Top 5 strains to grow in small spaces

Top 5 strains to grow in small spaces

Lots of people grow cannabis very successfully with small indoor grow rooms. Although many indoor cannabis growers use tents that are around 1.8m - 2m tall, you can also grow cannabis with as little as a metre of vertical grow space.

So long as you select compact strains that are proven to grow in small spaces you should get some great results. If you’re looking to grow the shortest, smallest weed plants then read on for some top tips and expert advice. Growing small cannabis plants doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality. With well-chosen cannabis seeds you can expect high quality, THC rich harvests even from small grow spaces!

Average height of cannabis and smallest weed plants

Average plant heights vary according to the types of genetics in the cannabis seed. The smallest weed plants are probably found by growing compact indica autoflowering seeds. These can be around 50cm in height. If combined with an LED bar light, you could probably just about manage in a grow room that is 1m tall.

Short cannabis strains can also be grown from photoperiod feminised seeds. In order to get small and compact results short indica strains (or indica leaning hybrids) are often preferred. Short sativa strains can be difficult to find unless you are prepared to top them, and grow them in small containers.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds for low height grow rooms

Most indoor growers that buy autoflowering cannabis seeds tend to find that the plants reach around (or below) a metre tall. Some stretchier sativa autoflowering seeds may reach a little taller and indica autoflower seeds may remain shorter, perhaps around 50-75cm (or even shorter in some cases). Some of the best short autoflower strains are those that have dominant Kush or indica genetics.

Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds for growing in small spaces

Small grow spaces

Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds can show quite a variation in plant heights. Buy some Haze seeds, or a jungle sativa like Desfrán and you may find that the plants will fill all available space. In unrestricted conditions, many sativa seeds will comfortably reach 1.5 m tall, or much more. If you’re looking to grow short height strains from feminised seeds then indica or indica-leaning hybrid strains are the best choices. These can often stay below a metre in height.

If you top (or ‘FIM’) your cannabis plants while they are young you can produce short bushy cannabis plants. This is one technique to produce the smallest marijuana plants. But other techniques include using smaller plant containers, perhaps 5 litre or so, to restrict the final plant size.

Best 5 cannabis seeds for the smallest grow spaces

The following selection of autoflower seeds and photoperiod feminised seeds have been recommended for their reliably compact and consistent small growth structure which makes them ideal for the indoor grower with limited grow space. If you have limited space and want to grow a small weed plant, these are out top 5 recommendations. All of them have excellent vape/smoke quality too!

Auto Banana Blaze: XL yields, most plants around 75cm in height

Auto Banana Blaze

Auto Banana Blaze is a top quality indica autoflower strain from the cannabis cup winning Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection. Short marijuana strains don't get much tastier and heavy yielding than this. Auto Banana Blaze seeds grow with a short, compact Christmas tree structure. The aroma is creamy, sweet, fruity and tropical. This mini weed plant takes around 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest.

The yields are notably heavy. Just because you are growing a short cannabis plant doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on yield. With a well optimised grow room (and especially with a good quality LED grow light) you definitely don't need to compromise on harvest quantity. In fact, short height cannabis strains are often preferred by many legal, licensed cannabis producers. That’s because small cannabis plants are ideal for stacked, multi-level grow operations where 2 (or even 3) levels of plants are grown with LED bar grow lights. This is a recipe for very high levels of productivity.

Auto Banana Blaze is recommended for anyone needing a solid, short high yield strain that delivers hard dense buds with a powerful indica effect. With a delicious sweet banana flavour and an uncomplicated growing pattern, this is an easy strain to grow.

Auto Banana Blaze seeds are a proud member of Dutch Passion’s Very High THC seed collection. You won't be disappointed with the potency of THC rich buds. These pack a real punch with a strong, long lasting high and powerful body effects. Perfect for growing weed in small spaces!

Optimise your indoor grow room
Growing cannabis indoors

Auto Banana Blaze feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised autoflower
Genetics Banana Blaze X Auto Mazar
Afghani Kush Afghani Kush
Variety Type Indica
THC level Very High
Outdoor grow Outdoor
Indoor grow Indoor
Flowering time 12 weeks
Yield XL

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Auto Blackberry Kush: Many plants 50-75cm tall with heavy, fast yields

Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush is one of Dutch Passion’s most visually stunning autoflower seeds. Many of the plants have deep purple and rich blue hues, especially when grown in cool bloom conditions. The plants often remain around 50cm-75cm tall, this makes Auto Blackberry Kush seeds suitable for the smallest grow room. But these high quality autoflower seeds also deliver heavy yields of compact, resinous buds.

Auto Blackberry Kush seeds are part of the Blue family of cannabis seeds. These are all related genetically to the original cannabis cup winning Dutch Passion Blueberry. Auto Blackberry Kush is a potent short height strain. She is also one of the fastest growing autoflower seeds you can buy. Some plants can be ready to harvest just 8-9 weeks after germination.

Top 5 fastest growing cannabis seeds

If you're curious to know what strains grow short and fast, look no further. Auto Blackberry Kush really is one of the best in the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection. In addition to the short height, beautiful colours, delicious taste and heavy yields you will be reassured to know that this is also a member of the acclaimed Very High THC seed collection. This strain is a superb for relaxation. Tension and stress just melt away after a few vapes. A perfect little weed plant for a small weed grow!

How to grow autoflower seeds
Auto Blackberry Kush grow review

Auto Blackberry Kush feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised autoflower
Genetics Auto Blackberry Kush feminized
Cannabis seeds family Blue Family
Variety Type Indica
THC level Very High
Outdoor grow Outdoor
Indoor grow Indoor
Flowering time 10 weeks
Yield XL

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Bubba Island Kush: Heavy yielding photoperiod indica, around 75cm tall

Bubba Island Kush

Bubba Island Kush is a beautiful compact indica strain. With many of the phenotypes staying around 75cm in height, she is a perfect indoor strain for any grower with a small grow room. This is a photoperiod feminised strain with one of the fastest bloom times in the Dutch Passion seed collection, just 7 weeks from seed to harvest.

This Very High THC seed is part of the USA Special Seed collection. USA cannabis seeds have earned a solid reputation for ease of growth, heavy yields and extreme potency. Bubba Island Kush typifies the properties which so many repeat growers love. The resin frosted buds are dense and compact with sour, fruity and earthy Kush aromas. The leaves may adopt a dark grey appearance at the end of bloom. This is a beautiful Kush strain during late flowering, both aromatically and visually.

Along with Auto Blackberry Kush, Bubba Island Kush also features in the list of Top-5 fastest growing cannabis seeds. Expect easy cultivation and rapid growth. Some of the shorter phenotypes produce the best quality harvests. This makes Bubba Island Kush seeds a popular choice with licensed cannabis producers looking for compact, heavy yielding THC rich plants which are suited to multi-level stacked grows. She is also a potent and popular feminised seed choice for home growers with a small grow space.

Bubba Island Kush feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics pre ‘98 Bubba Kush X (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush)
USA Special
Variety Type Indica
THC level Very High
Flowering time 7 weeks
Yield L

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Kerosene Krash: Plant heights around 50-75cm with extreme potency

Kerosene Krash

Kerosene Krash is a superb recent addition to the Dutch Passion seed collection. This is one of the few, select Dutch Passion strains to qualify for the Extremely High THC seed collection. This is reserved exclusively for the dozen (or so) most powerful THC rich strains. If you grow Kerosene Krash seeds you not only get a compact short indica strain, you also get one of the most potent cannabis strains available today. THC levels are around (and perhaps even above) 25% in the best conditions. Proof, if it were needed, that growing cannabis in a small grow room definitely does not mean compromising on quality.

Yield is also XXL on Kerosene Krash. These seeds are part of the popular USA Special cannabis seed collection with genetics coming from Gorilla Glue #4 and Sherbet. She takes around 8 weeks in bloom. Many of the plants will be around 75cm in height. If you're curious to know how to keep cannabis plants short, one option is to top the plants. This is where the growing tip of the plant is removed e.g. in veg growth, resulting in a short, squat and bushy plants. Restricting the final plant size by using a small (e.g. 5-7 litre) plant container is also possible.

The great combination of short plants, extreme THC levels, heavy yields are fast flowering times make Kerosene Krash one of the very best short hydroponic cannabis strains. She has one of the best terpene profiles of any strain, with a pungent penetrating fuel aroma. You won't need a tall grow room, but you will need a good carbon filter!

Kerosene Krash grow review
Kerosene Krash cannabis cup success at Clouds In The City 2020

Kerosene Krash feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics Gorilla Glue #4 X Sherbet
USA Special Family USA Special
Variety Type Indica
THC level Extremely High
Indoor grow Indoor
Flowering time 8 weeks
Yield XXL

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Mokum’s Tulip: Plants under 1m tall, easy to grow with very high THC

Mokum's Tulip

Mokum’s Tulip is a high quality indica-leaning hybrid with exceptional Gelato genetics which have been hybridised with Sherbet. The indica leaning genetics ensure this is a compact plant with little stretch, ideal for anyone wanting short photoperiod strains with high THC levels.

Mokum’s Tulip seeds are part of the fully proven Dutch Passion Classics seed collection. This contains many customer favourites, cannabis cup winners and repeat best sellers. This is another very high THC seed, expect THC levels up to and around 20% (or perhaps a little higher in good conditions).

Cannabis Cup Victory for Mokum’s Tulip, best indica 2019

Mokum’s Tulip is a short height strain that delivers maximum quality and very heavy yields. She has a real flavour explosion and can show beautiful blue and red hues in the buds and leaves during bloom. The sweet ice cream taste is adored by many repeat growers who love the delicious sweet gelato flavour. Some plants are ready to harvest after 7-8 weeks, though around 60 days is more typical. Plants are often around 60-80cm tall, and she grows well in a SOG grow or a natural style grow.

Mokum’s Tulip grow review
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Mokum's Tulip feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics Gelato X Sherbet
Classics Classics
Hybrid Hybrid
THC level Very High
Flowering time 8 weeks
Yield XL

Buy Mokum's Tulip seeds

How to achieve maximum yields in small grow spaces

When growing photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds, restricting your plants to a shorter vegetative growth period can be a good way to restrict growth when you are growing small cannabis plants in tight spaces.

Other growers with limited vertical growth space often like to grow with the screen of green (SCROG) method. This is a way of using a screen (often a metal mesh with 1 inch or 2-5cm squares) to restrict vertical growth. When the SCROG method is done well you end up with a canopy of heavy blooms all at roughly the same level in the sweet spot of the grow light.

How to grow cannabis with the SCROG method

One other technique to grow small cannabis plants is to use the Sea Of Green (SOG) cannabis cultivation method. This uses small grow containers often coupled with short periods of vegetative growth to produce plants with little side growth. Instead the plant usually grows with one main stem, heavy with a main bloom. Vertical growth is restricted to a medium/short height. One disadvantage of the SOG method is that large plant numbers are required, which can deter some growers.

How to grow cannabis with the Sea Of Green SOG method

Cannabis low stress training (LST) is a way of restricting vertical growth of your cannabis plant without causing the stress levels of some higher stress techniques (such as topping your plants). With the LST technique, simply tying down the tallest branches/stems of your cannabis plant is all you need to do. For those wanting to make a small cannabis grow, low stress cannabis training is a perfect choice. The following article will be useful reading.

How to grow cannabis with low stress training (LST)

LED grow lights for small grow spaces

One other tip for those wanting to grow cannabis in the smallest spaces is to consider the type of grow light you use. A 1000W HPS may deliver great yields, but you will often be forced to maintain a large gap of up to a metre between your light and the plant canopy. This isn't ideal for those with the smallest grow rooms and limited vertical space.
A modern LED light with several light bars, however, can be placed perhaps just 15-20cm above your canopy. This is much more convenient and allows you to utilise significantly more of your grow room for your plants.

Buying the best cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion's autoflowering and feminised seeds

Of course, you need to choose your cannabis seeds as carefully as the grow method. Autoflower seeds in general are a good option for the indoor cultivator looking to make a high quality small indoor weed grow.

Indica (or indica leaning hybrid) seeds are a good choice for those that prefer to grow from photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. If you are looking to grow cannabis in a small grow space don't feel deterred. With the right grow lights, a suitable grow method and the best cannabis seeds you will be able to produce some seriously high quality results!

Top 5 strains to grow in small spaces
December 4th 2020
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