Top 5 easiest cannabis strains to grow for beginners

Top 5 easiest cannabis strains to grow for beginners

If you have spent years paying premium prices to buy cannabis, nothing beats the feeling of successfully growing your own cannabis seeds and harvesting your own home-grown crop. Indoor growers will need to buy and construct their own grow room with a light. But the costs are usually paid back after the first grow. These days, more people than ever successfully grow their own cannabis.

Those new to cannabis cultivation often want to start with the easiest seeds to grow. Growing your own cannabis is far easier than most people imagine. If you’re looking for the easiest strains to grow, read on and get a few expert tips too.

Best indoor and outdoor strains for beginners

The choice of cannabis seeds is more extensive than ever. Be sure to do your research carefully and select the best cannabis seeds for your personal grow situation and needs. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors will greatly affect your choice of cannabis seeds.

How to find the best cannabis seeds and strains for you
The complete Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection

Best autoflower strains for beginners

Whether you are looking for the easiest strain to grow indoors or the easiest strains to grow outdoors you have some great choices. Many less experienced growers find that autoflower seeds are undemanding and uncomplicated to grow - perfect for the less experienced grower. They grow from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily indoor light.

Autos also grow easily outdoors too, often staying around (or below) a metre tall. Autoflower seeds are both fast and easy to grow. Indoors, auto seeds take around 75 days from seed to harvest. Outdoors (with cooler temperatures and reduced daily light hours) autoflower strains take nearer 100 days from seed to harvest. THC levels/quality levels on the best autoflower strains are just as good as those from photoperiod feminised strains.

How to grow autoflower seeds easily outdoors

If you’re new to growing and looking for the best strain to grow indoors for beginners don’t be afraid to choose some autoflower seeds. If you want to grow the best pot seeds for beginners, autoflower seeds are a solid choice. Not only do they deserve their reputation for being the easiest way to grow cannabis, they also produce some incredibly potent harvests in just 10-11 weeks.

With over 25% THC is Auto Cinderella Jack the world’s strongest autoflower strain?
Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection

Auto Power Plant: Fast, easy and reliably high yields with serious THC levels.

Auto Power Plant

Looking for the best strain for beginner growers? Auto Power Plant uses highly consistent and fully proven genetics from our original Power Plant. These genetics grow well under a wide range of conditions and grow mediums. Indoors, they take around 10-11 weeks from germination to harvest. Harvests are very heavy, even beginner indoor growers can expect to get harvests of 50g or more from soil-grown plants in basic conditions. Expert growers with hydroponic grow systems can expect a couple of hundred grams (or more) per plant.

The firm buds are coated with a glittering layer of trichomes and have a wonderful fruity and spicy scent. Auto Power Plant seeds have forgiving genetics, you don't need to have fine tuned conditions to get a successful harvest from these robust auto seeds. Auto Power Plant is part of the best selling ‘Classic cannabis seeds’ collection.

Auto Power Plant feminised cannabis seeds

Feminised autoflower Feminised Autoflower
Genetics Power Plant X Think Different
Classics  Classics
Sativa Sativa
THC level Very High
10 weeks
Yield XL

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Auto Mazar: Legendary original Mazar genetics

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar has been at the top of the best selling autoflower seed collection for many years. Genetics come from the multiple cannabis cup winning Mazar. The Afghani and Skunk genetics heritage assures a highly potent harvest of firm buds with a truly delicious taste and rich terpene profile.

Auto Mazar seeds grow easily indoors in any type of grow system. They are tough and robust enough to deliver a premium quality harvest under a wide range of conditions. This means she is ideally suited to the beginner grower. Auto Mazar is also popular with outdoor growers. The resilient indica genetics need just 100 days of summer weather to flourish and grow well even in northern European (northern UK/Scandinavia) summers.

The following grow reviews show the kind of results that can be achieved with these high-performance autoflower seeds.

Auto Mazar seeds grown indoors with LED light and airpots
Auto Mazar grown to massive proportions indoors with LED, HPS and Plasma light
Auto Mazar seeds grow review: Grown indoors, with airpots of soil

Auto Mazar feminised cannabis seeds

Feminised autoflower Feminised Autoflower
Genetics Mazar X Indica autoflower
Afghani Kush  Afghani Kush
Indica Indica
THC level High
Seed to harvest 10 weeks
Yield XL

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Best outdoor strains for beginners

If you have never grown outdoors before it’s worth considering the easiest marijuana strain to grow at your latitude. If you have a short growing season, then autoflower strains are highly recommended. But if your growing season allows you to grow photoperiod feminised outdoor seeds we highly recommend our outdoor champion, Frisian Dew!

Dutch Passion outdoor cannabis seeds

Frisian Dew: Robust, easy to grow outdoor cannabis strain

Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew has been a best selling outdoor strain for many years. In northern Europe she is usually ready to harvest around early October. In the Southern Hemisphere, expect harvest around early April. Frisian Dew is an easy strain to grow, she needs little maintenance. Just find her a sunny spot with good quality moist soil and let the genetics do the work. She grows quickly with strong branches. Some of the plants show beautiful pink/purple hues in the generously sized blooms.

Frisian Dew outdoor grow tutorial
Frisian Dew grown outdoors in Northern Europe

Frisian Dew seeds grow well outdoors. But with the added protection of a greenhouse or polytunnel they are protected from the worst of the weather and can produce exceptional plants 3-4m tall and just as wide. In optimum conditions, several kilograms of dry buds can be produced from a single plant.

Massive Frisian Dew grow in a polytunnel
Frisian Dew grown in Belgian greenhouse

Passion #1 feminised cannabis seeds

Flowering Type Feminised
Genetics Super Skunk X Purple Star
Cannabis seeds family Dutch Outdoor
Variety Type Hybrid
THC level Medium
Outdoor grow Outdoor
Flowering time 8 weeks
Yield XXL

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Easiest strains to grow indoors, feminised photoperiod seeds

Many old-school indoor growers like to grow from traditional photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. These are usually grown for several weeks under vegetative growth conditions e.g. around 18 hours of daily light before being flipped into bloom (flowering conditions) when the daily light hours are reduced to 12. Often, an indoor bloom period of around 9 weeks is given before harvest.

Dutch Passion feminised seed collection
Dutch Passion indoor cannabis seeds
How to grow cannabis easily indoors
How to optimise your indoor grow conditions

Euforia: Top quality feminised skunk seeds and easy to grow!


Euforia is a heavyweight and easy-to-grow Skunk strain. The naturally chunky blooms and heavy yields make her one of the easiest sativa strains to grow indoors by growers of all experience levels. Less experienced growers will be amazed to see how easy it is to grow such a heavy yielding strain with so little effort.

This is a member of the Dutch Passion Skunk seed collection. She has a powerfully relaxing effect on both mind and body, as well as a powerful aroma. Not only is she one of the easiest strains to grow indoors, the buds look great and smell delicious. Euforia takes just 8 weeks in bloom and with THC levels around 20% this is part of our Very High THC seed collection.

Euforia grow review with LED grow lights

Euforia feminised seeds produce plants which thrive without the use of complicated growth techniques or methods. Skunk seeds have a reputation for being particularly easy to grow and Euforia is no exception. This makes her perfect for beginners who have never cultivated a cannabis plant before, or for those with limited experience. Euforia is ideal for novice growers who can focus on the most important things, such as fine-tuning the climate, light, water and food.

Auto Blackberry Kush feminised cannabis seeds

Feminised Feminised/Regular
Genetics Euforia Skunk
Skunk Family Skunk Family
Sativa  Sativa
THC level Very High
Indoor grow Indoor
Flowering time 8 weeks
Yield XL

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Think Fast: For indoor growers wanting a fast bloom!

Think Fast

If you want one of the easiest strains to grow indoors with a rapid bloom time then Think Fast is highly recommended. This is a sativa-leaning strain which tends to produce heavy yielding plants with big and sturdy stems. It’s a member of the Classic Seeds collection. Think Fast was created by crossing Think Different autoflower strain with a specially selected cutting of the Dutch Passion classic photoperiod Power Plant. Think Fast is not an autoflowering strain but it does carry recessive autoflowering genes.

The Dutch Passion team of geneticists discovered that these non autoflowering plants, which carry the recessive autoflowering gene are significantly faster in bloom than their photoperiod parents. This makes her a great choice for the beginner grower looking for a fast indoor grow cycle. Because of the quick bloom, Think Fast has also become a popular choice with outdoor growers.

Think Fast grow review

Less experienced growers will find Think Fast an easy strain to grow with no hidden complications. The open/airy sativa-bud structure is resistant to bud rot/mold, making her a safer strain for the less experienced indoor grower. When grown in a natural way, she will reach around a metre tall with generous sized blooms.

Auto Blueberry feminised cannabis seeds

Feminised Feminised
Genetics Think Different X Power Plant
Classics Classics
Sativa Sativa
THC level High
Indoor grow Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering time 8 weeks
Yield XL

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Beginner growers most asked questions

Less experienced/first-time cannabis growers should feel more confident than ever about trying their own cannabis grow. You have a wide choice of cannabis seed providers and strains. Choose a supplier that has stood the test of time with a reputation that you can trust. It’s easy to buy all the grow equipment you need from an online grow store. Cannabis cultivation information is also widely available online, or in books. If you are lucky enough to have a competent local grow shop that will really make the first few steps easy.

You may have plenty of questions too. Here are some of the most frequent questions which we get from beginner growers.

What are the best ways to germinate cannabis seeds?
How do you plant seeds for beginners? There are a few good ways to germinate cannabis seeds. An overview of the different options is here:

Best ways to germinate cannabis seeds

Perhaps the easiest option for new cannabis growers is simply to try germinating their cannabis seeds in soil. But if you want the highest germination rates, you may want to germinate cannabis seeds in-between cotton pads that have been lightly sprayed (but never soaked) with water. This cannabis seed germination tutorial will help you maximise your germination rates.

How many weed plants should a beginner start with?
A common question from the Dutch Passion mail bag is ‘How many weed plants should a beginner start with?’ Many beginner growers prefer to start with a small grow and just a few plants. This keeps it simpler and more manageable until your experience and confidence levels increase. For many less experienced growers, having somewhere from 1 - 4 plants is a typical number.

How much water do your cannabis plants need?
One of the most frequent errors seen by less experienced cannabis growers is the tendency to over-water (and over-feed) their plants. Cannabis roots are very delicate. They need an aerated environment with oxygen in order to grow well. Roots tend to rot in waterlogged soil. One good tip for growers of all experience levels is to use a moisture sensor in their grow medium which measures moisture content and indicates when the roots are too dry. Products such as the Blumat Moisture meter are recommended to prevent over watering. Note that numerous growers find new grow containers such as fabric grow containers or Air-pots are a great way to improve levels of root oxygenation. This results in better overall plant growth.

Everything you need to know about cannabis roots

When should I start feeding my plant with nutrients?
Cannabis roots are easily ‘burnt’ if they are given nutrients at excessive concentrations. Young seedlings grown in soil can often be fed just plain water to begin with. As the seedlings get older and stronger they can be given increasingly concentrated nutrients. Soil is a good grow medium for beginner growers, it has a certain degree of self-buffering for pH.

Soil also contains it’s own minerals and nutrients, meaning that it won't be necessary to add nutrients until later in the grow. If you use a large container, e.g. 50+ litres of good quality soil you may not have to worry about adding nutrients until later in bloom.

One tip for beginner growers is to use large felt sacks (or airpots) with a high quality soil/compost. Some growers use 50-100 litres, or more, for each plant. You can also add slow release organic nutrients from companies such as BioTabs. With such a large reserve of nutrient-rich compost you will only need to consider a light top dressing of general bloom nutrient towards the end of bloom. When adding nutrients, stick to the manufacturers guidelines and err on the side of caution. It is better to start feeding with light nutrients and slowly build up concentration. Over-feeding your plants, damaging them, and having to back-off your nutrient schedule is definitely to be avoided.


What’s going wrong with my plant?
Most growers find that cannabis is easy to grow. But occasionally you will see some issues with your plants. Often, the cannabis leaves can provide an indication of the problem. The article, below, may be a good starting point. Remember that there are several variables in your grow room which can all affect plant growth. Problematic temperatures, humidity, lighting conditions, pests and poorly-managed nutrition alongside many other factors can all have detrimental effects on your plants.

Cannabis deficiencies

A visual guide to cannabis deficiencies, using cannabis leaves to identify nutrition issues

The easiest strains to grow in your grow room

The easiest strains to grow should perform well in most grow rooms much of the time. Try to keep your first few grows as simple and uncomplicated to grow as possible. Growing in large containers of soil should be an easier challenge than trying to grow in coco fibre or hydroponics, at least to begin with.

Looking for the easiest weed to grow doesn’t mean compromising on THC levels or yield. Easy to grow cannabis strains really can deliver superb quality buds. Most home growers find that they enjoy superior quality buds compared to those which they previously bought. On top of that they save considerable amounts of cash and can grow the best strains for their personal needs. Most growers will also tell you that growing your own cannabis is a rewarding and hugely enjoyable new hobby. It all starts with some cannabis seeds, choose them wisely and enjoy your grow!

Top 5 easiest cannabis strains to grow for beginners
November 6th 2020
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