What does weed really smell like?

What does weed really smell like?

Cannabis is particularly pungent and aromatic when dried/cured. Most people describe the cannabis aroma as earthy, woody and herbal. It’s difficult to define precisely, but the iconic and characteristic cannabis scent is often easy to notice even from a single small bud in a room.

What makes cannabis such an aromatic delight for the connoisseur is the presence of a myriad of sweet, fruity and varied chemical/fuel scents. These can vary from one cannabis strain to another, and from one phenotype to another and is due to the presence of terpenes.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that provide taste/aroma in various fruits and herbs, including weed. Cannabis which delivers the golden combination of potency alongside a rich, satisfying scent/taste is always popular with cannabis consumers. As well as diving into the smell of weed, we will also give you some tips to increase the terpene content of your cannabis crops and suggest some cannabis strains which will tease your sense of smell like no others!

Everything you need to know about cannabis terpenes

The distinctive and enduringly popular smell of weed

It has often been jokingly said that if you ask 10 cannabis experts their opinion on a particular subject you will get 11 different answers back. When it comes to cannabis scents, the range of opinions on what constitutes the best really can be dramatically different.

Some people love cannabis strains with certain trademark smells. For some people, nothing beats the distinctively pungent and penetrating smells from the Skunk family of cannabis seeds. Others love the sweet fruity smells and candy scents. In more recent years, the loud tastes and aromas available from the USA Cannabis seed collection have become particularly popular.

One of the reasons so many people grow their own cannabis seeds at home is to ensure that they produce the perfect harvests for their personal needs. Not only can you grow the specific strains which delight you, but you can determine exactly how the cannabis seeds are grown and select the optimum harvest moment to give you the perfect effect! Once you have got used to growing the best cannabis seeds exactly the way you like them, you rarely go back to buying street weed.

Best ways to dry and cure cannabis

Classic cannabis smell – a complex blend of numerous terpenes


Anyone that has ever seen an analytical report from a cannabis testing laboratory will be aware that there are dozens of different terpenes that can be present in a limitless range of combinations and ratios. Even small variations in the concentrations of individual terpenes can have large impacts on the final weed smell. That’s why different phenotypes grown from the same packet of cannabis seeds can have markedly different aromas.

It’s important to say that environmental conditions such as lighting, nutrients, temperatures and humidity will all influence the final terpene profile in the harvested buds. The type of cannabis seeds will also have a large influence on the final type of weed smell.

How to increase terpene levels in cannabis

You can buy and grow cannabis seeds that will have a powerful and appealing scent. If you love buds with the over-powering chem-stench of fresh fuel, then you will adore the cannabis cup winning Kerosene Krash. Or perhaps you prefer the gentler, sweeter weed smells of fruity cannabis strains. If so, you may appreciate something more like the Orange Family of cannabis seeds and enjoy sweet citrus smells and delicious mouth-watering flavours.

It helps if you already have an idea of your favourite type of weed smell. Some growers are equally delighted by all the different weed smells. Others have finely tuned their preferred strains over the years. For example the distinctive Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection produce rich, deep hash smells which some growers feel just can’t be beaten.

Other growers love the sweet dark Blueberry and Blackberry weed smells which come from the Blue family of cannabis seeds. Growing your own cannabis seeds opens the door to a wonderful world of smells, tastes and strains which would otherwise be unavailable.

Autoflower seeds or feminized cannabis seeds for the best smelling weed?

It doesn't matter which type of seed format you choose. You can get great smelling weed from either autoflowering seeds or feminised seeds. What’s more important is the quality of the cannabis genetics used during the breeding process. Whether you prefer to grow autoflower seeds or photoperiod feminised seeds, you should be able to find the perfect strain for you.

Remember that many modern cannabis strains will deliver a powerful cannabinoid profile. Sometimes the differentiating factor between a good harvest and an unforgettable harvest is the smell of the weed rather than minor differences in the THC levels. Not only does the cannabis aroma shape your first ‘bag appeal’ impressions, but the terpene profile is thought by many to steer (or modulate) the cannabis high.

One thing that all cannabis users would agree on is that a bland weed smell is always disappointing and underwhelming. You don’t grow that many cannabis seeds each year, so perhaps the Dutch Passion Seed Finder can help you pinpoint the best seeds for your next grow. Whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse the Seed Finder asks you a few simple questions before recommending the best cannabis seeds for your needs.

Cannabis terpenes, the building blocks of the weed aroma


Cannabis terpenes are the aromatic chemical building blocks which form the complex and multi-layered scent of cannabis. Start with the right cannabis genetics and you will enjoy a sweet gelato treat, with weed that smells like it’s straight from an ice-cream parlour!

Or perhaps you prefer petrol-head weed which reeks delightfully of fuel and diesel. Part of the enduring appeal of cannabis is that the multitude of terpenes allows a near-endless array of weed smells. Here are some of the more common terpenes found in cannabis:

Limonene: Often found in citrus scented strains of weed such as Orange Bud and other members of the Orange Cannabis Seed Family.

What is limonene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

Beta Caryophyllene: Sometimes known simply as caryophyllene, this terpene gives a spicy/woody smell of cloves/pepper to your weed.


What is Beta Caryophyllene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

Myrcene. Myrcene is one of the more common terpenes found in cannabis. It has a sweet and pleasant aroma and is also found in hops.

What is Myrcene? Effects and uses of the terpene myrcene

The smell of weed FAQ’s


Does the best smelling weed come from autoflower or photo dependent feminised seeds?
Both types of cannabis seed will produce great smelling weed. Likewise, you can get premium potency levels from either autoflower seeds or feminised seeds. Much depends on the quality of the original cannabis seeds and the way they are grown. If you grow the best cannabis seeds in optimised conditions you will get great smelling weed. It doesn't matter whether you buy auto or feminised seeds (or even regular cannabis seeds).

What other plants smell like weed?
Cleome, also known as Spider Flower Leaves, is a fairly common shrub which smells just like weed. This is due to the terpene profile which has some strong similarities with the cannabis terpene profile.

Will organic cannabis cultivation improve the smell of my weed?
Optimising your grow conditions will allow your plants to grow to their full genetic potential. Many growers feel that organic cannabis cultivation is the best way to maximise the cannabis smell. Use of BioTabs slow release organic nutrients is recommended to those seeking crops with maximum pungency.

Not only does organic growing help produce great results, it’s also a way to simplify cannabis growing since you only need to add water throughout the bulk of the grow. A general purpose top feed, if required at all, would only be needed near the end of bloom.

What is the blue light treatment to improve the cannabis terpene profile?
Some cannabis connoisseurs feel that the best weed smell is found when only blue light is given at the very end of bloom, for the last 3 days or so. Growers with spectrum adjustable LED grow lights often turn the red wavelengths off for the last few days and just bathe the plants in blue dominant light. The logic is that the blue light maximises terpene production. Some growers use blue-dominant HID or blue-dominant ceramic metal halide fittings for the last few days prior to harvest.

What does weed really smell like?
September 10th 2021
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