Dutch Passion’s Top-5 sativa cannabis seed varieties

Dutch Passion’s Top-5 sativa cannabis seed varieties

A frequent question in the Dutch Passion mail box is ‘which are your best sativa varieties?’. The answer partly depends on your own personal tastes and perhaps on your own unique endo cannabinoid system. Below we have put together a list of our top-5 customer favourite feminised sativa cannabis seeds.


Orange Bud. Legendary feminised cannabis seeds

Orange Bud was introduced in the 1980’s. She became an instant hit with growers that demanded the highest quality levels combined with connoisseur citrus aromas and a fresh orange zest taste. Using rock-steady and highly stable Skunk genetics, Orange Bud is a consistently superb variety for home growers or licensed producers alike.

THC levels are exceptional, the leaves and buds are coated with layer upon layer of resin. Rub a bud between your fingers and you can smell the zesty citrus aroma which intensifies on the buds with a good cure. Orange Bud isn't just about the unique terpenes and powerful high, she also delivers XL harvests as standard. This has been a bestselling feminised seed for many years because she is so easy to cultivate at home with professional results.

If you are looking for some high quality feminised cannabis seeds which you won't regret buying, then look no further. Orange Bud has thousands of repeat growers, some of who will not grow anything else.

Orange Bud. Cannabis seeds which are easy to grow

Despite being an original 1980’s classic, Orange Bud has been difficult to surpass by modern breeders. THC levels can be around 20% in good conditions. Yields are above average and the nectarine citrus taste and sweet tangerine aroma make Orange Bud a unique proposition for any grower. Many of the most stable skunk lines are famously easy to grow, Orange Bud is no exception. When growing the photoperiod Orange Bud, many growers give this variety 4-6 weeks of vegetative growth. In bloom, she usually takes around 8 weeks of 12/12 light.


Auto Orange Bud. Autoflowering seeds with classic Orange Bud genetics

Fans of high quality autoflower seeds should consider Auto Orange Bud. This is the autoflowering seed version of the original Dutch Passion Orange Bud. Auto Orange Bud grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks, performing well under 20 hours of daily light throughout. Auto Orange Bud reaches around 75-100cm tall and has high THC levels with a great feel-good high just like the original. She is easy to grow with an extra special vape/smoke quality and grows easily indoors or outdoors. Note that outdoors, Auto Orange Bud take around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest.




Power Plant. Feminised seeds with South African genetics

Power Plant is another of Dutch Passion’s original THC rich home grown classics. She was released in the1990’s and was bred from sativa genetics found in South Africa. Power Plant has a rich taste and an incredibly powerful cerebral high, a real sativa with a long lasting soaring effect.

Power Plant is popular with outdoor growers who enjoy reasonably warm ‘mediterranean’ climates and she is usually ready to harvest around mid-late October.

Power Plant established herself as a home grown favourite thanks to the very easy growth process. She isn't a fussy feeder, nor will she confuse you in the grow room. This is one of those robust cannabis seed varieties which performs well with minimal input and remains healthy and vigorous under a wide range of conditions.


Power Plant feminised seeds. Expect XXL harvests and connoisseur quality

The very heavy harvests are one of the main reasons why Power Plant has remained such a best-selling feminised seed for so long. When she was first released it seemed that every coffee shop in Amsterdam wanted to stock her buds, and she is still found on the menus today. Yields of 500-600g/m² are possible for experienced growers with optimised conditions.




Euforia. From feminised seeds to buds with a uniquely euphoric high!

If you love the energising euphoric high produced by cannabis, then Euforia is one feminised seed which you definitely have to try growing. Euforia is a unique skunk line which was selected specifically for the remarkable sense of euphoria you experience after vaping/smoking her.

Plants can reach 1-1.5m tall and take around 9 weeks to bloom indoors (occasionally 10 weeks).

The Skunk genetics ensure this variety is simplicity itself in your grow room. Yields are above average, but this variety is all about the very special euphoric high which you experience.

Euforia suits those growers who love a powerful aroma and an especially strong skunky taste to the buds. This is definitely one of Dutch Passion’s most pungent varieties with an unusually penetrating aroma. One zip-lock bag is nowhere near enough to control the pungency of this powerful skunk!

When you plan your Euforia grow, be sure to use a fresh high-quality carbon filter and watch out if your clothes brush against these buds when you inspect your plants. You can expect bumper harvests and a truly memorable skunk aroma with a great terpene profile when you grow Euforia skunk seeds. It’s a deliciously enjoyable variety and a firm staff favourite which you won't regret growing


Auto Euforia. Autoflowering seeds of the original Euforia classic

Such has been the popularity of Euforia that the autoflowering seed version is available and is particularly popular with sativa fans wanting a powerful high. Like many of the Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seeds, Auto Euforia takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. A schedule of 20 hours of daily light delivers optimum results. Plants tend to be 75-150cm tall with very heavy harvests.

Auto Euforia is the perfect choice for the auto seed grower who wants a fast and easy harvest with a powerful euphoric high. These high potency autoflower seeds combine unique genetics with a blissfully enjoyable high. If you enjoy a euphoric high, then make no mistake this is a variety which shouldn't need a second thought before she joins your auto seed collection. The robust, carefully selected skunk genetics mean that this variety is easy to grow at home under a wide range of conditions.

When growing Auto Euforia seeds you will enjoy an uncomplicated growing experience. Best of all is the heavy harvest of sticky, skunky resin crusted buds which glisten with a thick trichome coating.




Durban Poison. Feminised seeds with a great indoor/outdoor reputation

Durban Poison is a feminised seed variety with a reputation for blissfully enjoyable and powerful potent harvests among home growers. Durban Poison seeds come originally from South Africa and were inbred over many years during the 70’s. Fans of Durban Poison point to the unique aniseed flavour and the deliciously smooth high which seems to dissolve stress and anxiety.

Durban Poison is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Outdoors she is often ready around early October. Indoors she takes around 9 weeks of 12/12 light to complete bloom. A few lung-fulls of this variety is a great antidote to the stresses and challenges of modern life.

When a variety has stood the test of time for as long as Durban Poison you can feel reassured that you will never regret growing her. The resin coated buds exude quality and for some growers this is simply the best quality sativa variety in the Dutch Passion collection.


Auto Durban Poison. Autoflowering seeds for connoisseur growers

Anyone that enjoys the iconic and breathtakingly potent Durban Poison should try her autoflowering sister. Auto Durban Poison grows quickly, from autoflowering seed to harvest in around 11 weeks. Outdoors, Auto Durban Poison will take nearer 100 days. She produces THC rich blooms in heavy quantities and is very easy to grow. Indoors she usually reaches up to a metre tall and grows easily in any grow medium or grow system.

The compact and heavy yielding genetics make Auto Durban Poison a safe and predictable choice for any indoor auto grower looking for a quality improvement over their normal auto seed variety. These genetics have been proven to be reliable, with consistently potent results over many decades. Lovers of high-quality sativa autoflowering seed varieties can feel confident that these genetics will deliver a fast, easy cannabis harvest.

Auto Durban Poison is very suitable for outdoor cannabis growing thanks to the sativa genetics and the bud structure which they produce. The long internodal distances allow the buds to form with reduced chance of mold and fungal issues. This variety was developed outdoors and remains a firm favourite with those that grow autoflower seeds outdoors.

Some of the Auto Durban Poison phenotypes may need an extra week or two indoors before they are fully ripe to harvest. But these will reward the patient grower with particularly heavy harvests of top-drawer sativa buds.




Strawberry Cough. One of the best sativa varieties of all time

Picking just 5 of the best sativa varieties isn’t easy. There are many varieties which could make the top sativa list. One of the best sativa varieties from Dutch Passion has to be Strawberry Cough. This beautiful sativa variety produces exquisitely enjoyable buds, coated with a dense layer of trichomes on the buds and leaves.

The name comes from the sweet strawberry taste you get when coughing briefly after a vape/smoke. It’s quite unique and it has a cult following of repeat growers who love the feel-good anti-anxiety high.Strawberry Coughis one of those high quality sativas which gives energy, motivation and focus without making your head spin too much. Many repeat growers adore Strawberry Cough for the joyful, happy type of high.

Strawberry Cough can reach over a metre tall in indoor grow rooms, the sativa dominant genetics are usually ready to harvest after around 9 weeks of bloom. Occasional sativa phenotypes can require a few extra days, but this is still a fast blooming sativa variety for the quality of the harvest provided. She doesn't need a strong nutrient regime to produce large plants and will yield well.

Strawberry Cough shot to prominence after being featured in the Hollywood movie ‘Children Of Men’. No doubt that the mention in the movie added some extra mystique to the legendary reputation she has amongst sativa lovers in the cannabis growing community.

Strawberry Cough is available in feminised cannabis seeds, but not yet in autoflowering seeds.




Growing the best sativa varieties and seeds indoors. Tips and tricks

The presence of sativa genetics can encourage some stretch during flowering. When growing a top sativa variety, you may prefer to avoid giving an excessively long vegetative period. Perhaps 3-4 weeks would result in plants which fit your indoor grow tent better than plants which were vegged for 5-6 weeks.

Growers with adjustable spectrum LED grow lights can select a spectrum with reduced red content and elevated blue content. This will tend to reduce inter-nodal stretching and result in slightly shorter plants. Some growers of sativa varieties like to cut off the growing tip of the plant after 3-4 weeks of veg growth. This results in a bushier, squat cannabis plant which may be more suited for some indoor grow rooms with limited vertical space.

Growers with modern supplemental UVB lights (e.g. ‘reptile’ UV lights) may find that 3-4 hours of daily UV light supplementing for the last 3-4 weeks of bloom will boost THC levels to the maximum.

Remember it’s false economy to cut corners on the quality of your feminised seeds or autoflower seeds. Buy the best cannabis seeds you can afford from a supplier with a reputation you can trust.


Growing sativa varieties easily from the best cannabis seeds

Outdoor growers will often find that sativa varieties will stretch more than others. In optimised conditions, with moist high quality soil and ample sun, the best sativa varieties can reach 3m tall and just as wide. So choose a discreet spot carefully, large sativa outdoor plants can be seen from long distances and can even outgrow your greenhouse.

If your personal favourite sativa isn't on this list, then don’t worry. Determining the best sativa varieties is highly subjective. One person’s favourite won't necessarily be the same as the next person. Each of us has a different endo cannabinoid system and we all respond differently to a range of sativa varieties.

One of the great beauties of growing your own cannabis from autoflowering seeds or feminised seeds is the chance to identify the specific varieties which suit you the best. What’s more, by growing your own cannabis seeds, you determine when to harvest them. Choose to harvest later than normal for a heavier and stonier feeling to the high. Or harvest your cannabis earlier than normal for more of an ‘up’ high. The choice is yours when you grow your own cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion’s Top-5 sativa cannabis seed varieties
November 22nd 2019
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