Top 5 Autoflower Seeds With Best Yields

Top 5 Autoflower Seeds With Best Yields

For some cannabis growers yield is all important. Yield means the harvest quantity of buds produced from the plant. High yield autoflower seeds are those specifically recommended to produce the heaviest yields. Some quality-focussed growers may feel reluctant to grow high yield auto strains if they believe that quality has been sacrificed for quantity. But these recommendations from Dutch Passion are all high yield autoflower seeds which will produce cannabis with very high THC levels. With high quality autoflower seeds you can combine 20%+ THC levels with high yields.

It’s been a tough choice, since none of the Dutch Passion autos are low yielders. All of them have special attractions from Auto Cinderella Jack with THC levels of over 25% to Auto Duck with it’s unique stealth leaves adored by outdoor growers. So with some difficulty, here are the top-5 Dutch Passion high yield autoflower seeds:

  • Auto Ultimate, a hybrid auto strain with perhaps the highest auto yields of them all
  • Auto Lemon Kix, USA special auto strain with exceptionally high THC levels
  • Think Different, a classic auto sativa strain and one of our best selling autos ever

What is the average yield of autoflower cannabis plants?

It’s important to mention at the beginning that autoflower yield is affected by several factors, not just the seed genetics. Growroom environment is critical to the final yield. The experienced grower will understand how to avoid stressing the plants with temperature extremes and other errors which will reduce final yield. The type of growlight and PPFD levels (a measure of light intensity/quality) will play a large role in determining the final autoflower yield. Another important factor which will maximise yields is careful control of plant nutrition. High-yield grow techniques such as DWC (deep water culture) can deliver the best yields, but they necessitate a tight control and understanding of nutrient management. Optimising grow room conditions to maximise autoflower yield requires careful planning.

The following links may help explain more:

There are many different techniques to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds. Many growers would say the biggest autoflower yields come from plants grown in hydroponics techniques such as DWC. Experienced DWC growers with quality LED lighting may be able to get autoflower yields of over 250g per plant regularly. The highest autoflower yield ever seen by Dutch Passion was around 1Kg of dry buds from Auto Ultimate.

Experienced growers using aerated grow mediums such as coco fibre with a quality LED grow light, and a 15 litre airpot might feel confident of regularly achieving autoflower yields of over 100g per plant. Using high yielding autoflower seeds they may hope for around 150g-200g in optimised conditions.

Soil/compost growers with a 15 litre airpot of quality grow shop soil might hope to get around 50-75g per plant on average, with the very best autos producing around 100-150g.

Of course, these numbers are only a guideline. A great deal depends on the individual grower as well as lighting, genetics and other environmental factors. Some experienced autoflower growers with professional standard growrooms may find these numbers are conservative. New growers may feel these autoflower yields are ambitious.

Here is a summary of the most important factors which affect autoflower yield:

  • Lighting: LED is superior to HPS. A powerful, quality LED is optimum.
  • General grower experience: Understanding plant needs and plant management is key. Avoiding basic errors is essential in the quest for high yields.
  • Grow method: Each grow method, and the skill with which it is applied has a key effect on final autoflower yield.
  • Nutrient control: Avoiding over/under feeding and keeping your plants in the nutrient sweet spot from seedling to harvest is critical.
  • Genetics: Even the world’s best grower won't get heavy yields and good quality with poor quality seeds. Use the best high yield autoflower seeds you can buy.
  • Plant stress: Avoiding any stress on the plant and allowing it to thrive is the approach of all the best growers. Avoid temperature extremes, humidity extremes, stress caused by parasites/disease etc

Best high yield autoflower cannabis seeds

Auto Ultimate : The grandaddy of all the high yield autoflower seeds

Auto Ultimate

Taking 12-15 weeks to grow from autoflower seed to harvest, Auto Ultimate is the highest yielding autoflower strain ever seen by Dutch Passion. If you want to grow the heaviest yielding autoflower strain then look no further, Auto Ultimate is the autoflower seed for you! This is a hybrid indica/sativa seed from our cannabis cup winning collection of Classic Cannabis Seed Strains. Parent genetics came from the photoperiod feminised seed ‘The Ultimate’. This is an established best seller and a rare but genuine XXL producer. These were crossed with Auto Mazar to create Auto Ultimate.

These high yield autoflower genetics take a little longer to finish growing than the typical 75 day auto. The 12-15 week period required to grow Auto Ultimate from seed to harvest may be a couple of weeks longer than you are used to, but the exceptionally heavy auto yields are worth the wait. So is the vape/smoke, this is a high THC strain. You can expect over 20% THC in optimum conditions alongside a great feel-good high which will allow any physical aches and pains to subside as quickly as your stress.

Elite autoflower seed genetics like this are found only after many years of careful professional breeding. Some Dutch Passion customers stopped buying their normal autoflower seed varieties once they saw the high yield Auto Ultimate results!

Indoors Auto Ultimate can reach up to 1.25m. Thats a little taller than the average Dutch Passion autoflower strain. Auto Ultimate seeds tend to be popular with those that want an uncompromisingly powerful high with the heaviest yields. Even if it means waiting an extra couple of weeks longer than usual for the harvest.

Auto Ultimate also grows well outside. Outdoor autoflower yield is sometimes a little lower than indoor yields. That’s because outdoor plants have to deal with lower light levels and occasional bad weather.

Auto Ultimate expertly grown in an airpot under LED By Tang

Auto Ultimate grown in DWC with LED growlights

Auto Lemon Kix: Extreme THC levels with a seriously fruity twist

Auto Lemon Kix: Extreme THC levels with a seriously fruity twist

Auto Lemon Kix has to be one of Dutch Passion’s very finest high yield autoflower seeds. She is one of the exclusive members of Dutch Passion’s collection of Extremely High THC seeds, meaning that you may be able to see THC levels of up to 25% in ideal conditions. This extreme potency, combined with massive yields gives a superb combination for the home grower or commercial grower. Auto Lemon Kix seeds have also been shown to produce high levels of CBG (cannabigerol) and CBC (cannabichromene)

Auto Lemon Kix has a great terpene profile with a strong citrus aroma and a tropical fruity taste. It’s a high yield autoflower with great jar appeal and a supremely satisfying vape/smoke. Like the rest of the Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection Auto Lemon Kix thrives under 20 hours of indoor light each day. This variety takes 10-11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. That’s a little quicker than Auto Ultimate and may suit growers preferring a quick autoflower seed grow.

Auto Lemon Kix tends to stay below 1m indoors. It’s an uncomplicated variety to grow with heavy crops of highly potent buds and a great fruity aroma. Dominant terpenes are Terpinolene, Beta Caryophyllene and Beta Myrcene.

Think Different: Stunning sativa, easy to grow with XXL yields

Think Different: Stunning sativa, easy to grow with XXL yields

Think Different was one of Dutch Passion’s first autoflower strains to be released. She has remained a top-5 best selling auto ever since. With a powerful sativa high, this classic auto seed variety delivers numerous long thick blooms.

As well as the heavy yields, Think Different is a fantastically enjoyable smoke with a powerful head high. Think Different comes from Dutch Passion's collection of Very High THC seeds, so expect THC levels of around 20% in optimised conditions. Anyone looking for high yield autoflower cannabis seeds won't be disappointed with Think Different. If you are used to an average autoflower yield, prepare to be surprised at how good the finest quality high yield autoflower seeds have become. Some growers of Think Different seeds, especially sativa-loving growers, feel that this variety is simply unbeatable.

Think Different tends to stay around or below a metre tall indoors, taking around 75 days from seed to harvest, occasionally a week or two longer. Outdoor autoflower yield is also excellent with Think Different seeds. Outdoors, autoflower seeds often take an extra couple of weeks to finish, compared to indoor grown plants.

Epic Think Different grow with LED, Plasma and HPS lights with CO2 supplementation by Mr Ganjamoto

Chunky Think Different grow indoors with airpots under LED by Tang

Think Different SCROG grow with 1.2kW of HPS and CO2 supplementation

270g dry yield from Think Different grown in a loft in 6litres of coco fibre with a 400W HPS light

Auto Critical Orange Punch: High Times Top 10 autoflower champion!

Auto Critical Orange Punch: High Times Top 10 autoflower champion!

Auto Critical Orange Punch has very high THC values of around 20% but is also affordably priced for growers on a budget. But there’s nothing cheap about the genetics which were included in the High Times Top 10 autoflower strains of 2018. This is a rare honour for any cannabis strain, usually reserved for those very special strains which combine exceptional yields and seriously strong buds.

Auto Critical Orange Punch makes High Times Top 10 autoflower strains

The acclaimed genetics originally come from Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud. This hybrid is known as Orange Punch. This gave great potency and taste, however yields were not spectacular until it was crossed with an elite XXL Auto Kritical Bilbo. The resulting Auto Critical Orange Punch seeds produces fat, resinous blooms.

Once cured the buds have a white appearance due to the very high THC levels. With a zesty orange aroma and citrus taste this high yield autoflower strain is a proud member of the Dutch Passion Orange Family of cannabis seeds

These are premium quality, high yield autoflower seeds which produce top-drawer results. Indoors they take around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest, usually staying around or below a metre in height. Outdoor autoflower yield is also very high with this variety. She loves a sheltered place with plenty of direct sunlight and good quality nutritious soil to really thrive. Once you have grown the best autoflower seeds and produced a heavy plant, ready for harvest, all you need do is cut, dry and cure the buds. Take your time to do this stage correctly and you will enjoy some of the tastiest and most satisfying buds you have ever grown.

How to harvest, dry and cure cannabis

Auto Daiquiri Lime: USA Special high yield autoflower seed

Auto Daiquiri Lime: USA Special high yield autoflower seed

Anyone looking for a high yield autoflower seed with the best genetics from the USA should take a serious look at Auto Daiquiri Lime. The genetics come from a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste. This was hybridised with an exceptionally resinous photoperiod USA Sour Diesel cutting.

The terpenes from some of the best USA diesel strains is difficult to beat, so expect USA style big flavours and equally big yields. This high yield autoflower has the normal superb Dutch Passion potency with an unusually rich and appealing fruity/diesel aroma and a fresh sour taste. Auto Daiquiri Lime seeds are popular with lovers of USA genetics, especially those that adore powerful aromas from their harvests.

THC levels are officially classed as ‘very high’ on this variety, so expect THC levels of around 20% in good conditions. That guarantees you a very powerful high and an extremely enjoyable experience! That’s typical of all the THC rich strains in the Dutch Passion USA Special Seed Collection.

380g dry harvest from Auto Daiquiri Lime grown in an airpot of coco fibre under LED

Outdoor autoflower yield, grow tips and advice

Many outdoor growers find autoflower seeds are essential to their guerrilla growing plans. Outdoors, autoflowering cannabis seeds take around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest, occasionally a little longer. Thats a couple of weeks longer than it takes to grow auto seeds indoors. The extra time is due to outdoor grow conditions being less intensive than indoors. One reason is that indoor autos get around 20 hours of daily light - more than outdoor plants receive.

The key to the highest outdoor autoflower yield is to combine high yield autoflower seeds with an optimised environment. Remember, even a high yield autoflower seed will not be able to perform to it’s full potential unless you provide the right growing environment. Look for a sheltered location that perhaps offers some protection from the prevailing winds and receives as much direct sunlight as possible. If the local soil quality is poor, transport some grow-shop soil to your site and perhaps enrich with fertiliser/nutrients.

You may need to protect your outdoor autoflower plants. Many outdoor growers regularly apply slug/snail pellets to protect their plants. Another useful tip is to protect your plants from grazing animals such as rabbits, deer, wild goats etc by using some garden fencing (‘chicken wire’) around your outdoor plants. This can be secured in place with tent pegs and branches.

In times of drought you may need to transport water to your plants, so it may be helpful to locate them near a water source such as a stream. Some growers will apply a light top dressing to the soil, or some flowering nutrients as the plants bloom.

Growing cannabis outdoors, tips and advice

Growing cannabis outdoors in difficult weather conditions

Many people grow autoflowering cannabis seeds in a greenhouse. Here you may be able to get even higher yields than outdoors. That’s because a greenhouse can help protect your plants from the worst of the weather as well as keeping temperatures several degrees above outdoor temperatures. If you are growing autos in a greenhouse it will definitely pay you to grow high yield autoflower seeds.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse

The difference between the biggest autoflower yield and an average autoflower yield can be huge. The difference in cost between high yield autoflower seeds and average auto seeds is usually just a few euros per seed. It makes sense to research your choice of autoflower seeds carefully. Choose a seed company that can show you plenty of satisfied customers and perhaps some cannabis cups alongside a proven track record and you should be OK.

Understanding Autoflower vs Photoperiod Yield

Maximize your autoflower seeds yield

Remember you can get XXL indoor harvests from feminised seeds as well as from autoflowering seeds. When choosing between feminised seeds and autoflower seeds for indoor grows, yield concerns are rarely a key factor. Often it is other factors such as grower preference, the amount of time available for a grow cycle or the choice of genetics which determines whether the grower opts for feminised seeds or autoflower seeds.

When it comes to outdoor growing there are more considerations when choosing between autoflower seeds and photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. One advantage of growing feminised seeds outdoors (rather than autoflower seeds outdoors) is that feminised seeds have a longer grow cycle. Typically an outdoor feminised strain takes around 6 months to grow from seed to harvest, almost twice as long as an autoflower strain. That means you can get harvests of several kilograms from an outdoor feminised strain, whereas an outdoor autoflower strain is likely to produce a few hundred grams at best. Outdoor autoflower yield is sometimes a little lower than indoors, though much depends on the conditions.

Feminised outdoor plants can reach 3-4m tall and be difficult to hide. Conversely, autoflower plants often reach around a metre tall outdoors and are relatively easy to hide behind nettles, bushes etc. The choice is up to you and your circumstances.

Autoflower seeds, with the short life cycle, are often preferred by growers with very short summers such as some Scandinavian/Canadian outdoor growers.

Top 5 outdoor cannabis strains

How to maximize your autoflower yield

Even the big yield autoflowers will not be able to perform if they are badly treated and given poor conditions. In order to bring out the full potential from your high yield autoflower seeds you need to grow them well and provide an environment in which they can thrive.

Here there is no substitute for experience and knowledge. Lots of growers want to know how to get more yield on autoflowers and they want to know autoflower yield tips. Some of the links provided in this article will help you understand more about optimising your grow room and grow conditions.

How to grow autoflower cannabis seeds

To get the highest autoflower yields you need to start with high yield autoflower seeds. But you also need to master your preferred grow style. Whether you grow in soil, coco fibre or a hydroponic system you need to feel confident in all stages of plant growth and nutrient management.

Autoflower seeds have a fixed life cycle, any nutrient issues will cost the plant valuable time to recover. If you ‘burn’ the plants by giving nutrients which are too strong the plant may not have the time to fully recover and growth will be permanently stunted. Likewise, giving plants insufficient nutrients will reduce growth and plant health, reducing final yields. If you give your plants insufficient light they will not be able to photosynthesise sufficiently and will yield less. Overload your plants with too much light and they will also be unable to reach full potential. You will need to avoid temperature extremes and try to keep your autoflower plant in peak health all the way from seed to harvest.

One popular autoflower yield tip is to try upgrading to felt sacks or airpots instead of using traditional grow containers. The extra levels of root aeration promotes healthier and more extensive root networks. This in turn allows you to get more yield on an autoflower.

Learn more about cannabis roots and how root health affects plant quality

Another autoflower yield tip is to give the plant an extra week or two at the end of the growth cycle. The plants may continue to produce some extra weight beyond the normal harvest date. But this may make the ‘high’ feel a little heavier/stonier, which doesn't suit everyone.

Many autoflower growers have found that upgrading from HPS to LED grow lights has resulted in superior potency. Choose and use your LED light well, and you will increase yield as well as potency.

If you grow in a typical 1.2m x 1.2m grow room (4 x 4 grow tent) the yield from an autoflower grow will often be around a gram per watt from a good quality grow light such as an LED. Usually HPS growers get somewhat below 1 gram per watt.

Enjoy growing your high yield autoflower seeds!

As well as optimising your grow room and pushing your autoflower seeds to their full potential we wish you plenty of fun and enjoyment as you grow your seeds. For many cannabis growers there is lots of pleasure and satisfaction to be had just from cultivation of your plants. Choose your seeds carefully and enjoy growing high yield cannabis plants!

Top 5 Autoflower Seeds With Best Yields
May 22nd 2020
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