How to enjoy cannabis the most healthy way

How to enjoy cannabis the most healthy way

As cannabis legality starts to spread out across the globe, more people than ever before are using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Many of these people are also growing it organically at home using feminized cannabis seeds or autoflowering seeds. With so many people using cannabis it makes sense to look at the healthiest ways to consume it. Read on if you want to know more

The benefits of vaping cannabis

The benefits of vaping cannabis


The traditional way to enjoy cannabis socially is to roll a joint and share with your friends. However our increasingly health conscious society has found some new combustion-free ways to enjoy cannabis. One of the most popular modern methods is the use of a vaporizer. These gently toast the ground herbs, slowly releasing vapors from the plant at around 180-200ºC (175-390ºF). These delicious vapours contain the terpenes alongside THC and other cannabinoids in a light misty vapor which you inhale. Without the taste of smoke and burnt tobacco many feel that a vaporizer is the purest way to enjoy cannabis. There is no combustion, smoke, carbon monoxide, tar or any other nasty by-products of burning.


Vaping cannabis has other benefits. It is far more discreet than smoking a joint. You can use a vaporizer outdoors without everyone nearby knowing that you are getting high. Vaping also allows your cannabis to last 2-3 times longer than smoking. Thats because much of your precious cannabis and THC is simply lost to the atmosphere when you smoke a joint. So if you have spent much of your life smoking cannabis, perhaps it’s time to break the habit and consider a vaporizer. Dutch Passion have tried and tested many of the modern vaporizers and sell the best vaporizers online here.

thc rich candy made from Dutch Passion auto Blackberry Kush 

Edibles. Eating cannabis to get high

Some people prefer to eat their cannabis. Products designed to be eaten such as space cake, or other cannabis containing foods are often called ‘edibles’. Sometimes they are also called ‘medibles’ when used by medical consumers. Edible cannabis allows the high to arrive slower, sometimes taking an hour or two. For some people, the slower acting high can be preferred. There are plenty of online recipes, and even dedicated books for edibles and how to make them. Finding the right edible cannabis dose for you is usually best done by starting low and slowly increasing. Much depends on your tolerance. Some experienced cannabis lovers with a high tolerance will enjoy doses of a gram (or more) of cannabis oil. Less experienced users with a low tolerance will find a fraction of that amount quite sufficient.


Anyone wanting to enjoy a psychoactive high needs to remember that the cooking process should involve some heat in order to decarboxylate the THC-A (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). Heating the non psychoactive THC-A converts it into the highly psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). When you smoke a joint, or use a vaporizer, the heat involved in the process naturally converts THC-A to THC.


Edible cannabis - a few tips

When you eat an edible cannabis product there are several factors which can influence how fast you get high. Eating a cannabis edible on an empty stomach allows rapid absorption. But if you have just eaten a large meal it will take longer for the cannabis edible to take effect. There is no fixed rule for how long a cannabis edible will take to get you high. It can be influenced by factors such as stomach pH, whether the digestive tract is already full with food, blood circulation, speed of digestive tract movement etc. This means that the high can arrive at different times for different people.  One of the greatest dangers with cannabis edibles is consumption of too many edibles. This often happens when people feel the their first edible had no effect, so 30 minutes later they have more. Be cautious with edibles especially initially as you assess the best dose for you. Unless you live in a legal cannabis country/state it can be difficult to know the precise dose you are getting. That’s why many people make edible cannabis products from cannabis they have grown themselves using feminized cannabis seeds or autoflower seeds.

 Juicing your cannabis for health benefits

Juicing cannabis

Some cannabis fans actually want to consume large quantities without getting high. The logic is that they will receive therapeutic benefits from the cannabis but they don’t want to (or don’t like to) get high. Here the best option is to juice fresh cannabis in a food blender without using any heat at all in the process. This way the THC-A does not convert into the psychoactive THC. And by consuming cannabis which has not has any cooking, no (or at least very little) THC will be present. Some people make smoothies with several grams of cannabis juiced along with their preferred fruit and vegetables.

 topical cream cannabis

Topical cannabis creams

Some people, such as those with medical conditions that affect the skin, prefer to make topical cannabis creams for external application. These can be made from cannabis oil, or other cannabis concentrates. Often the cannabis oil is dissolved in a carrier liquid, such as hemp oil or coconut oil at a concentration which is felt suitable. The cream can be applied as required. Some cannabis home growers prefer to make their own creams using cannabis oil made from their own harvest. This way they can be assured that the cannabis was grown organically, free from pesticides and chemicals.

Even in areas where topical cannabis products are available to buy, some people feel that the safest and best way is to make their own. Growing your own marijuana from feminized cannabis seeds or autoflowering seeds also allows you to decide which genetics to grow and whether you want them to be CBD-rich, THC-rich or a balanced 1:1 variety.


The Pechoti Method of using cannabis oil/cream

One little known way to absorb cannabis into the body is using the Pechoti method. This relies on the skin cells in your belly button being able to absorb cannabis in an oily carrier liquid, such as hemp oil. If other application methods are not possible, it’s useful to know that the belly button can be used to absorb cannabis.

 cannabis tea made with leafs

Cannabis tea

Cannabis tea is also known as ‘bhang’ and can be traced back to at least 1000BC in the Indian subcontinent. There are many ways to make it. Traditionally the cannabis leaves/buds are boiled in water with some milk/butter added. The heat steadily converts the THC-A into the psychoactive THC form. The presence of a fatty substance such as milk/butter allows the THC to dissolve in it and then enter the body. Some people prepare the cannabis leaves/buds by grinding it into a paste which can then be added to a food or drink. The two important steps are the use of heat to allow the psychoactive effect, and the inclusion of a fatty material (e.g. milk) to dissolve the THC.

 Pechoti method dutch passion oil

Cannabis tinctures. Drops of cannabis oil

Many people enjoy making a bottle of concentrated cannabis extract which can be used as a mouth drop tincture. Some people make an alcohol extraction from cannabis buds/leaves. The tincture is often used by taking a few drops in the mouth. Remember that the tincture will need to include a heating step at some point to convert the THC-A into THC if a psychoactive effect is required. Some people make a cannabis tincture by diluting cannabis oil with e.g. hemp oil. Many use tinctures by dropping a little under the tongue and swishing it around the mouth to absorb.

 smoking dutch passion weed

Smoking a joint

Lots of people still get high with the time-honored fashion of smoking a joint. This may not have the reputation of being the healthiest way to enjoy cannabis. That’s why many people smoke joints without tobacco, feeling that eliminating the tobacco makes the joint healthier. Many of those that love joint smoking invest in permanent rolling tips/filters. Normally the tip (or ‘roach’) in a joint is made from cardboard. But many joint connoisseurs feel that the use of a reusable tip/roach allows better filtration of the smoke. Carbon filter infused tips are available. Some people prefer ceramic filters, others metallic ones. These are all ways to try to make joint smoking healthier, however for many people the modern way to enjoy cannabis involves avoiding combustion.

 Growing at home from the best Dutch Passion seeds

Home grown cannabis. Growing your own from cannabis seeds is the safest way

Of course it is vital to ensure that any cream, edible or tincture that you are making is free from contaminants or toxins. Even in areas where cannabis is legal there have been recalls of cannabis products due to safety concerns. That’s why so many people prefer to grow their own cannabis, even in places where it’s legal to buy it in the shops. Growing your own cannabis seed means that you can feel certain that there are no nasty chemicals or pesticides used on your buds. This means that any cannabis concentrates or extracts you make will be made from pure uncontaminated buds.


Growing your own cannabis ensures that you get the right genetics for you, with the right levels of THC and (if required) CBD levels. You can harvest your buds at the right time for your personal preferences as well as ensuring that drying/curing is optimized. By making your own cannabis products you can also feel confident that the products will have the right concentrations/potency for you.



How to enjoy cannabis the most healthy way
August 13th 2019
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