The 5 best indica strains from Dutch Passion

The 5 best indica strains from Dutch Passion

For many cannabis connoisseurs there is nothing that gives quite the same satisfying relaxation as a top quality indica strain. The strong physical effects on the body are particularly important for medical cannabis users. The best indica strains have high THC levels, over 20% on the finest varieties. This ensures a fast acting psychoactive high.

Together with the strong body stone, the combination of physical and cerebral pampering offers a blissfully pleasurable experience.

Although there are plenty of superb quality sativa varieties available, many self-sufficient indoor cannabis growers often prefer growing the best indica strains. They tend to bloom quickly, staying short and compact. Perfect for indoor cultivation.

But what are the best indica weed strains? What exactly do they offer which isn't available from the best sativa strains? Check out this indica strains list from Dutch Passion and enjoy the pictures!

Bubba Island Kush, best indica strain for resin lovers

Perhaps the leading indica strain from Dutch Passion is Bubba Island Kush. This is a beautiful, compact and highly resinous indica strain which enjoys thousands of repeat growers. The buds often show hints of colour, the leaves may darken to an almost slate-grey in bloom. Best of all is the incredibly dense trichome frosting which creates layer upon layer of resin on the buds, leaves, and the reverse of the leaves. The best indica strains take years to create and stabilise, Bubba Island Kush is no exception.

The high strength Kush genetics came from North America. They were made by crossing (Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre '98 Bubba Kush reverted male. The result is a real hash plant! These genetics represent the highest quality levels in modern USA breeding and will not disappoint.

The average height indoors is about 1 metre. Like all the best indica cannabis strains she blooms quickly, a fast 7.5-week flowering period with sour/fruity Kush notes and a delicious terpene profile. Outdoor growers will aim to harvest this indica strain in early October.

Concentrate fans will appreciate Bubba Island Kush for the high yields when making hash, BHO, wax and shatter.

Bubba Island Kush® offers an earthy Kush aroma, however the sour and fruity notes are dominant. The highly resinous buds on this pure indica are dense, compact and of premium potency. The relaxing high is satisfying and deeply enjoyable. This fast Indica is perfect for growers looking for the best quality bud in the shortest time, Bubba Island Kush is available in feminised seeds but not in autoflower seeds.


Mazar, legendary indica strain with XL yields

A legendary name combined with a fearsome reputation for potency! Mazar is a multiple cannabis cup winner and has been a firm favourite indica ever since she was introduced in the 1980’s. Like many of the best indica dominant strains, Mazar® delivers fast harvests of dense compact buds. Plants tend to be green with a superb quality and highly powerful vape/smoke. Mazar is one of Dutch Passion's best-selling seed varieties of all time.

Mazar often has a Christmas-tree appearance at harvest. The side branches yield very well on this indica strain, ensuring large harvests. Mazar enjoys vigorous growth, she is also tough and relatively low maintenance, which makes Mazar a good choice for less experienced or new growers. 

Mazar is a genuine Afghani hash plant with notably heavy resin production and great potency. She gives a delightfully pleasurable vape/smoke which leaves you feeling satisfied for hours.  Due to the heavy branches in bloom, Mazar may need supporting at the end of flowering. Be aware that the high-quality Afghani genetics produce strong odours. Indoor growers should have a good quality carbon filter to deal with the smell. Flowering takes around 8.5 weeks with heavy yields. Outdoors, she is ready to harvest around middle/end October.

Mazar was one of the first Dutch Passion varieties to be made available in feminized seeds. The buds are sticky and highly aromatic. You will enjoy a sweet, rich and earthy taste of good Afghani hash with hints of pine/citrus. The strong body effect is very physical, powerful yet relaxing at the same time. Mazar delivers a THC rich trip which leaves you feeling happy, cozy and numb.

Mazar is available in regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds.

Mazar is an established classic and a multiple prize winner. She is also a real staff favourite and comes with our highest recommendations.


Auto Mazar, autoflowering indica strain with XL results

It’s worth adding a few words about the best-selling Auto Mazar for all the fans of autoflowering indica strains. Auto Mazar tends to stay around a metre in height. Indoors, she takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest and does well under 20 hours of daily light throughout. Yields are very heavy, experienced growers may be able to regularly exceed 150g per plant from Auto Mazar.

Auto Mazar is one of Dutch Passion’s best performing autoflower seeds and represents one of their proudest achievements in auto breeding. Auto Mazar takes full advantage of the elite genetic heritage to deliver superb results for the home grower.

Blueberry, an iconic and beautiful indica strain

One variety which should be on any top indica strains list is Blueberry. This Dutch Passion classic is an indica dominant strain, around 80% indica with genetics which can be traced to the 1970’s. Such is the popularity of the legendary Blueberry genetics that you can buy feminised Blueberry seeds, Auto Blueberry (autoflower seeds), and regular Blueberry seeds.

Blueberry is one of the best indica strains as well as being one of the most popular indicas. Repeat Blueberry growers love the trichome covered buds and the occasional blue and purple hues in the buds. The taste is of rich dark fruit and blueberries. You may be able to smell a sweet Blueberry Muffin aroma on the cured buds.

For many fans of indica strains, Blueberry is simply the best. The rich delicious taste is complemented by a smooth and deeply pleasurable smoke/vape quality. Blueberry delivers dense and compact buds, coated with resin. You will want to occasionally open your jars of homegrown Blueberry just to enjoy and savour the sweet fruity berry aromas. Despite being indica dominant, the high is euphoric, ‘up’ and clear.

She takes around 9 weeks to finish blooming. People tend to grow Blueberry more for the Grade-A quality levels than the quantity of the harvests. Outdoors she is usually ready in middle/end October.

If you are looking for the best indica cannabis seeds which will take your home grown to new quality levels, then you should definitely try growing Blueberry one day soon. Buy your feminised Blueberry seeds online here.


Auto Blueberry, autoflowering seeds of the classic indica strain

Auto Blueberry should feature on any list of the best autoflower indica strains. She grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days under a preferred indoor light schedule of 20 hours of daily light. Occasional heavy yielding phenotypes can take an extra week or two until they are ready, but are well worth waiting for.

Auto Blueberry, like the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflower seed collection, is an easy indica strain to grow. Outdoors she can take around 90-100 days from seed to harvest but still delivers the same high-quality Blueberry buds from the proven multi-award-winning genetics.

Master Kush, high quality indica strain with powerful effects

Master Kush is a high quality indica strain from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. She is a heavy producer of very strong cannabis and also an easy indica strain to cultivate indoors or outdoors. The tough Kush genetics grow productively with heavy side branches which carry significant quantities of buds.

With high THC levels and heavy yields, Master Kush has a huge army of repeat growers. Her reputation has been earned over many years through thousands of highly satisfied growers. In 2017, Masterkush was awarded overall Highlife Cup Winner for best overall cannabis strain. That is a real accolade against some top-quality competition from some serious seed companies. Rest assured, indica strains don't come much better or stronger than Master Kush.

Master Kush tends to stay around a metre tall in indoor grow rooms. She takes around 8-9 weeks of flowering and produces copious amounts of hard frosty buds. She suits indica fans that want a hard-hitting and heavy stone with strong body effects. Master Kush is a natural anti-anxiety variety with a great Kush taste and aroma. Outdoors, in the northern hemisphere she is ready to harvest in early/Mid October.

Jorge’s Diamonds, indica dominant strain with a unique terpene profile

Jorge's Diamonds is a very unusual indica-dominant strain. She is remarkably sweet, and incredibly strong thanks to the extreme resin production and high potency indica pedigree. Jorge’s Diamonds is fruity and flavourful with buds which vape/smoke with velvety smoothness.

The rare indica-dominant genetics from the Dutch Passion gene bank are mixed with a hint of sativa to give the smoke a dash of extra appeal. The extraordinary taste and aroma are fruity and sweet. If you are tired of buds which seem bland and all-the-same, then consider an indica strain like Jorge's Diamonds. Sweet, candied and smooth with an aroma which is all her own and devastatingly powerful at the same time.

Jorge’s Diamonds will appeal to those with a taste for uniquely sweet strains. This one has hints of raspberries smothered in honey. The strain is easy to grow like many indicas.

Jorge Cervantes is an old friend of Dutch Passion. Jorge has helped thousands of people to learn how to grow their own cannabis with his grow guides, DVD’s and books over the last few decades. It was a pleasure for the Dutch Passion breeders to create this high quality indica strain with Jorge. The unique terpene profile is a particularly important aspect of this feminised seed variety. The genetics of the strain were selected by Jorge from the 25 year old Research Gene Pool of Dutch Passion.

Medical note: As well as being very high in THC this indica strain has also shown higher-than-normal levels of THCV and CBD.


Why should I grow the best indica weed strains?

There are quite a few good reasons why so many people become repeat growers of indica cannabis seed strains. Here are just a few:

Medical cannabis growing and indica seeds

Many medical cannabis growers spend several years growing and evaluating sativa, hybrid and indica cannabis seeds. For a lot of growers, indica varieties are felt to offer greater physical effects which can help reduce pain and discomfort. Chronic pain is one of the main reasons given for cannabis use in countries such as the USA and Canada where it is legally available.

Many medical cannabis growers also feel that the best indicas and pure indicas can aid restful sleep when used in the evening. For some patients, sleep improvement can be a major help in the fight against ill health. There are many good reasons why so many medical cannabis growers prefer an indica strain.

The best indica strains have a reputation for being able to reduce stress levels and anxiety. They deliver a fast-acting high with a highly pleasurable physical and mental sense of wellbeing.

Indica cannabis seeds for fast flowering and quick harvests

Most cannabis lovers would also enjoy vaping/smoking a classy Haze variety. But growing some of the longer blooming Haze and sativa seeds can require a long growth cycle. The best indica strains tend to be ready to harvest after around 8 weeks of bloom. But the best sativa strains can take 12-15 weeks in bloom, and occasionally even longer. Many commercial and domestic cannabis growers prefer to grow their cannabis crops with shorter cycle times. For this reason, many growers prefer to use indica strains or indica dominant strains.

Commercial cannabis growers in legal countries are often under financial pressures from investors to grow and revenue their cannabis harvests as quickly as possible. That has been another reason that the best indica cannabis seed strains are becoming increasingly popular.

Indica weed strains tend to be shorter and less stretchy, ideal for indoors

Another reason for the popularity of indica strains is that many growers find them slightly easier to manage in their indoor grow tents. Pure indicas are often short, squat and bushy plants which stay around a metre tall. By contrast, some of the stretchier sativa and hybrid strains can triple (or more) their height in bloom and be a handful for the indoor grower, especially if there is limited vertical growing space.

Whilst such sativa strains can be ideal for e.g. Scrog growers, they can be a challenge especially for the less experienced indoor grower who may not have full mastered the LST (low stress training) arts of height management and plant control.

Top 5 indica strains from Dutch Passion

1. Bubba Island Kush

2. Mazar

3. Blueberry

4. Masterkush

5. Jorge’s Diamonds

The best indica strains are often easy to grow

Quality levels on the best indica strains really is difficult to beat. As well as original classics like Mazar and Blueberry, modern breeders have been squeezing every last drop of performance from the best of the USA indica strains to produce new classics like Bubba Island Kush. You can select indica strains in feminised seeds or autoflowering seeds.

A good indica tends to have a powerful and immediate effect, pleasurable in a psychological way as well as relaxing in a physical way. The result is a combined euphoria with a fast dose of body unwinding. Lots of home growers like to have an indica strain, or two, in their grow room. They flower quickly and they usually stay compact and easily manageable in the indoor grow room.

Many medical cannabis growers feel that indica varieties offer stronger body effects and can help sleep. Recreational cannabis growers simply adore the supremely enjoyable feelings and pleasurable experience produced from vaping or smoking a quality indica strain.

If you are looking for some really special indica strains for your next grow then please check out the collection of Dutch Passion cannabis seeds and enjoy your growing!

The 5 best indica strains from Dutch Passion
December 6th 2019
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