Super Sativa Seed Club x Dutch Passion: The legendary collaboration continues

Super Sativa Seed Club x Dutch Passion: The legendary collaboration continues

Although the Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) may be a new name to some, they were one of the very first Dutch cannabis seed companies from the 1980’s. As cannabis seed breeding started to become a serious business, the Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) became one of the biggest names with a reputation for some of the best original cannabis genetics.

Super Sativa Seed Club collection now on Dutch Passion

Today the SSSC is back, and working closely with Dutch Passion. You can buy SSSC seeds on the Dutch Passion website. Dutch Passion and SSSC both emerged during the 1980’s in The Netherlands. So working more closely and sharing original gene bank strains seems like a natural step forward. These days it’s not just cannabis sativa seeds which are available from the SSSC, you can also find new crosses and even autoflower seeds!

The SSSC sourced some of their early genetics from the legendary Nevil as well as Sam the Skunkman. Both characters were highly influential in the early days of cannabis breeding. Nevil Schoenmaker, who was also well known to Dutch Passion at the time, is perhaps most fondly remembered for his Nevil’s Haze strain. Sam the Skunkman brought some top quality Skunk genetics (and others) across from Southern California to Amsterdam in the 80’s.

The SSSC took these genetics and produced some legendary cannabis strains. In just a few years, huge numbers of seeds were produced and sold by the SSSC. Then, the team went their separate ways. Now, using the best of the original SSSC genetics, the SSSC team are back and working closely with Dutch Passion. The return of the SSSC caused great excitement among the old school growers that remembered them from back in the day. The following High Times article gives a good independent overview of SSSC history.

High Times official review of the return of the Super Sativa Seed Club

High Times seeds. Hall of Fame honour for the SSSC

The early SSSC seeds were all regular seeds, feminised seeds wouldn't be invented until later in the 1990’s when Dutch Passion’s Henk van Dalen found out how to create them. The SSSC had a reputation for seeds which produced amazing quality cannabis. The original taste and aroma from the SSSC seeds soon allowed a legendary reputation to evolve. Some people refused to grow anything other than SSSC seeds.

The reputation of SSSC genetics was rewarded when the High Times magazine formally inducted the Super Sativa Seed Club into their official hall of fame. High Times seed recommendations have always been taken seriously.

The SSSC were given the rare honour of joining the High Times “Esteemed Pioneers Emeritus” list. This exclusive list of pioneers includes Sacred Seeds (Sam the Skunkman) and The Seedbank (Nevil).

Today the SSSC enjoy the same fantastic quality original gene bank but also cater for modern growers with feminised seeds and autoflower seeds. If you’re looking for some high quality cannabis seeds with original authentic genetics then the SSSC seeds could be just what you need!

High Times exclusive ‘Hall of Fame’ award for the SSSC

Sam the Skunkman and the Super Sativa Seed Club

Karel from Super Sativa Seed Club

Back in the mid 1980’s the small, but rapidly growing community of cannabis growers had all heard about the high quality regular cannabis seeds available from the SSSC. It all started when ‘Sam the Skunkman’ met Karel Schelfhout, one of the founders of SSSC and former squatter. Sam gave Karel seeds of the original Haze and Skunk#1 after he moved from California. Karel used Sam’s genetics to create some of the most famous and highly sought after strains. Thanks to Sam, some of his genetics would help build the foundations for the Super Sativa Seed Club.

Nevil, Nevil’s Haze and the Super Sativa Seed Club

Kees from Super Sativa Seed Club

The only seed bank that was around before SSSC was Nevil’s. It was simply called "The Seedbank". Founded by Nevil Schoenmaker, ‘The Seedbank’ was the first seedbank in the world, with plenty of international clients. Nevil combined 10 original Haze seeds which he received from Sam the Skunkman with seeds he collected on a strain hunt in Afghanistan to start his famous seed collection.

The Seedbank (and Nevil himself) are perhaps best known for the Nevil’s Haze strain. However Nevil was also the first breeder to use the infamous Ruderalis strain in his breeding work. The seeds that Karel received from Nevil, in addition to the ones he received from Sam, were used in the first breeding lines for the Super Sativa Seed Club.

Cannabis strains from the SSSC Catalog

Karel's Haze, regular seeds with old school appeal

Karel’s Haze is one of the easier SSSC strains to grow. Mature flowers are ready in 8-9 weeks of bloom. This is a very special hybrid strain, made from our Old School Haze and Chem Dog OG Fire. The Chem Dog OG Fire is a strain that produces medium/large plants. The tremendous natural vigour from Karel’s Haze produces fat and frosty buds.

You can expect heavy yielding, frosty plants with a beautiful terpene profile. It’s a great strain for making extractions. Karel's Haze is one of the most highly rated strains from the Super Sativa Seed Club. It has a delicious tasting smoke/vape, with the complicated taste of tropical sativa lime and a citrus touch with a dark gassy after taste. Karel's Haze offers a very smooth smoke but after a few tokes a head rush can be expected!

Karel's Haze, regular seeds with old school appeal

Karel's Dank, regular seeds with an intense smoke and haze notes

Karel’s Dank is the first cross of the original Karel’s Haze cross to be produced without the distinctive Haze aroma. You will enjoy a totally new terpene profile from this cross, one you will love. The aroma leans strongly towards the indica side. Karel’s Dank® has a fresh gassy Dank aroma with an unusual metallic edge.

The breeding process started by crossing Karel’s Haze with Dank Tree. Dank Tree was selected for its health and vigour, alongside a powerful high with great anti-anxiety effects. Dank Tree genetics help produce tough and resilient offspring with unmistakable dankness in the buds.

Karel’s Dank® (regular seeds only) produce medium/large plants with particularly heavy side branching. She takes around 8-9 weeks to finish flowering. Karel’s Dank® or ‘K-Dank’ is an intense smoke with a heavy, but exquisitely pleasurable body effect. A quick smoke and you feel perfectly relaxed! She is ideal for staying at home, chilling and sinking into the couch. Spark up a joint in a quiet room and you can hear the resin sizzle. One of our proudest breeding achievements yet.

Prima Holandica, easy to grow regular seeds with XL yields

Prima Holandica has old School Haze genetics which assure potent buds and long blooms. Expect large, heavy yielding plants with sativa buds as long as your arm. This strain is a heavy producer of buds which possess a complete spectrum of sweet fruity aromas. But we also found some phenotypes with a peculiar metallic/diesel taste.

Some beautiful and interesting specimens can be found in plants grown from these sativa seeds. The highly enjoyable smoke will bring you to an elevated state, with a long-lasting trippy effect.

Prima Holandica, easy to grow regular seeds with XL yields

Lava Freeze, feminised THC rich hybrid seeds

Lava Freeze is a good example of the new SSSC philosophy to use new genetics and offer them as feminised seeds. The SSSC team crossed Friesland Indica (M33 for the old school growers) with Lava Cake to produce Lava Freeze. This is a new hard hitting, couch-locking and very tasty hybrid.

This legendary strain was prepared by Karel. The reverted female he used for this cross came from an elite Lava Cake clone, donated from the USA. Lava Cake has gained increased popularity over the last few years, mostly due to its great vigour and delicious terpene profile. The taste is on the gassy/fuel side of the spectrum and the effect is very powerful, not for occasional smokers! The more experienced smokers among us will definitely appreciate this heavy effect.

Creeper, regular sativa seeds with a stunning euphoric high

Creeper, available only in regular format, is a "New School Sativa" which carries the spirit and taste from back in the day while packing today's THC rich punch. The thrilling, euphoric high comes from Crockett's Haze, a proven tasty sativa.

Expect branchy plants with numerous internodes and big flowers. You can recognise the sativa in this variety from the extra-long and numerous pistils which are present on the super long Sativa leaves. It's a real growers delight to watch this variety grow and bloom. The buds have an impressive resinous appearance and a delicious layered taste of different sativa flavours. You will find very big plants with intense aromas, great yields and an amazing taste offering you an exceptionally strong high.

Kees' Old School Haze, pure sativa only available in regular seeds

If you want some sativa seeds with a real 'blast from the past', then you need Kees' Old School Haze! This is an exciting 100% pure sativa which grows with great speed and vigour.

This variety suits the more experienced grower who is able to maintain a balanced grow room environment. Under stable, good quality conditions, Kees' Old School Haze delivers XL harvests after 12-13 weeks of flowering.

This original Old School Haze produces dark musky, ammonia-like aromas combined with a fresh citrus touch. When smoked this is a real hazy experience with a psychedelic edge to the high.

You can expect a very strong vape/smoke! The Old School Haze is the cornerstone of the Super Sativa Seed Club. These genetics has been with the SSSC for almost 35 years and they are still as good as the best of the modern genetics!

Frosty Friday, sativa dominant regular seeds with a stress busting high

Frosty Friday is a real old school strain from the Super Sativa Seed Club. A smoke of this strain takes you back to the 80's when the SSSC was established. Deep rich and delicious flavours complement a powerful THC rich sativa high.

Frosty Friday is a sativa-dominant cross (70%) of M4 Creeper and the legendary Karel's Haze. This original ‘Creeper-Sativa' variety grows rapidly into a large plant which is heavily branched thanks to the Creeper M4 genetics. These Creeper genetics produce numerous branches and buds, all heavily coated with trichomes.

Frosty Friday, sativa dominant regular seeds with a stress busting high

Creamy Kees, regular seeds with new school genetics

This is the first ‘new school’ cross from the SSSC team. Karel’s Haze was crossed with Cookies & Cream to give a sweet and creamy strain which is quite unique. When smoked, the inhale has a creamy, doughy, vanilla-like Cookies & Cream sensation. When the smoke is exhaled, the gassy lime taste of Karel’s Haze can be savoured.

This great taste is what makes Creamy Kees such a great regular seed variety. She has a layered taste, with two ends of the taste spectrum. Creamy Kees® is a strong plant, forgiving and robust enough to withstand temperature swings. She needs 8-9 weeks to finish her round, golf-ball size buds which are very dense and full of huge trichomes

Super Mad Sky Floater, feminised hybrid strain with ‘mad’ potency

Super Mad Sky Floater is an exceptionally potent hybrid feminised seed strain with some of the highest THC levels we have seen. This elite hybrid is grown for the quality rather than the yields (which are just above average). THC levels approaching 30% have been seen from this variety which features genetics from Hash Plant, Blueberry and NYCD.

The sativa genetics make this variety suitable for a SCROG grow. She also does very well in SOG grow systems. Total bloom time is around 9-10 weeks and growers should note that she can double/ triple in height during flowering. Those growing in larger containers may notice the most stretch.

TnT Trichome, feminised indica seeds with rock hard buds

TnT Trichome has got to be one of the best feminised indica varieties seen by the SSSC team in the last decade. Resin production on this extremely potent lady is remarkable. She takes around 8 weeks (or just under) to finish bloom, and produces heavy yields of golf-ball shaped buds. The special part of this feminised indica seed variety is the sheer indulgent quality of the high. It’s unusually pleasurable with a distinct feel-good aspect to the high which you will adore.

TnT Trichome grows easily with a large dominant bloom. The buds are compact and dense, the plant is as easy to trim as she is to grow. You will enjoy a really rich earthy and aromatic terpene/flavour profile, with hints of coffee and sour grapes. It’s quite unique with a pungent throaty effect on the inhale thanks to the Afghani heritage. This variety appeals to the indica connoisseur demanding a carefully selected and highly potent no-nonsense indica variety with genuine top drawer 20%+ THC levels.

Auto Creeper, feminised autoflower seeds with insane potency

Auto Creeper is a new autoflower seed variety made from THC rich genetics from the SSSC photoperiod Creeper sativa. The SSSC team used the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder from the SSSC seed bank to give the autoflowering characteristics to the genetics.

Auto Creeper is usually around a metre high with extensive side branching. She takes around 12 to 13 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, occasionally a couple of weeks longer for the heaviest yielding phenotypes. This is longer than the typical autoflower life cycle, but the results are worth the wait. The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and stretchy. You may notice some broad indica-shaped leaves from the Williams Wonder indica heritage. But the smell and powerful effects are genuine sativa.

Pineapple Poison, feminised SSSC seeds with a real fruity twist

Both Durban Poison and Pineapple are classic, old school varieties adored by many. Pineapple Poison can be grown outdoors and indoors. She was created by crossing original Durban Poison with an old school Pineapple Skunk of unknown origin. After 5 generations of crossing the desired result was achieved, a very stable and potent fruity variety.

The smell is very exotic and punchy, pineapple fruit and hints of anise from the Durban Poison. The taste is fruity and the pineapple flavour is followed by the anise flavour which remains as after taste for some time. The buds are very compact and frosty, very commercial for an outdoor variety.

Super sativa seed club, the longest tradition, the latest genetics

SSSC seeds offer something a little different to the home grower. Many strains are still only available in regular seeds, but new strains will be offered as feminised seeds and autoflower seeds. We hope you like what you see!

Super sativa seeds club catalog

Super Sativa Seed Club x Dutch Passion: The legendary collaboration continues
June 26th 2020

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