X Sherbet
Kerosene Krash promises some of the strongest cannabis buds you have ever tried.

A terpene profile to remember, Kerosene Krash!

This indica feminised seed strain is ideal to recommend to new growers. She is relatively short, stocky and won't stretch excessively in your indoor grow room. She takes around 8 weeks of bloom to be ready for harvest. Note that bloom times of 9 weeks or more will produce a remarkably heavy effect. Yields are well above average, but most repeat growers will tell you that their main reasons for growing Kerosene Krash are the wonderfully enjoyable high and the very special terpene profile.

Smoke or vape a little of this anti-anxiety variety and you find your mood is lifted for a few hours. You can relax, unwind and chill out like a pro! With such high THC levels, a little goes a long way. Watch out if you do smoke a larger amount, your mind and body will want to shut down and krash out in a particularly enjoyable way!

Kerosene Krash Budshot
Kerosene Krash takes around 8 weeks of bloom to be ready for harvest.

Meringue, unique USA genetics with a stunning feel-good high

Well informed cannabis connoisseurs will have noticed that Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies have both been among the most celebrated USA varieties in recent years. These two heavyweights of the THC world were crossed to produce Meringue. The result is one of Dutch Passion’s best ever indica/sativa hybrid USA strains. THC levels on this feminised seed variety will exceed 20% in reasonable conditions.

With some sativa genetics in this hybrid seed strain you can expect to see a certain degree of stretching during bloom. However, it’s worth adding that this variety won’t stretch dramatically in the way a pure sativa variety would. Meringue is a THC rich variety with a sweet and fruity scent, the buds are firm and she delivers strong psychoactive high. This variety is easy to grow, with a wonderfully enjoyable head high and a relaxing body effect. Meringue is the perfect feminised seed choice for fans of high quality hybrid strains.

Meringue - Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies
Meringue is a cross from two THC-heavyweights (Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies).

Meringue, THC rich hybrid strain with elite USA genetics

Meringue is an ideal choice for professional home growers (or legal producers) seeking the highest possible resin levels. Concentrate producers will find this variety can produce buds which are literally coated in layers of resin. We particularly recommend the plants with the most hybrid leaf and plant structure. These are often the biggest and heaviest yielding phenotypes. Consider adding supplemental UVB light during the last few weeks of bloom and watch how the trichome production goes into overdrive. If you’re looking for something truly unique with eye-catching bag appeal then please look no further, Meringue is the strain you need!

Meringue Budshot
Meringue can produce buds which are literally coated in layers of resin.

Top 5 Sativa Cannabis Strains

HiFi 4G, USA hybrid strain which amplifies music enjoyment

HiFi 4G is one of the most unusual cannabis strains of recent years. Get high with this feminised seed variety and you may notice a strange and unique effect. This high-THC USA variety seems to significantly amplify the enjoyment and appreciation of music in a way that no other variety seems to manage. It’s very unusual and really special!

The genetics came from crossing the prize winning resin champion Glueberry OG with WiFi OG. The result is a beautifully balanced indica/sativa hybrid. This is another strain classified as ‘Extremely High’ THC by the Dutch Passion team with a creative feel-good high. You can fully expect THC levels to be over 20% in good conditions. This variety grows well in all grow mediums/grow systems. If you want to get the very best results from this variety we recommend a good quality LED grow light and organic grow conditions. This advice on optimising your grow room conditions may be helpful.

HiFi 4G - WiFI OG X Glueberry OG
This high-THC USA variety seems to significantly amplify the enjoyment of music.

Enjoy your music as if the band were in your room with HiFi 4G

HiFi 4G is one of the more unusual THC rich feminised seed strains from recent years. This variety is ideal for relaxation. HiFi 4G seems to deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of music. The Hi-Fi system comes alive, sounds seem richer and sharper as if you were next to the musician that made the music. Perhaps it’s the powerful cannabinoid mix with hints of CBD and unusually high CBG levels (measured at over 0.5%) which help make this USA hybrid strain such an enjoyable one. Here are some tips on growing feminised seeds indoors.

HiFi 4G Budshot
HiFi 4G is one of the more unusual THC rich feminised seed strains.

Top 5 Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Auto Lemon Kix, USA autoflower seeds with a powerful high

Our top-5 USA cannabis strains wouldn't be complete without a high potency autoflower seed variety. Auto Lemon Kix is the new name for an old autoflowering favourite. This auto strain grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days. Indoor growers will find 20 hours of daily light followed by 4 hours of darkness to be an easy way to grow this heavy yielding beauty. You will find some phenotypes which will be happy to take an extra week or two in your growroom, but you will be rewarded with extra heavy harvests. These tips on how to grow autoflower seeds may be useful.

Outdoor growers will find this variety takes around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest.

Auto Lemon Kix - Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Autoflower
Auto Lemon Kix high is much stronger than your average autoflower strain.

Auto Lemon Kix, easy to grow with sweet candy scent

Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, Auto Lemon Kix is easy to grow. The THC rich Las Vegas Lemon Skunk was the basis for this variety. With carefully selected parent genetics, Auto Lemon Kix® retains a very potent THC rich high. The yields are heavy and the skunk genetics ensure this is easy to grow. Indoor growers can expect plants around a metre tall with a dominant central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly shorter side blooms. The high is much stronger than your average auto, so treat this USA auto seed strain with respect and enjoy the stimulating anti-stress effects. Smoke too much and you may feel a raging appetite! This variety suits autoflower growers who wants uncompromising potency as well as an easy grow experience.

Auto Lemon Kix Budshot
This autoflower strain grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days.

Top 5 Autoflower Cannabis Strains

Dutch Passion USA special cannabis seeds, high THC comes as standard

Dutch Passion have 9 cannabis strains which are considered ‘extremely high’ in THC, and 5 of them come from our collection of USA special seeds. The five USA special cannabis strains listed in this blog are among the most potent cannabis seeds ever seen by Dutch Passion. All the varieties are selected to be straightforward to grow and will deliver some of the strongest weed you have ever experienced.

Our top 5 USA cannabis seeds
March 26th 2020
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