Mokum’s Tulip vs Meringue: which feminised strain is best for you?

Mokum’s Tulip vs Meringue: which feminised strain is best for you?

One of the most difficult decisions for the serious grower is deciding which cannabis seeds to grow next. Cannabis growers have never had as many good quality feminised seeds and autoflower seeds to choose from. In this week's comparison, Dutch Passion are comparing and contrasting two of their best selling varieties from 2019, Mokum’s Tulip and Meringue.

Both are feminised seed varieties which are capable of producing buds with high-end THC levels and heavy harvests. But what are the subtle differences between the two, and who would they suit the most?

Mokum's Tulip vs Meringue

Which one has the most outstanding genetics?

If you are a fan of Gelato, then Mokum’s Tulip will probably suit you more. Neither feminised seed variety can be described as having substandard genetic lineage.

Mokum’s Tulip


Gelato x Sherbet

Parent Strains

Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies

9 weeks

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks

Indica leaning hybrid

Indica / Sativa

Indica leaning hybrid

Very high


Extremely high

Mokum’s Tulip: Blissfully enjoyable and easy to grow

Mokum's Tulip frosty bud shot

Mokum’s Tulip was inspired when Dutch Passion's Head of Genetics was shown a very special phenotype of Gelato. The plant had a deliciously sweet candy smell and some beautiful blue hues in the leaves. The rich taste was just the same as the wonderful aroma of the buds. The resin soaked buds were rock hard and produced an exquisitely enjoyable high. Perfect genetic material for the next high-end Dutch Passion cross.

This fine quality Gelato plant arrived in “Mokum” (the old Hebrew/Yiddish word for Amsterdam). This was crossed with an equally special and vigorous Sherbet with a sweet taste. The Sherbet had a terpene-rich aroma, heavy yields and a particularly powerful effect.

The smell of this new cross reminded us of a very sweet smelling red tulip. The name “Mokum's Tulip” quickly came to mind. With heavy yields and a memorably satisfying vape/smoke this is one of the best indica dominant strains ever to be included in the Dutch Passion Classic Strains seed collection.

Mokum's Tulip terpenes and cannabinoids

Mokum’s Tulips took 1st Prize in the 2019 Clouds In The City Cannabis Cup contest. The indica dominant phenotype (phenotype ‘number 3’) was entered into the contest. The powerful and enjoyable smoke was the one which most impressed the judges. With rock solid parent genetics and professional breeding you can expect delicious flavours, 20% THC levels and an uncomplicated growing experience. Bright orange pistils decorate these great looking buds which you just want to grind and enjoy!

Lab testing of an LED grown Mokum’s Tulip has shown CBG at a surprisingly high level of 1.27% with the CBN at 0.22%. The notably enjoyable and satisfying high could be due to the entourage effect from a cannabinoid profile which is richer than that found in lesser strains. There’s a great terpene profile too containing linalool, limonene and beta caryophyllene as the 3 most dominant terpenes. Growers may also note some phenotypes with slight sativa influences in them. These sativa influenced phenotypes may take up to 10 weeks to finish blooming. Usually, 9 weeks is a more typical bloom time unless you find one of the fast indica phenotypes which can be ready in 8 weeks.

Mokum’s Tulip Wins 2019 Clouds In The City Cannabis Cup

Meringue: The fruitiest USA genetics with epic THC levels

Meringue budshot by Antonio

Parent genetics come from the highly acclaimed ‘Wedding Cake’ variety, noted for the white crust of trichomes and sensationally strong smoke. Animal Cookies was the other parent strain, easy to grow with delicious taste, aroma and a wonderful feel-good high.

Meringue takes the best from both genetic lines producing a high-class hybrid strain which tends to lean slightly to the indica side. With THC levels up to 25%, Meringue is one of the most potent cannabis seeds from our collection of USA Special strains. Meringue is also a member of Dutch Passion’s collection of Extremely High THC seeds, reserved only for the highest potency strains ever found by Dutch Passion.

Meringue terpenes and cannabinoids

Meringue can have dark leaves, purple or almost black. This gives her a somewhat different appearance to Mokum’s Tulip. Internodal distances can be a little longer than those seen in Mokum’s Tulip.

One aspect of Meringue which growers of all types will love are the rock hard resin coated buds. These are super compact and rattle in your jar when you shake them, old school style! Grind up a Meringue bud and it seems to produce more ground herb than you would imagine. These buds are dense and hard! What’s more, you need relatively little to make a really strong joint, this is extremely potent bud. Smoke/vape a lot of Meringue in a short period and you may experience quite a powerful couch lock experience.

Grow Meringue seeds well and she will produce some of the most stunning looking nuggets you have ever seen. The dark hues in the buds and leaves seem to make the white layer of resin really pop out for a dramatic display of eye-catching bag appeal.

With fewer sativa-leaning phenotypes, Meringue is generally a faster variety to grow than Mokum’s Tulip. Your Meringue plants should be ready to harvest after around 8-9 weeks of bloom. Meringue also contains CBG, measured at 1.68% this is even higher than the cannabigerol levels found in Mokum’s Tulip. Meringue has also been shown to contain CBD, at level just under 0.5%. The three dominant terpenes are limonene, beta caryophyllene and humulene. This gives it quite a different aroma compared to Mokum’s Tulip.

Mokum’s Tulip or Meringue: which one is the most potent?

Mokum’s Tulip vs Meringue buds shot

Most of the weed smoked today has around 15% THC. So with around (and perhaps above) 20% THC levels from these genetics you can be assured either variety will be massively satisfying. But if you really want to shoot for the very highest THC levels then Meringue may just have the edge.

Meringue is one of the exclusive members of Dutch Passion’s collection of ‘Extremely High THC Seeds’. These are the most powerful cannabis seeds available in the Dutch Passion collection with THC levels around 25%. Cannabis seeds don't get much stronger!

Mokum's Tulip


Around 20% THC


Up to 25% THC

What’s a high amount of THC in cannabis?

Which one is the most convenient for home growers?

Both are excellent choices. Meringue may be the better choice if you are looking for the slightly faster strain in bloom. But Mokum’s Tulip, with slightly more sativa tendencies may be a better fit for someone looking to make a Scrog (screen of green) grow.

Meringue buds may be generally harder and more compact, but Mokum’s Tulip is a proven prize winner with superb aroma/taste and perhaps slightly heavier yields than Meringue. Meringue offers slightly superior potency, but both varieties are significantly stronger than average.

If anything, Mokum’s Tulip can be the more challenging of the two varieties to grow and perhaps may suit the more experienced grower.

Mokum's Tulip








9 weeks

Flowering time

8-9 weeks




*More easily mastered by the experienced grower.
**Possibly slightly heavier than Meringue.

Mokum’s Tulip: sweet gelato aroma with a powerful anti-anxiety high

Mokum’s Tulip by Antonio

Mokum’s Tulip is one of the finest indica dominant hybrid feminised seeds from our classics collection. She is also one of the most potent. Many repeat growers love Mokum’s Tulip for a combination of reasons. The sweet inviting aroma is quite special and sure to be among your favourites, as are the wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing effects. The buds, if anything, may be slightly larger than those from Meringue. The bright orange hairs combined with the occasional blue hues in the buds/leaves make for a stunning appearance. Mokum’s Tulip is one of those special feminised seed strains which ticks all the most important boxes for any connoisseur grower aiming for a special harvest.

Observant growers will note that there are some phenotypes in Mokum's Tulip which show a more Sativa-leaning bud structure. Most of your Mokum Tulip plants will be ready after around 9 weeks. A maximum of 10 weeks is required if you get a sativa-leaning phenotype, but the wait will be worth it. Only the fastest indica phenotype will be ready in 8 weeks, most of them need around 9 weeks.

Meringue: Candy sweet USA genetics with extreme THC levels

Meringue super sugar frost variety

If anything, Meringue is a faster variety to grow than Mokum’s Tulip, with less sativa-leaning characteristics. Many of the plants will be ready in 8 weeks, some phenotypes will take nearer 9 weeks.

Meringue plants look whiter, in general, than Mokum’s Tulip. Meringue pistils tend not to exhibit the same vivid bright orange colours as Mokum’s Tulip. Meringue also tends to look slightly whiter from the resin coating than Mokum’s Tulip. The white looking buds contrast superbly with the purple, almost black, colours which can appear in the leaves. If anything, you can expect buds from Meringue to perhaps just have the edge in terms of potency when compared to Mokum’s Tulip.

That’s not to say that Mokum’s Tulip, with THC levels of around 20% is weak in anyway. It’s just an acknowledgement that Meringue has rare and exceptional genetics allowing her to touch 25% THC. For some growers, that’s enough to tip the odds in favour of Meringue. But in reality, there is little to differentiate between the two strains when it comes to the enjoyment and pleasure delivered by the high. Either will leave you blissfully content and happy!

With the slightly longer average internodal distance on Meringue, the buds tend not to stack up on top of each other as well as Mokum’s Tulip. But many Meringue growers adore the compact rock hard frosty bud structure. Like other members of the Dutch Passion USA Special seed collection, Meringue genetics offer big flavours and extremely high THC levels. Some growers will tell you that’s all they need!

Which of Mokum’s Tulip or Meringue deliver the best yields?

Mokum’s Tulip is possibly a slightly heavier yielder than Meringue. Though there is little in it, both varieties are high yield strains with great taste, aroma and potency. If you are likely to be swayed by heavy yields then Mokum’s Tulip seeds may be slightly more suited to you.

Mokum's Tulip





Both Meringue and Mokum’s Tulip offer connoisseur levels of quality alongside an easy growing experience. If you want to get the very best quality levels and plant health we recommend using a good quality LED grow light. LED produces less heat stress and delivers a superior spectrum. Serious growers, whether amateur or professional, all prefer LED grow lights despite the high initial purchase cost. We have some more grow tips and advice below.

Expert tips and advice when growing Meringue seeds or Mokum’s Tulip seeds

Whether you grow Meringue seeds or Mokum’s Tulip seeds you are getting some of the most stable, high performance cannabis genetics available today. In order to get the very best results from your seeds it’s important to optimise as much as you can in the grow room.

Here are a few tips from our experts:

BioTabs: Dutch Passion's preferred organic nutrients

We recommend growing these strains organically if you want to get the deepest taste and richest aroma. The BioTabs range of products are especially recommended. Not only are BioTabs a fully proven organic nutrient vendor with many years of success, their products are incredibly easy to use. Just mix in the additives in with your grow medium and add the recommended number of BioTabs fertiliser tablets for your size of grow container. The main BioTabs nutrient tablets fit into the palm of your hand and break down slowly over the grow. This releases the organic minerals and nutrients gradually.

This can make it considerably easier to grow. You won’t need to worry about adding too many additional nutrients until later on in bloom. One other major benefit of growing organically with BioTabs is that you don't need to measure pH or EC. Although Dutch Passion are big believers in the results from an organic approach, many BioTabs users find that simplicity is the real benefit. There is so little to go wrong. Gone are the days when a crop was ruined because the wrong dosage of nutrients was used.

Anyone that has over-fed or under-fed their plants will know how tricky it can be to master nutrient control perfectly. BioTabs simplifies all that, increasing your chances of success.


Airpots and felt grow sacks, easy ways to grow cannabis seeds

Many growers strongly prefer the use of specialist grow containers which increase aeration levels in the root zone. Experienced growers know just how important root health is to the overall harvest quality and quantity. Using modern grow containers such as airpots or felt sacks increases oxygen levels at the root zone. This helps create a healthier root mass as well as encouraging growth of helpful bacteria. This can increase yield as improve potency.

Everything you need to know about cannabis root health

UVB to increase cannabis potency/THC in bloom

Many serious growers know that potency and THC levels are increased with UVB. UVB is usually added via special UVB fluorescent tubes from companies like AgroMax, California Lightworks and Solacure. Currently this is far more cost effective than trying to create UVB from LED chips. Though in future years, it is hoped the LED-generated UVB does become cost effective.

A high THC variety with THC levels of around 17-18% could see those THC levels pushed to 22-23% with the addition of UVB. Usually, UVB is applied for 2-3 hours per day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom. Note that you should never ever enter your grow room or look inside it when UVB lamps are switched on. The UVB light can burn your retina and skin.

Mokum’s Tulip vs Meringue: which feminised strain is best for you?
May 29th 2020

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