Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup win with Mokum’s Tulip

Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup win with Mokum’s Tulip

Dutch Passion celebrated another Cannabis Cup victory with the highly acclaimed Mokum’s Tulip variety in the recent Amsterdam ‘Clouds In The City’ expo. Mokum’s Tulip is available as feminised seeds, producing indica dominant plants with an unusually high level of resin production and deliciously fragrant, high-impact buds. Mokum’s Tulip took 1st Prize in the Indica category against some extremely good competition. Mokum’s Tulip genetics come from a very special Gelato which was crossed with a highly potent Sherbet. The result is one of Dutch Passion’s most powerful indica dominant photoperiod varieties.

Clouds In The City took place over the weekend of October 3rd-6th in Amsterdam, with the judges results produced on the Sunday evening. It’s a unique cannabis cup which takes place on a boat near the central station in Amsterdam. The boat sailed out to open water during the event, offering a private and unique cannabis lovers event which was enjoyed by all present.

The Mokum’s Tulip which won the Cannabis Cup was a more indica-leaning phenotype with bright orange hairs and vivid green coloured buds with extravagant resin layering.

The hard and compact Mokum’s Tulip buds have a sweet, rich aroma of ice cream, sorbet, candy and cream soda. The candied scent is common to all the Mokum’s Tulip phenotypes. The high has a strong hybrid feel. You feel a powerful body relaxation alongside a euphoric uplifting and energetic high. It’s a THC rich variety, with a strong high that can last for several hours, suitable for both a good day-time and night-time smoke/vape.

Mokum’s Tulip has a very complex and quite unique fragrance, connoisseurs and those that love distinctive and highly potent indica varieties need look no further. Mokum’s Tulip is easy to grow indoors, taking around 8 weeks to bloom with very generous yields. Potency doesn’t get much better than this and the top-drawer taste makes it a worthy cannabis cup winner. You can buy your feminised seeds of Mokum’s Tulip here.

Dutch Passion Cannabis Cup win with Mokum’s Tulip
October 8th 2019
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