The Top-5 Dutch Passion autoflower strains

The Top-5 Dutch Passion autoflower strains

If you are looking to grow the best autoflower seed strains from Dutch Passion, then read on. Autoflower seeds have become just as popular as photoperiod feminised seeds with home growers. If you plant the best autoflowering strains, you will enjoy an easy grow with heavy yields and highly potent buds. Good quality autoflower strains are a fast and easy way to produce your own cannabis, and they will grow easily in a wide range of conditions making them ideal for the home grower.

Your personal favourite autoflower seed strain will depend on your own endo cannabinoid system. It will also be influenced by your preference for indica vs sativa, and whether you like your buds THC rich or with some CBD in them. So don't be too surprised if the Dutch Passion top-5 auto list doesn't contain your favourite. But the following 5 autoflower strains represent some of Dutch Passion’s finest autoflower breeding projects so far.

Growing autoflower strains indoors or outdoors really is easy when you have the best autoflower seeds. Dutch Passion auto strains have won numerous cannabis cups and are fully proven. If you haven't grown autoflower strains before then you may find this autoflowering cannabis grow guide useful.


Auto Glueberry OG. High yielding potent autoflower strain

Auto Glueberry OG is a resin lover’s dream. This is definitely one of the best autoflower strains with genetics from the legendary USA Gorilla Glue, the multi-award winning Blueberry and the legendary OG Kush. The cannabis cup winning genetic heritage guarantees consistently special quality levels.

Auto Glueberry OG can exceed a metre in height in optimum conditions and can yield several hundred grams of dried buds when grown in hydroponic systems by skilled growers. Extensive side branches mean that this is a one of the highest yielding autoflower strains, especially when grown with generous levels of lighting. She is a real hash plant, with resin layered on her buds and leaves. Brush your clothes against this variety in the grow room and you will notice the penetrating, heavy rich aroma.



Growing the best autoflower strains. Auto Glueberry OG

Auto Glueberry OG, like the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflower strains, does well when grown from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light. Usually you will find the typical Dutch Passion auto structure of a tall central bloom surrounded by a ring of substantial side branches which can yield very heavily in optimised conditions. Side branches can require support or they will collapse under their own weight in the week or two before harvest.

Growers often harvest Auto Glueberry OG approximately 11 weeks after germination. But some of the heaviest yielding phenotypes may require an extra couple of weeks. These longer-blooming super autoflower plants will reward the patient grower with some seriously heavy yields.

Don't worry about the potency of Auto Glueberry OG. The fully proven genetics guarantee you a THC-rich harvest of supremely potent buds. An intensely powerful and deeply relaxing effect is assured. The high ensures an all-enveloping sense of wellbeing. Stress seems to dissolve away as if it was never there. Medical users will enjoy the strong body effects which allow you to relax and fully unwind.


The following Auto Glueberry OG grow reviews from Dutch Passion growers give you an idea of what you could expect under typical home-grower conditions.


Auto Glueberry OG seeds grown in coco fibre, in air pots with LED

Auto Glueberry OG grown indoors with 600w HPS light in coco fibre

Auto Glueberry OG seeds grown in airpots of Plagron Lite soil under LED grow lights

Massive Auto Glueberry OG grown in an autopot of coco fibre

Auto Glueberry OG grown in 15l of coco fibre under LED grow lights



Auto Ultimate. Super autoflower with XL yields

Anyone wanting to grow a heavy yielding super autoflower strain needs look no further than Auto Ultimate. This is the best autoflower strain for those looking for the very heaviest yields and don't mind waiting 12-15 weeks for this auto to complete its unusually long life cycle. It’s unusual for an autoflower strain to take up to 15 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. However, with these very special super autoflower genetics the result is a unique XXL harvest of highly potent THC rich buds.




Growing the heaviest yielding autoflower strains. Auto Ultimate

Auto Ultimate has many repeat growers who refuse to grow anything else, claiming that nothing can match the yields produced with this variety. Auto Ultimate is a unique autoflower strain, unashamedly bred for heavy yields without compromising on quality. The only consideration for the grower is to allow 12-15 weeks for the genetics to work their magic in your grow room.

This variety can reach 1.25 metres or even a little taller in the grow room. Growers experienced with the use of high-powered lights will find Auto Ultimate will respond well in a well-lit grow room with ample side lighting. This heavy yielding autoflower strain has been known to expand and fill a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent when given optimised conditions.

If you prefer to focus your cannabis growing on just a few well-proportioned plants with heavy yields, then this is a great autoflower strain to select. Just be prepared to wait an extra few weeks compared to your normal autoflower strains.


Autoflower strain reviews. Auto Ultimate

The following grow reviews from Auto Ultimate show the extravagant results you can expect from typical home-grower conditions.

Auto Ultimate grown in soil under LED grow light with heavy main cola

Chunky Auto Ultimate grown in 15l airpots of Plagron Light soil under LED

Massive Auto Ultimate grown in 15 litres of soil under 600W HPS light

Huge Auto Ultimate supported to prevent collapse. Grown under LED & HPS

200g+ Auto Ultimate SCROG grow review made with LED grow light & deep water culture

Auto Ultimates grown in 25 litre fabric sacks of soil with sack fulls of harvest

Truly epic Auto Ultimate grown in a 15 litre airpot of Plagron light soil with LED

The best ever Auto Ultimate grow by ‘The King’ in DWC with LED grow lights


There are plenty more impressive grow reviews with lots of pictures on the Dutch Passion blog site.


Auto Cinderella Jack. The most potent autoflower strain

Some autoflower strains were created to reproduce particular fruity scents, or perhaps to continue the legacy of a legendary feminised seed strain. Not Auto Cinderella Jack. This variety was created with the simple ambition of being the most potent autoflower strain in our collection of autoflower seeds.

The genetics came from the famously powerful Cinderella ’99 variety combined with Jack Herer and the Magnum autoflower strain. The selection of the parent varieties at each stage of the breeding was based just on the potency levels. Other factors were de-emphasised in order to focus on THC levels and deliver a consistently powerful and potent autoflower strain.




Best autoflower strain for potency. Auto Cinderella Jack

Auto Cinderella Jack suits the grower who prioritises the sheer strength of their harvest as their main goal. This is simply one of the most potent autoflower strains ever found by Dutch Passion. In optimum conditions, with an experienced grower and LED lighting you can expect THC levels of around and perhaps above 20%. You won't be disappointed by this high potency vape/smoke. Although this variety was not bred specifically for XL yields, the harvest quantities turned out to be pretty respectable anyway and are somewhat above average. This is an uncomplicated variety which grows well in soil, hydro, coco fibre or any other grow medium. She takes around 11 weeks to grow from autoflower seed to harvest. Like all the Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, she thrives under 20 hours of daily light.

Few things in the cannabis growers’ life are as disappointing as spending 11 weeks growing an auto with disappointing potency. If you want the best autoflower strain for potency then Auto Cinderella Jack is our top recommendation. This Auto Cinderella Jack grow review shows you the kind of resin covered chunky result you can expect when growing this high potency autoflower strain.


Auto Orange Bud. Bestselling sativa autoflower strain with classic genetics

Auto Orange Bud uses the multi cannabis cup winning genetics from the original Dutch Passion Orange Bud. This is a sativa autoflower strain with a powerful high and a delicious citrus taste. The highly potent and well proven Orange Bud genetics ensure this strong skunk delivers full satisfaction. Auto Orange Bud offers that rare combination of true connoisseur potency with the mouth-wateringly delicious sweet taste of juicy oranges picked fresh from the tree. The skunk genetics ensure that this is easy and straightforward to grow in any medium or grow system.




Auto Orange Bud. Best autoflower seeds for fans of the classics

Auto Orange Bud is one of Dutch Passion’s best autoflower seeds for growers who have grown tired of bland cannabis with average potency and poor taste. She is ready to harvest around 11 weeks after germination and is usually around a metre tall with heavy harvests of sticky citrus scented buds. Anyone who loves a quality sativa autoflower strain should try Auto Orange Buds. The high is strongly psychoactive with a soaring cerebral high, great for creative pastimes or hobbies.



Auto Night Queen. Highly potent indica autoflowering strain

Auto Night Queen is a high potency autoflower strain with a powerful indica effect. If you want a compact, easy to grow autoflower strain with a knockout indica effect then this is the variety for you. She often remains low in height, around 75cm with a short stocky frame covered with sticky resinous buds. The Afghani genetics make for dense, firm buds with truly special potency levels. Even if you have a high cannabis tolerance, don't worry whether Auto Night Queen packs enough punch. This variety delivers a feel-good high which arrives quickly. Expect instant gratification and relaxation. You will enjoy sinking into a comfortable sofa or bed after some of the potent buds. Smoke/vape a little more and you may feel a strong appetite and maybe a little sleepy.




Auto Night Queen. Autoflowering cannabis seeds for indica fans

Auto Night Queen is a great variety for anyone seeking an all-conquering indica autoflowering strain with a seriously strong effect. She grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days and is a very consistent autoflowering strain. This is one of the best autoflower strains for people that want to grow a short but productive auto. Growers with limited vertical space for their plants will find Auto Night Queen compact without compromising on quality or yield.

Auto Night Queen is one of the most potent autoflower strains, and won 1st prize at the prestigious Highlife Cup in 2016 against some very good quality competitors. The 1st Prize was awarded for the extremely pleasurable high which comes from just a small amount of the THC soaked buds. This Auto Night Queen Grow Review shows the type of result you can expect when growing this autoflower strain indoors in soil.


Growing autoflowering strains is easy, even for first time cannabis growers

Growing autoflower strains really is easy. Many people find it easier than growing feminised strains, and new growers are often recommended to start growing with autoflower strains. They need a simple fixed grow cycle, normally 20 hours of daily light. Usually they are ready to harvest after 10-11 weeks of growth. If you have never grown before, this cannabis seed germination guide is a good place to start.


Growing the best autoflower strains outdoors

Autoflower strains usually take a couple of extra weeks when grown outdoors. Allow around 100 days for them to grow from seed to harvest. Many outdoor cannabis growers plant a few autoflower seeds to complement their outdoor feminised plants. Autoflower seeds can be grown outdoors even in the shortest of summers. Just select the warmest 100 day period and prepare a good plot with moist nutritious soil.

Many outdoor auto growers germinate their cannabis seeds indoors and keep the seedlings indoors under artificial light for a couple of weeks. This allows the seedlings to thrive under optimised conditions while they are at their youngest and most vulnerable. With an indoor germination, the auto seedlings can be planted outdoors with a head start. This Dutch Passion guide to outdoor growing contains some useful tips and advice.


Autoflower strains and greenhouse growing

Autoflower strains do very well in a greenhouse. The greenhouse protects them from the worst of the early season and late season weather. This Dutch Passion guide to growing cannabis in a greenhouse contains plenty of useful advice.


Enjoy growing your autoflower strains!

Whichever autoflower seeds you decide to grow next, be sure to enjoy the experience and the harvest! The speed, simplicity and quality of the best autoflower strains make them an irresistible choice for the modern cannabis grower. If you need some proven autoflower strains you will find plenty of suitable options on the Dutch Passion website.

Dutch Passion were one of the first seed banks to sell autoflower seeds. Our complete auto collection includes seeds rich in THC or CBD, indica and sativa autoflower autoflower varieties and a wide selection of classic cannabis seed varieties which have been available in autoflower form, such as Auto Orange Bud, Auto Mazar, Auto Blueberry and Auto White Widow.

The Top-5 Dutch Passion autoflower strains
January 3rd 2020
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