How to find the best cannabis strains for you

How to find the best cannabis strains for you

One of the great benefits of growing your own cannabis is that you get the chance to regularly grow the strains which most appeal to you and most suit you. Why be restricted to the limited choice of strains from your supplier, dispensary, coffee shop or social club? The most satisfied cannabis users are often those that grow their own preferred strains from cannabis seeds of their choice. What’s more, germinating and growing your own cannabis seeds allows you to grow your weed exactly the way you like it and harvest it at the perfect moment for you.

The range of different strains can be confusing. Many growers ask ‘how many strains of weed are there?’. Others want to know more specific information about the different strains of weed and their effects. Finding the best cannabis strains for you isn’t a complicated process.

You may need to ask yourself some questions about the levels of THC (or other cannabinoids) that you like. You may also need to spend some time considering your comparative appreciation of indicas, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. You are perhaps just a grow or two away from finding out the best cannabis strains for you. Read on to understand more.

What makes a given cannabis strain unique?
Common mistakes to avoid when choosing a strain
How to decide which cannabis strains to try
Use Dutch Passion’s seedfinder to find your match

The best cannabis strains for you

What makes a given cannabis strain unique?

Recent advances in the understanding of the human endo cannabinoid system has shed some interesting light on the way we view our experience of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD etc. The human endo cannabinoid system, which allows cannabinoids to be absorbed/used, has only been studied since the 1990’s. The medical world is only just beginning to understand cannabinoid medicine after decades of misplaced prohibition stifled much meaningful research.

Not only does our own unique endo cannabinoid system control the way that cannabinoids are used, it may also affect the way we each feel the effects of cannabis on our mind and body. So, one person’s experience from smoking a strong indica may be somewhat different to another person. That’s the first important consideration when looking at favourite cannabis strains. One person’s preferred strain may be quite different to another person.

This is something that cannabis seed companies have been aware of for many years. When new cannabis strains are stabilised by a seedbank they usually conduct a ‘smoke test’ with a range of experienced smokers. Some will prefer indicas, others sativa, others hybrids. Some prefer a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio for a less intense high as a daytime smoke. Other cannabis lovers demand the highest THC levels and only grow extremely high THC seeds. Sometimes a good way to quickly assess the comparative smoke quality of various strains is to collect a few bud samples from different strains and evaluate them over a few days, making careful notes about the effects.

When evaluating a new variety a seed company will often find that some growers, but rarely all, will give a variety top marks. So far as cannabis is concerned, we all have our own personal attributes and qualities which we rate differently. Your favourite strain is quite likely to be different to that of someone else. But why is that? What specifically is it that really attracts you to certain strains?

Genetic lineage of cannabis strains

Genetic lineage

The genetics found in our favourite cannabis strains are precisely what makes them so special to us. These genetics shape the cannabinoids and terpenes found in your preferred cannabis strains. They determine the cannabinoid profile/quantities and the resulting type of high that you feel. Whether you prefer a fruity aroma, an OG aroma or a rich skunky scent the genetics in the cannabis seeds determine the final qualities.

Some growers have a preference to certain types of genetics. Dutch Passion, with over 3 decades experience, have classified their cannabis seeds into several different seed categories to make it easier for you to select the best seeds for your personal needs and situation:

Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seeds

Afghani Kush cannabis seeds. These are tough, short and stocky plants with heavy yields, exceptional aroma and powerful effects. Afghani Kush seeds are easy to grow with an uncomplicated growth style and faster bloom times than many sativa/hybrid strains. Expect powerful, enjoyable indica effects. A strong body stone and a powerful high come as standard. Highly recommended!

Dutch Passion Blue Family cannabis seeds

Blue family cannabis seeds. Home of the world famous Blueberry seeds, and related genetics. A rich fruity taste of dark berries combine with a blissfully pleasurable high. Ever since Blueberry seeds were released, many find that blue family genetics produce that perfect blend of enjoyability, relaxation and happiness with a great anti-anxiety high.

Dutch Passion CBD Rich cannabis seeds

CBD rich cannabis seeds. Whether you like a small amount of CBD in your buds, or a lot, CBD seeds have never been as popular with both medical and recreational growers. Many cannabis lovers strongly prefer the enhanced physical relaxation that comes with CBD genetics. The high may feel much less intense than a high THC variety. For some people, this is just perfect.

Dutch Passion Classics cannabis seeds

Classic cannabis seeds. From White Widow seeds to Power Plant. From The Ultimate to Auto Cinderella Jack (the world's strongest autoflower with over 25% THC). This is where you will find some of the most loved, celebrated and adored strains.

Dutch Passion Dutch Outdoor cannabis seeds

Dutch outdoor cannabis seeds. If you’re growing cannabis outdoors you need seeds that have been selectively bred to be tough enough to grow outdoors and be resistant to the common outdoor diseases. For some people, nothing has quite the same kick as outdoor grown weed.

Dutch Passion High Altitude cannabis seeds

High Altitude cannabis seeds. Growing at altitude in the mountains? You need some of our cannabis strains that were specially and selectively bred to perform at high altitude. These high altitude seeds grow into plants that cope well with the unique conditions presented to mountain growers.

Dutch Passion Latin America cannabis seeds

Latin American cannabis seeds. Latin America has been a hotbed of breeding activity with many legal, licensed growers and some top quality cannabis genetics. Your next favourite may be among these rare and very special genetics.

Dutch Passion Orange Family cannabis seeds

Orange family cannabis seeds. With huge numbers of repeat growers, you may find that the orange family also has your favourite strain. The legendary Orange Bud is one of the best selling members of this family. Expect an amazing feel good high and a delicious citrus taste!

Dutch Passion Skunk Family cannabis seeds

Skunk cannabis seeds. Skunk seeds are so well loved that some growers refuse to grow anything else! With hugely powerful stress-busting highs and a famously aromatic scent, Skunk seeds have won multiple cannabis cups. They are easy to grow with heavy harvests. Maybe a good quality skunk is your next favourite cannabis strain?

Dutch Passion USA Special cannabis seeds

USA Special cannabis seeds. Legalisation of cannabis in so many USA states is delivering a windfall of genuinely special new strains. USA cannabis seeds have probably been the most popular over the last few years, for all the right reasons. USA special strains generally yield well and have some of the best new cannabis genetics from recent years. Your next favourite cannabis strain could be among them.

Dutch Passion Special Cannabinodis cannabis seeds

Special cannabinoid seeds. If you love trying the latest cannabinoids then this cannabis seed collection is for you. THC-Victory is the worlds first feminised THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) strain. CBG-Force is the worlds first cannabis strain rich in cannabigerol. Auto CBG-Force is also available to those that prefer to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds. If you want some feminised THCV seeds or feminised CBG seeds then this seed collection is for you. As new cannabinoid strains become available, here is where you will find them.

Cannabinoid content

Many assume that the best strain for them is the one which contains the highest THC levels. However, many experienced cannabis users have found that the blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and taste is more important than simply a ‘high’ THC level.

Many cannabis users find that some of the highest THC strains are just a little too powerful for them. Or perhaps, they reserve the strongest strains for the evening and prefer a lighter smoke (or a CBD rich strain) if they have the option of a light daytime smoke/vape.

Exploring your own preferences and studiously comparing one strain against another is something the connoisseur cannabis user enjoys doing. Cultivating a few different strains on your next grow is one easy way for you to start comparing and contrasting how different strains effect you. Soon you will develop a fine tuned sense of the different strains and what they do for you.

Dutch Passion have categorised their cannabis seeds according to the psychoactive strength of the buds.

Meringue by Dutch Passion

Extremely high THC cannabis seeds. Grown only by those that thrive on high THC levels that can be around and above 25% THC when grown in good conditions. For some cannabis users, buds produced from these strains will simply be too powerful to enjoy and a lower THC strain would be a more pleasurable choice.

Very high THC cannabis seeds. With THC levels around, and perhaps above 20% THC these cannabis seeds produce very strong weed. The slightly lower THC levels than the ‘extremely high’ THC seeds are more suited to many cannabis users. But be warned, these strains are very powerful. Many will find these strains are way too strong for a daytime smoke, and maybe even too strong for a ‘special’ smoke.

High THC cannabis seeds. Many growers find their favourite cannabis seeds in this collection of proven best sellers. THC levels are often around or above 15% THC. These strains offer a powerful high without being overwhelming. These strains are ideal for those not looking to be too stoned or too high, or those that don’t have a high cannabis tolerance.

Medium THC cannabis seeds. These cannabis seeds include 1:1 THC:CBD strains. THC levels are often around 5-10%. These strains are often preferred by medical growers, and those looking for less powerful strains, eg for daytime use. Some cannabis users find a medium THC variety has just the right amount of THC, giving gentle relaxation and a calm, manageable high.

Low THC cannabis seeds. THC levels are usually from 0-5% CBD-only strains such as CBD Charlotte’s Angel can be found here, as can low/no THC strains such as CBG-Force and THC-Victory.

Remember that many cannabis lovers have mistakenly felt that they need the highest THC levels to fully enjoy a strain. Sometimes it’s only by trying something a little different that we find a new favourite.

Cannabis terpene content

Terpene content

Terpene profile has been one of the most important qualities in recent years. Many growers now demand a rich and tasty terpene profile in order to really enjoy their smoke. Some of the cannabis seed families allow you to choose a particular flavour profile. The Orange family of cannabis seeds, for example, allow you to select fruitier citrus terpenes. Afghani Kush genetics will deliver a deliciously hash scented crop.

What is Beta Caryophyllene and what does this terpene do?

What is Alpha Pinene and what are the uses and effects of this terpene?

What is Geraniol? Uses and effects of this cannabis terpene

Environmental factors

Environmental factors may influence the type of cannabis that you can grow. If you can only grow outdoors, for example, your climate may prevent you from growing certain outdoor strains. Those with short summers may be forced to grow autoflower seeds outdoors, rather than feminised seeds.

Indoor growers may have limited vertical space to grow in. If so, it may be worthwhile considering some high quality indica seeds which will stay low and not use up too much vertical growing space.

What does the appearance of a cannabis seed indicate?

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing a strain

It can be easy to go on a trusted recommendation from a friend, or an internet contact. But choosing which cannabis strain to grow next is rarely an easy choice. If you make a mistake you will spend several months regretting it and growing it. Here are a few of the pitfalls to watch out for when you are considering which strain to grow next.

Choosing a strain

Blind-trusting Indica, Sativa and Hybrid classifications

Not every seed is exactly the same as it is described on the suppliers website. Less scrupulous cannabis seed suppliers don't always research their genetics well, nor do they stabilise the seeds. Some simply can't be bothered checking and just want your money.

Be careful when you read the seed description. If you really need a cannabis cup winning indica cannabis seed then it is worth doing some research on the various seed companies. Have they stood the test of time and gained the trust of fellow cannabis growers? Has the seed company got a good track record with cannabis cup victories and a proven track record for high quality cannabis breeding?

The difference in price between the best feminised cannabis seeds and ‘average’ feminised seeds is usually just a couple of euros. Buy the best cannabis seeds you can get from a supplier you can trust.

The best 5 indica seeds

Don't fall for unreliable THC-level claims

Falling into the trap of unreliable “THC-level” claims

One of the most misleading ways to advertise a cannabis strain is to simply put a label with e.g. “30% THC levels guaranteed!!”. Of course, there are no guaranteed THC levels since so much depends on the specific phenotype of the plant concerned, as well as grower experience, light quality, nutrient management and grow room conditions.

Identical cuttings of the same strain will give completely different cannabinoid levels and terpene profiles when grown by two different growers. Just upgrading from HPS light to LED will usually be one way to significantly improve the result. Choosing the best cannabis seeds is just part of the picture. To get the highest THC levels you will need to combine the best cannabis seeds with experience, nutrient management and a well optimised grow room.

How to optimise your grow room

Not reviewing all the specificities of a given strain

Take time to fully review the strain you are planning to grow next. If possible select a cannabis seed company which has plenty of online growers. This allows you to check out Instagram and internet grow forums. Companies like Dutch Passion have websites dedicated to showing you customer grows reviews. This allows you to see exactly what other growers have produced from the same cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion customer grow reviews

Dutch Passion Instagram. Check out customer results before you buy!

Choosing strains

How to decide which cannabis strains to try

You may already have a leaning towards e.g. Indica or Sativa seeds. Using your experience, think carefully about the aspects of the cannabis strain which are most important to you and try to steer your future cannabis seed purchases accordingly.

Flavor and aroma

Taste and aroma are two of the most highly rated properties for any new strain. Do you love a particular type of taste? Fruity? or skunky? Or perhaps you like the taste of a great OG Kush strain? Knowing which type of taste you love the most is a great starting point.

Desired effects and potency level

Looking to be out of your head on 25% THC levels? Or is the smoother ride of a lower THC variety with a touch of CBD a more comfortable and enjoyable vibe for you? Lots of growers prefer medium THC levels around 15%. It may surprise you to know that the average levels of THC in Dutch coffeeshop cannabis is around 15%. This has been backed up by studies in other countries too. Don't be fooled into thinking that only the highest THC levels are the best.

What is a high amount of THC in cannabis?

Growth features

There’s no point buying cannabis seeds of the worlds stretchiest Haze if you only have a small, short micro-grow room. Have a think about the most practical seeds for your particular grow situation. Indica seeds grow differently to sativa seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have different growth features to feminised seeds.

You may be able to use techniques such as SCROG to tame a stretchy sativa and allow it to fit in a height-restricted grow space.

Your budget

Seeds are one of the lowest costs in your grow room. Often, you will spend more on electricity costs, nutrient costs and the costs of buying a grow tent, extractor fan and filter. The best seeds cost a few euros/dollars/pounds each. Cannabis seeds are a small proportion of the final value of the buds which will be produced. Buy the best cannabis seeds you can afford.

The Seed finder on the Dutch Passion website can help you choose seeds

Use Dutch Passion’s seed finder to find your match

With so many choices, choosing the right cannabis seeds for your next grow isn't easy. That’s why Dutch Passion created their ‘Seed finder’ on the Dutch Passion website. It asks a few basic questions about you, your preferences, experience level and grow situation. This allows the final selection of seeds to be narrowed down to a handful of choices which you can then browse through.

Check out the Dutch Passion seed finder here. It can help steer you towards the most appropriate seeds for you. Enjoy finding the best cannabis strains for you!

How to find the best cannabis strains for you
July 31st 2020

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