Update 15-07-2021

In a nutshell:

  • We still ship webshop orders to the UK - Delivery time is 5 to 10 business days
  • We have not heard about customers who had to pay any extra costs, when ordering seeds.
  • Up till now, all orders we have shipped are being delivered without problems

Dutch Passion is located in the Netherlands. Over the past few months we have shipped many orders to the UK without any problems. To avoid additional clearance costs for the consumer, we currently send all seeds via letter post (PostNL / Royal Mail). The delivery time for these shipments is approximately 5 to 10 working days.

No express shipments
We have (temporarily) stopped offering express deliveries via FedEx.

We ship several test shipments per week
We send test shipments to contact persons in the UK on a weekly basis, so that we can quickly identify any changes. To date, we see that all shipments arrive normally.

We have heard from some customers that letters have been checked by customs. This was evident from the customs tape  customs tape that was on the letter upon delivery. These customers also received their products normally without having to pay extra costs.

Up till now, no extra costs when ordering seeds.
At this point, none of our customers / test persons have heard that they have to pay extra VAT or customs clearance costs. This may be because we send everything via letter post. Since the United Kingdom will be levying VAT on shipments from abroad, we expect this to happen in the future. 

When you order order items then seeds (vaporizers, caps, t-shirts etc) we have to send a package instead of using letter post. In that case, it's most likley you will have to pay aditional import costs.

Larger orders
Orders which contain more than 4 products / product packs, will be divided in multiple envelopes. We do this to avoid shipping items in packages. As a result, it can happen that an order is delivered in parts.

This page will be updated
We keep a close eye on developments. If we identify a different working method by the postal service or customs, we will report this here as soon as possible.