Haze, Skunk and Kush, the 3 building blocks for modern cannabis strains

Haze, Skunk and Kush, the 3 building blocks for modern cannabis strains

Skunk, Haze and Kush are three of the most important genetic foundations for much of the modern cannabis we all love and enjoy. These three cornerstone varieties represent quite different genetic lines within the cannabis seed family. Each has their own particular qualities and strengths. All are adored by cannabis connoisseurs. Let’s take a closer look at Haze vs Skunk vs Kush and how they have influenced modern cannabis strains.

Haze vs Kush vs Skunk Cannabis Strains

Haze, Skunk and Kush are all iconic parts of the cannabis family tree and the genetic building blocks of many/most of today’s cannabis varieties. You can buy cannabis seeds of these, or the many hybrid strains created from them. These are all THC rich genetic lines though they do have quite different characteristics. The table below shows some of the main differences between them.

Haze Skunk Kush
Bloom time Long Medium Short
Plant height Tall Medium/short Short
THC content High High High

Many modern cannabis breeders have taken elite individual specimens from each of these families and hybridised them. This can give hybrid strains which may show properties from different parent lines.

Cannabis connoisseurs may have their own personal preferences out of Kush vs Haze vs Skunk. Each has their own properties in growth which can suit some growers more than others.

Cannabis seeds of a Haze strain can grow very tall and stretch rapidly in bloom. This can present certain challenges for the indoor grower and may mean that cultivation methods such as Scrog (screen of green) are recommended. The Haze high may seem to have a psychedelic edge to it, it’s powerfully psychoactive. For Haze fans, no other high seems quite as good as a Haze high!

Kush strains, conversely, are typically short and compact with far less stretch during bloom. They are popular with indoor growers, easy to manage with heavy yields of compact dense buds. The high may seem slightly less cerebral than a Haze (though no less enjoyable), possibly with strong physical effects.

Skunk strains are often noted for powerful aromas and wonderfully enjoyable highs. Skunk plants may stretch a little more than Kush varieties, though perhaps they won't be as large as Haze plants. One other important feature of Skunk strains is that they have a reputation for being particularly easy to grow. As a result, Skunk seeds remain some of the most popular strains among growers of all types.

Top 3 easiest and hardest Dutch Passion seeds to grow

Haze Weed

What is Haze? It’s a special pure sativa with a soaring cerebral high. The origins of Haze and how the genetics made it to The Netherlands are still debated. One thing that everyone agrees on is the lasting legacy left by this fine genetic line.

The modern cannabis world is often dominated by varieties which have some Haze genetics in them. Haze is often associated with the Dutch cannabis breeder Neville, and his famous Neville’s Haze. The ‘Haze Brothers’ from North America are also credited with the introduction of Haze genetics after many years of breeding with sativa landrace varieties. Where Haze originally came from and how it got here may remain a mystery for now.

One criticism of pure Haze strains is that they can take a long time to finish blooming, perhaps up to 15 weeks or sometimes even longer. For some growers this is felt to be too inconvenient and slow. For others, the high quality levels make the wait for Haze buds uniquely worthwhile. To mitigate against the long bloom times, breeders have often made Haze hybrid strains which possess many of the Haze qualities though with a shorter bloom time.

Outlaw Amnesia: mind numbing THC rich feminised Haze seeds

Outlaw Amensia mind numbing THC rich strain

Outlaw Amnesia is a very fine Dutch Passion cross of outstanding parents selected from the legendary Amnesia Haze and Super Haze. THC levels are officially classed as ‘very high’ on this Haze classic. Harvest times range from 9-12 weeks depending on the phenotype. The long blooming phenotypes are definitely worth the wait! These seeds will appeal to anyone wanting to grow a high quality old-school Amnesia Haze with a knock-out smoke. The genetics deliver around 20% THC.

The Haze high is powerful and fast, an enjoyable euphoric experience followed by a clear uplifting sativa high with a strong Haze accent. The taste is fresh and sour. Those that love a strong taste will love the old-school Hazy flavour. Outlaw will stretch more than many other strains and can triple in height during bloom. This is a great feminised seed choice for anyone who grows with the SCROG method. The flexible branches are easy to manipulate in the Scrog screen and will fill it quickly.

People often ask what Haze looks like and what Haze smells like. Haze buds tend to not to be as dense and compact as kush buds. If you were comparing haze buds vs kush buds you would expect the kush buds to be firmer and denser.

Sativa/Haze plants originate in more tropical regions. This can cause the buds to be a little less dense and more open, to allow air flow and prevent mold/rot. Haze buds often have a fresh, spicy aroma sometimes with tropical or fruity notes.

Outlaw Amnesia can be harvested as early as 9 weeks but a full 12 week flower period may be required for the best flavour, yield and high. She grows easily in all grow mediums. Up to 500g/m2 are possible in hydroponic systems, classifying this as a high production variety.

Outlaw grow review using SCROG and HPS
Outlaw grow review, grown indoors with 600W HPS

Auto Xtreme: top quality Amnesia Haze X Super Haze seeds!

Auto Xtreme: top quality Amnesia Haze X Super Haze seeds!

Auto Xtreme is the autoflower seed to grow if you want a top quality autoflowering Haze. With very high THC levels, over 20% in optimum conditions, Auto Xtreme grows from seed to harvest in 11-12 weeks. That’s longer than most autoflower seeds, but that’s due to the Haze genetics which take a little longer to finish. The yields are worth the wait, Auto Xtreme delivers exceptionally heavy harvests of potent haze buds.

Many Auto Xtreme growers have realised that the Haze high really is very special. Many Haze fans feel other types of cannabis simply don't compare. The fastest way to grow yourself some Haze buds is with an autoflower Haze, such as Auto Extreme. The genetics come from Amnesia Haze x Super Haze. The buds are THC rich with CBG (0.5%) and CBC (0.3%).

Auto Xtreme has a rich array of terpenes. Alpha Pinene is the dominant terpene. Alongside Beta Pinene this gives fresh piney notes to the complex aromas. Expect long blooms which will need supporting towards the end.

When comparing Haze vs Kush or Haze vs Skunk, sometimes Haze varieties can lose out due to the long bloom times required for feminised Haze seeds. But Auto Xtreme gives you a fast route to high quality haze buds. Auto Xtreme grows well under 20 hours of daily light and is the perfect autoflower seed for any Haze connoisseur.

Auto Xtreme indoor grow with LED grow lights and airpot container

Kush Weed

What is Kush? Cannabis varieties containing genetics of Hindu Kush derived strains are often called Kush weed, or simply kush. Kush cannabis seeds are typically indica or indica dominant. They are usually tough, hardy cannabis strains. The Hindu Kush region tends to produce strains that need a minimum of effort to grow, ideal for home growers. The plants are often short and stocky with plenty of side branches and heavy yields. The indica kush genetics usually give a powerful, heavy stone with strong body effects.

Kush seeds tend to be popular with medical growers for their strong physical effects. They are also a perfect choice for home growers with fast bloom, compact growth, heavy yields and high THC levels.

OG Kush, the west-coast Kush with a great reputation

One of the most legendary Kush strains is the much sought-after OG Kush. The ‘OG’ is thought by many to mean ‘Ocean Grown’, a reference to the great cultivation conditions along the coast of California. OG Kush is often considered to be the best Kush variety, with a powerful and delightfully pleasurable vape/smoke quality.

Some growers feel that OG Kush has the best taste and aroma when grown outdoors near the moist coastal Californian sea winds. The naming and origins of OG Kush are debated, but one thing which is indisputable is the legendary reputation of OG Kush which has been used in many hybrids and crosses. OG Kush has been used by Dutch Passion in the breeding of some THC-rich best sellers including Glueberry OG, Auto Glueberry OG and HiFi 4G.

Mazar, the original THC rich Kush

Mazar, the original THC rich Kush

Few Kush varieties have the same legendary reputation as Mazar. A multiple cannabis cup winner, fantastically consistent with a famously powerful and enjoyable high. Few feminised seeds have been as popular over the years as Mazar. Mazar has won the argument for many growers who have found it difficult to choose between kush vs haze vs skunk.

Mazar genetics come from the Mazari Sharif region of Afghanistan. The genetics were hybridised with a Skunk variety which increased yields without detracting from the great Kush taste and aroma.

Mazar is easy to grow, many give her around 5 weeks of veg growth before bloom. As an indica variety she remains reasonably compact and doesn't stretch excessively during bloom. This allows you to offer slightly longer veg periods if required.

What do kush buds look like? In the case of Mazar they are compact and dense with a powerful aroma and a frosty resin coating. Comparing cured kush buds vs haze buds shows how much firmer the kush buds are.

Mazar has won numerous cannabis cups. The kush genetics have been satisfying home growers since the 1990’s with THC levels over 20%. Like many other kush strains, Mazar is easy to cultivate in a range of conditions. Auto Mazar, the autoflowering seed version, has been a top-5 best seller ever since she was introduced. Anyone looking for genuine hash plant genetics need look no further. Mazar is one of those rare varieties that seems to offer everything. It’s a great example of why so many people love to keep a spare pack of kush seeds in the fridge!

Mazar gives a powerfully relaxing high. It’s a real feel-good variety and the jar you will often reach for first. As one of the original Dutch Passion Kush strains, Mazar seeds are also available as regular seeds.

Organic Mazar grow review
Epic Auto Mazar grow review, grown with LED, coco fibre and airpots
Incredible Auto Mazar grow in DWC with LED grow lights

Glueberry OG, premium potency with OG Kush genetics

Glueberry OG, premium potency with OG Kush genetics

Glueberry OG was created by hybridising our original Blueberry with Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush. With top quality genetics Glueberry OG is a popular choice with demanding growers seeking premium potency harvests. The parent genetics assure consistently top-shelf results alongside the rich taste and fantastic high.

The genetics from OG Kush provide that special, distinctive flavour. The OG Kush taste and smell never goes out of fashion! Glueberry OG is easy to grow and has become a customer favourite. It’s the combination of great yields, a superbly enjoyable high and unbeatable taste which growers come back for again and again.

Glueberry OG takes around 8 weeks of indoor bloom. In addition to the great Kush taste you may notice a sweet fruity berry flavour from the Blueberry genetics. Glueberry OG feminised seeds are easy to grow and offer a rare combination of taste, aroma, yield and potency. Fans of autoflowering cannabis seeds should take a look at Auto Glueberry OG, which uses the same winning genetics with the convenience of an autoflower.

Master Kush, taking relaxation and pleasure to the next level

Master Kush, taking relaxation and pleasure to the next level

Master Kush has been a real favourite of the Dutch Passion team ever since she was introduced. It’s a variety which seems to offer a particularly enjoyable high. Perhaps that’s something to do with the powerful cannabinoid profile. This is one of those memorable kush strains that typify all the best aspects of a kush. You feel relaxed and happy. Any aches and pains seem to melt away, along with stress and worries.

It’s not just Dutch Passion customers and staff that rate Master Kush so highly. This magnificent kush was overall champion at the 2017 Highlife Cup.

Skunk Weed

Skunk weed is often closely associated with Sam the Skunkman and the Sacred Seed Co. This was a 1970’s Californian group of breeders first linked with the famously aromatic and skunky smelling strains. These varieties were noted for being famously easy to grow. Just like Kush weed and Haze weed, Skunk provides a stress-busting THC rich high.

Skunk weed is wonderfully enjoyable and pleasurable to vape/smoke. Unlike Haze weed, you can often bloom Skunk in shorter timescales. This makes feminised skunk seeds particularly popular with the home grower seeking an easy grow of THC rich weed. Below are some of Dutch Passion’s best skunk seeds.

Euforia, exceptionally strong Skunk weed

Euforia, exceptionally strong Skunk weed

Euforia is one of the best Skunk strains ever seen by Dutch Passion. With heavy yields, this sativa skunk has a powerful aroma and an even stronger vape/smoke. Skunk genetics have always been regarded as some of the most important to Dutch Passion customers.

Euforia genetics were found after a huge seed grow during the Dutch Passion 1996 Skunk breeding program. Euforia stood out from the rest with her very high THC levels and deeply enjoyable experience. As the name suggests, Euforia delivers a euphoric high which will put a huge smile of satisfaction on your face. The long lasting effects remind you why Skunk weed is universally enjoyed. Like all good skunk weed, Euforia is easy to grow. Plants can reach 1.5m tall and take 8-10 weeks in bloom.

Fans of easy-to-grow skunks should also take a look at Auto Euforia. This is the autoflowering seed version, taking around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest. Like the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflowering seed collection she thrives under 20 hours of daily light. Auto Euforia has plenty of repeat growers who love the genuine XXL yields. Auto Euforia will appeal to any grower looking for an autoflower seed which will produce much heavier yields than the average auto. The blooms can be unusually long and heavy.

Skunk #11, easy to grow with stunning quality

Skunk #11, easy to grow with stunning quality

Skunk #11 remains one of Dutch Passion's best selling feminised skunk seeds. With consistently high THC levels, Skunk #11 really is one of the easiest and most undemanding skunk strains you will ever grow. When comparing ease of growth between Skunk vs Kush, or Skunk vs Haze it’s the Skunk which often wins out simply because so many people find it so easy to grow a Skunk strain. Even inexperienced growers can achieve very special results with good quality skunk seeds. That’s because Skunk seeds grow easily in just about any grow medium or grow system.

With a wide growing latitude, skunks such as Skunk #11 have justified their reputation for being the go-to seeds for any grower that wants a fast high quality crop with the minimum of hassle.

Skunk #1, the original Skunk seeds!

Skunk #1, the original Skunk seeds!

Skunk #1 remains a classic variety. A best seller in her own right, as well as being a cornerstone variety used in countless crosses and hybridisations over the years. Dutch Passion offer classic Skunk #1 seeds only in regular seeds. Skunk #1 can also be found in the collections of other seed banks. It’s a stable sativa variety and was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Colombian Gold genetics.

Skunk #1 has been inbred since 1978 and is now a stabilised homogeneous strain.

For many growers, Skunk genetics stand for easy cultivation, strong buds and the distinctive skunky aroma.

Even after decades in our seed collection, many people still find that Skunk #1 seeds are the original and best.

Skunk, Haze or Kush?

You won't go wrong growing any of these great types of cannabis. They all have their own strengths and plenty of repeat growers. Perhaps you have a favourite among them, or perhaps you are able to enjoy all three types equally. If you do grow any of these legendary strains be sure to order the best cannabis seeds you can from a company whose reputation you can trust.

Haze, Skunk and Kush, the 3 building blocks for modern cannabis strains
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