Trying to remember a quarter century of Amnesia

Trying to remember a quarter century of Amnesia

Amnesia Haze is a timeless classic and one of the most iconic strains of recent years. THC levels are consistently mind-numbingly strong. Yields are heavy and the genetics are uncomplicated to grow. It’s no surprise that Amnesia remains one of the most popular strains with home growers. For many cannabis connoisseurs, it just doesn't get much better than a well grown Amnesia Haze.

Anyone that has visited a Dutch coffeeshop in recent decades will have seen that Amnesia is often one of the best (and most expensive!) strains on the menu. With a soaring sativa high and a unique taste, Amnesia produces a hugely enjoyable high alongside great yields. The effect is so strong, many forget what they were doing, hence the ‘Amnesia’ name.

Over the years Dutch Passion have had numerous requests to work on the best possible Amnesia version. Many growers feel Amnesia is one of the best and most potent strains to have emerged from The Netherlands. She is also easy to grow under a wide range of conditions. After a great deal of effort sourcing and screening the finest Amnesia clones/genetics, Dutch Passion are pleased to announce Amsterdam Amnesia. She boasts THC levels around (and above) 20%, alongside 9-10 week bloom times.

Tracing back the origins of the original Amnesia Haze
How did the Amsterdam Amnesia become so popular?
Amnesia vs Amnesia Haze differences
Amsterdam Amnesia growth characteristics
Original Amsterdam Amnesia compounds and effects

Tracing back the origins of the original Amnesia Haze

The true origins of Amnesia Haze are shrouded in some confusion and debate. Many breeders have been involved with Amnesia, there have been several different versions with slightly different genetics.

One theory is that the original Amnesia came from USA breeding work by David ‘Sam the Skunkman’ Watson in the 1990’s using varied genetics from Thai, Hawaiian, Jamaican and Afghani strains. This was then thought to have been crossed in The Netherlands with Neville’s Haze. The resulting ‘Amnesia Haze’ was available as a Dutch clone-only strain for several years until it made its transition to a seed variety. Cannabis Cup wins followed in 2004 and the Amnesia name became increasingly revered by growers.

Amsterdam Amnesia feminised by Dutch Passion

Of course, there are other theories too. Some believe the original Amnesia Haze to be an Amsterdam blend of Neville’s Haze and the indica leaning Enemy Of The State. Others believe it came from hybridising South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains. Some of the best Amnesia lines have previously been exclusive clone-only strains available to a select few in Amsterdam.

Dutch Passion, with their unsurpassed professional network, have been fortunate enough to have established a collection of several of the best Amnesia lines.

The company always enjoyed Haze varieties and regard Haze genetics as fundamentally important both in their own right and as vital building blocks for breeding projects. Over the years Haze has been a key part of the genetic collection with several strains that have featured Haze genetics. But it’s fair to say that none have been better, or stronger, than Amsterdam Amnesia.

With sky-high THC levels, generous yields and a rapid bloom time, there simply has never been a better Amnesia in the Dutch Passion collection. The soaring high is a wonderful anti-anxiety tonic and offers an intense cerebral high and exquisitely pleasurable relaxation.

Outlaw Amnesia (Super Haze X Amnesia)

How did the Amsterdam Amnesia become so popular?

Amnesia owes much of its popular appeal to the successful coffeeshop culture in The Netherlands, and in particular to the Amsterdam Coffeeshops. Literally millions of tourists have enjoyed Amsterdam’s liberal approach to cannabis over recent years. Amsterdam’s coffeeshops owe some of their success to the Amnesia strain. With THC levels around and above 20%, Amnesia has definitely been one of the most potent and powerful THC rich strains on the coffeeshop menus.

Note that the average THC levels in Dutch coffeeshops strains are ‘only’ around 16% according to Dutch Government research studies. Even the highest THC levels in the strongest ‘premium’ coffee shop strains was ‘just’ 18%. So with THC levels often in the 20-25% range, Amnesia understandably became a hit with coffeeshop owners and their customers.

Amnesia vs Amnesia Haze differences

To many, Amnesia and Amnesia Haze are one and the same thing. Expect THC levels up in the 20-25% region along with solid yields and a particularly powerful and long-lasting high.

However, within the Amnesia genetics there are some subtle phenotype differences that affect the grow-appeal. Some Amnesia phenotypes take a little longer to fully mature. These phenotypes favour the slender, elegant profile of a typical Sativa/Haze with a tall structure and classic sativa features.

Growers have always favoured the elite Amnesia clones with fast bloom times. Our Amsterdam Amnesia takes around 9-10 weeks in bloom, though you may also find occasional slower blooming phenotypes. The effect is blindingly powerful, potentially over-whelming for the inexperienced smoker.

The remarkable potency is due to the use of the very finest and fastest Amnesia clone-only genetics available in Amsterdam. This was followed by a great deal of selective breeding to maintain the Amnesia taste/aroma and high. This allowed the Amsterdam Amnesia to produce a terpene profile with a Haze scented tangy, nose tingling, citrus floral smell which will delight the Amnesia Haze connoisseurs.

THC levels in Amsterdam Amnesia are very high, 20% in many cases and as high as 25% for those with the best grow environment, LED lights, etc.

Haze vs Skunk vs Kush differences

Amsterdam Amnesia growth characteristics

Amsterdam Amnesia

Amsterdam Amnesia is the result of some very skilled breeding which has taken several years and used the best of the Amsterdam clone-only genetics. The result is Dutch Passion Amsterdam Amnesia which is without doubt the consistently fastest and most powerful Amnesia we have seen in the last two decades.

Yields are heavy, whether growing the feminised Amsterdam Amnesia or the autoflower seed version known as Auto Amsterdam Amnesia. Growth is steady and predictable, with good results in a range of grow mediums. Taste is arguably best in organic soil grows. Yield and growth rates are definitely fastest in hydro systems such as DWC (deep water culture). THC/cannabinoid levels in either version are very high and guaranteed to satisfy even those with a high tolerance.

Amsterdam Amnesisa feminised cannabis seeds

Genetics Amsterdam Amnesia
Flowering Type Feminised
Strain family Classics
Type Sativa-dominant Sativa
THC level Very High
Flowering time 9 - 10 weeks
Yield XXL

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Feminised Amsterdam Amnesia

Without doubt, one great feature of the photoperiod feminised version of Amsterdam Amnesia is the fast bloom time. For most phenotypes, 9-10 weeks of bloom is all that is required to get a rip-roaring THC-rich crop of resinous buds with the authentic Amnesia Haze taste.

The buds are particularly frosty with a white, silver-like sparkling appearance. Any grower looking to add some high quality genetics to their seed collection won’t be disappointed with this premium quality example of Amnesia genetics at their finest and most potent.

Auto Amsterdam Amnesia*

Auto Amsterdam Amnesia uses the same powerful and proven Amnesia genetics, but in an autoflowering version. The main attraction in the auto version is the simplicity of the grow experience. Auto Amsterdam Amnesia grows from seed to harvest in around 11-12 weeks.

She does well with 20 hours of daily indoor light. Towards the end of bloom, especially when grown in optimised conditions, branches may need supporting to prevent them collapsing under their own weight. Occasional long-blooming auto phenotypes are worth the wait for their extra yields.

Auto Amsterdam Amnesia shares the same very high THC levels as the photoperiod version. It’s an easy-to-grow auto that suits growers looking for the strongest homegrown with good yields.

*Auto Amsterdam Amnesia’s release is expected for the summer 2021.

Original Amsterdam Amnesia compounds and effects

The main reason Amsterdam Amnesia has caused such excitement is the stunning vape/smoke quality. This is one of the most consistently powerful sativa strains seen in recent years with very high THC levels which will leave smokers wondering what hit them. CBD levels are low, usually under 1%.

In addition to the consistent and easy growth characteristics, Amsterdam Amnesia also boasts the distinctive and delicious Amnesia Haze terpene profile. The unmistakably rich taste and aroma are the icing on the cake for one of Dutch Passion’s most anticipated new strains in the last decade.

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Trying to remember a quarter century of Amnesia
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