The best hybrid cannabis strains

The best hybrid cannabis strains

The best hybrid strains combine the most enjoyable features of their indica and sativa genetic heritage. A good hybrid delivers a superb quality high which may often appeal to a broader range of cannabis users than either a pure indica or pure sativa. 

Cannabis seed companies find that hybrid strains remain hugely popular with growers. Some home growers and many large legal licensed cannabis producers are repeat growers and love the effects, yields and quality from the best hybrid strains.

Many cannabis users prefer hybrid strains because they carry the best features of indica and sativa varieties. Grow the best feminised hybrid seeds and you will enjoy a powerful cerebral effect alongside total body relaxation. It’s an unbeatably pleasurable experience. The best hybrid strains combine all the necessary elements for a deliciously enjoyable cannabis experience. Stress relief combines with euphoria, a strong body stone and complete bliss for the mind and body.  Perhaps it’s the combination of the best sativa and indica effects which allow hybrid strains to appeal to such a wide spectrum of cannabis lovers.


The key ingredients of top-quality hybrid strains

One important quality possessed by a good indica-sativa hybrid strain is heterosis. This is more commonly known as hybrid vigour, or occasionally it is referred to as ‘outbreeding enhancement’ by professional cannabis breeders. It is a property found when two sufficiently genetically different varieties of cannabis are crossed, or hybridised.

The result is greater growth vigour, or heterosis, than either parent. Heterosis is one reason why many people that grow their own feminised cannabis seeds, or autoflower seeds, love to grow the best hybrid strains. They grow quickly and with good quality genetics it’s difficult to beat cannabis seeds from the best hybrid strains.


Hybrids combine benefits of indica and sativa strains

One important reason that hybrid cannabis strains have become so popular is that they often combine the most enjoyable features of the best indica and sativa weed strains. This can mean that you get the combined enjoyment of a deeply satisfying physical body effect with a stress-busting psychoactive euphoric high.

Of course, there are the indica purists who pursue nothing less than a 100% indica. There are also the pure sativa hunters who accept no compromise on their preferred sativa genetics. But for many of the rest of us, hybrid weed strains hit the spot perfectly. They balance the complementary pleasures of satisfying both the body and soul. They do it so well that many growers find that hybrid feminised seed varieties are the only ones they need.

The secret to the best hybrid cannabis strains is in the way the genetics are selected and blended together. Not all hybrids deliver ultimate satisfaction. But the best hybrid strains deliver unbeatable pleasure. Below is an in-depth look at our favourite five Dutch Passion hybrid marijuana strains and why they are so highly rated.


Mokum’s Tulip feminised seeds

One of the most resinous Dutch Passion varieties of all time, Mokum’s Tulip combines indica and sativa genetics from Sherbet with a very special Gelato. Most growers buy these feminised seeds for the extreme potency of the cannabis produced from them. However, yields are also solid from this variety which has one of the best terpene profiles you will find on any modern hybrid.

If you love the sweet dessert-like taste from Gelato you will love Mokum’s Tulip. You will lose yourself enjoying the sweet delicious taste. The feel-good high leaves you wonderfully stoned. The buds are firm, as you squeeze them you feel trichomes melting, giving your fingertips a skunky stickiness, which will retain the sweet aroma for some time. She’s easy and fast to grow too thanks to her hybrid vigour.

Combining stunning potency with great yields and the sweetest of smokes, Mokum’s Tulip sits near the very top of Dutch Passion’s all-time list of best hybrid cannabis strains.

Dutch Passion Mokum's Tulip


Passion Fruit feminised seeds

With parent genetics from the original Dutch Passion Orange Bud mother, and an elite clone of Sweet Pink Grapefruit don’t be surprised by the awesome potency and intense fruit taste/aroma on this THC rich, high yielding hybrid strain.

The combination of top-shelf potency alongside the special passion fruit aroma is what brought this variety to our attention. It’s an indica/sativa hybrid strain which grows well indoors with around 8 weeks of bloom required. Outdoors (or in a greenhouse) she is often ready in early/mid-autumn.

Passion Fruit is an easy hybrid strain to grow. She grows quickly and won't mind which grow medium or grow method you use.

If your grow room would benefit from some fresh, high performance cannabis genetics then give Passion Fruit cannabis seeds some consideration. The all-round combination of excellent potency, ease of grow, XL harvests and fast flowering make Passion Fruit one of the best hybrid strains in the Dutch Passion feminised seed collection. The genetic pedigree used to create Passion Fruit definitely won't let you down.


Glueberry OG feminised seeds

Glueberry OG is a resin drenched hybrid strain which receives some of the best reviews from Dutch Passion customers. The proven genetics come from our famous Blueberry, Gorilla Glue and OG Kush. Yields are some of the best you will see on any hybrid strain, she takes around 8-9 weeks in bloom and produces rock hard buds. This is an all-round dream variety for any serious, quality conscious, home grower.

If you like a really strong, powerful body stone then try leaving her an additional week or two in bloom for extra amber trichomes. This produces a powerful couch lock effect which can be great for a quiet night at home.

Experienced growers with several lights should note that Glueberry OG responds very well to intense light during bloom. Side lighting also helps this variety deliver XL yields. If you have a UVB light try using this for the last 2-3 weeks for a few hours each day, and watch the trichomes increase in number and density. LED growers will see great results in bloom.

Dutch Passion Glueberry OG 

Meringue feminised seeds

Meringue uses some of the best, sweetest USA genetics from recent years. This is an exceptionally high-quality strain. Meringue might not be the biggest yielding variety you have ever grown, but the level of quality is the main reason people keep growing her again and again. Expect premium potency and stunning looking buds when you grow these feminised seeds.

Although the flowers can be a little smaller compared to other hybrid weed strains, the buds are rock-hard and will still put down ample weight on the scale. When handled well Meringue will deliver you some of the most beautiful looking nuggets you have ever grown. The dark hues in the flowers contrast with the silvery resin coating which glistens as it catches the light.

Meringue genetics come from Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies. These are fully proven, THC rich parent genetics with guaranteed stability and performance. She takes around 8 weeks in bloom.

Meringue is an ideal variety for professional home growers or for licensed producers requiring the best hybrid strain with the highest possible resin levels.

Meringue buds are literally coated in layers of resin. We recommend to watch out for the plants which show the most hybrid leaf and plant structure. These are generally the biggest and best yielding phenotypes. Consider using a UVB light during the last few weeks of flowering and notice how the trichome production goes up another level. If you’re looking for a hybrid cannabis strain which is genuinely unique with an amazing bag appeal then please look no further, Meringue is the strain you need!


Dutch Passion Meringue

HiFi 4G feminised seeds

HiFi 4G is another Dutch Passion hybrid strain which takes advantage of some of the USA’s best cannabis genetics. Parent varieties are the acclaimed WiFi OG (sometimes called White Fire OG) and the cannabis cup winning Glueberry OG. WiFi OG has enjoyed plenty of positive feedback from US dispensaries where she has earned a reputation for a stress-dissolving euphoric high. This is one of the main qualities of HiFi4G, along with a strongly relaxing physical effect which brings a smile to you as aches and pains simply dissolve leaving you relaxed and happy.

HiFi 4G seems to bring your music alive and allow you to appreciate it in new ways. It’s a wonderfully therapeutic hybrid strain which melts away anxiety leaving you refreshed and relaxed. The effects from this hybrid strain are blissfully enjoyable.

Like all the best hybrid strains mentioned in this review, HiFi 4G will not disappoint or let you down. These feminised cannabis seeds deliver consistently potent offspring with sizeable harvests. Buds are hard and resinous with a rich, deep fruity skunk aroma and a particularly sticky coating of THC-rich resin. HiFi 4G suits the grower who needs high-end potency whilst retaining generous yields. She is an uncomplicated and unfussy variety which adapts well to all grow mediums and grow methods. If you only grow one variety with USA genetics this coming year, then don't hesitate to make it HiFi 4G. Once these high-quality buds reach your jars you will not regret the selection!

 Dutch Passion HiFi 4G

Sativa dominant hybrid strains vs indica dominant hybrid strains

Hybrid weed strains often show variations from plant to the next. When growing a hybrid strain don't be too surprised if you see some plants which lean to the indica dominant side, and others which display more sativa dominant tendencies. The indica dominant hybrid strains tend to mature a little earlier than the sativas and remain slightly smaller.

If you are planning to grow some hybrid weed strains, then the following links to online grow guides may be useful:


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Are hybrid cannabis strains easy to grow?

Compared to pure sativa strains, many growers might say that growing a hybrid strain is a little easier. That’s because the indica influence in the hybrid tends to restrict the amount of stretch seen during bloom, making your hybrid strain easier to manage.

Some pure sativa varieties, like the cannabis cup winning Desfran, are adored by many smokers but they can be a challenge in the indoor grow room. That’s because pure sativa varieties can stretch, literally filling your tent. A good quality hybrid cannabis strain may also produce a large final plant, but it may be slightly easier to control than a pure sativa during cultivation.

The best hybrid strains are often grown vegetatively for 4-6 weeks before being bloomed. Hybrid strains typically take around 9 weeks in bloom. Occasional long-blooming sativa dominant phenotypes may require an extra week or two.


The best hybrid strains are a home growers dream

There are many home growers who will grow nothing else other than the best hybrid strains. With their fast growth, good yields and banging highs they are hard to beat. A good quality hybrid strain delivers the best features of both indica and sativa varieties, combining the best qualities of both parent varieties. What’s more, when you choose the right variety, a hybrid strain is easy to grow. If you haven't grown any hybrid strains recently then it could be a good time to take a look at some of the best new ones which have emerged in the last few years. You won't be disappointed!

The best hybrid cannabis strains
January 10th 2020
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