Space cake. How to make the best space cake

Space cake. How to make the best space cake

Of all the different cannabis edibles, one of the most iconic is space cake. There are countless recipes available online. Cannabis is easy to include in just about all of the basic cake (and many other!) recipes. The key requirements when making space cake are to use some fat in the recipe and to use de-carboxylated cannabis.

The oil, butter or fat will readily extract the active ingredients (known as cannabinoids) allowing them to be easily absorbed by the human digestive system. Decarboxylation is where the cannabinoids undergo a slight chemical change when heated, this makes them bio-available. When you vape or smoke cannabis, the heat naturally decarboxylates the cannabinoids before they reach your lungs. 

In this weeks blog we offer a proven and easy recipe to allow you to make your own space cake. We also suggest some good varieties which are particularly suitable for making space cake and we explain some of the science involved.


What is space cake?

Space cake, whichever recipe you make it with, is a cake with cannabis extracts. It’s a great way to get high, but it’s very important to note that you should allow a couple of hours for the high to arrive. Don’t keep eating more and more until you feel high, that’s the way to consume way more than necessary and make yourself ill. Take a slice of space cake and then wait a couple of hours for the effects to begin.

If you are not sure what dose suits you, start off with a small slice and try more on a subsequent day. Many people feel it is wise to avoid drinking alcohol when using space cake, and perhaps it is also wise to avoid smoking/vaping cannabis at the same time as well.

Space cake is made like a normal cake, but with the addition of THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis.

You can buy space cake in places like Amsterdam, where it has been popular for decades. Or you may find it more reliable and cost effective to make your own from your home grown cannabis. Space cake connoisseurs will say the best way to make it is with your best quality buds. You can make seriously strong space cake! Others would argue that you should save your best buds for your vaporiser, and use your spare trimmings left over from harvest to make space cake. The choice is yours!


Space cake. Reasons to be careful with space cake or other cannabis edibles

Don’t expect to get high immediately from space cake as you would from a vaporiser. When eating space cake caution is important. Understand your own tolerance level. Are you an infrequent cannabis user that gets high from very small amounts? Or are you a frequent cannabis user experienced with the effects of cannabis and able to tolerate the effects of high-dose edibles?

A good coffee shop will be able to advise you about the effects of their cake.  Start slowly and build up. If you eat an excessively high-dose of space cake it may feel unpleasant and confusing. So if you can, start with small doses on different days and build up slowly. Try to avoid the unpleasant feeling of eating too much space cake, or other cannabis edible.




Feminised seeds, autoflower seeds and home-grown, home-made space cake

Growing your own cannabis from feminised seeds or autoflower seeds is the most affordable way to get top quality buds and trim to use for your space cake. You can experiment making your own space cake and gradually establish the right quantity of buds/trim required to give you a blissfully enjoyable space cake experience.

Avoid eating a major meal just before you eat your space cake, it could affect digestion and timing of the high. You may prefer to enjoy your space cake on a relatively empty stomach with a coffee, or perhaps a scoop of ice cream. Perhaps you will plan some easy and relaxing activities afterwards and definitely avoid driving. Music, films and entertainment have their enjoyment enhanced with space cake. Many space cake lovers enjoy spending time in nature when they are high and simply relaxing. Most space cake lovers would probably claim that they have a particularly good nights sleep afterwards. Indeed, many medical cannabis users claim that one of the best medical benefits of space cake is improved sleep, rest and relaxation.


Making space cake. A high without limits

One of the reasons that so many cannabis connoisseurs love space cake is that you can get far higher than you can from vaping. By adjusting your space cake recipe you can use more cannabis in your recipe, if required. Hardened space cake enthusiasts sometimes make super strong cakes for special occasions. These can leave you feeling very high all day. But just like some of the high dose edibles in the USA (some can exceed 1000mg of THC in each edible) great care needs to be taken.

The strongest space cake and cannabis edibles are only recommended for those that are positive that their tolerance matches their ambition. When inexperienced cannabis users have some space cake which is too strong the result is often an unpleasant experience which can take a while to wear off.




THC-free Dutch Passion cannabis varieties for CBD space cake

All Dutch Passion varieties will provide good quality material for any cannabis edibles or space cake maker. Some CBD rich cannabis seed varieties, such as CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel produce plants which contain hardly any THC. Not enough THC to get a psycho-active high, usually under 1%. Space cake made from these varieties will contain CBD but not enough THC to give you any noticeable high. For some CBD lovers who don't really appreciate the effects of THC, a CBD medical space cake is a real treat!


Medium strength space cake. 1:1 THC:CBD cannabis varieties

Other varieties offer more of a balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Autoflowering seed varieties with a 1:1 ratio include CBD Auto Compassion Lime and CBD Auto White Widow. Feminised seed varieties are also available with a 1:1 ratio, including CBD Kush, CBD Skunk Haze and CBD Compassion.

With these so called “1:1 varieties” the levels of THC and CBD are broadly similar. The THC and CBD levels are often both around 5-12%. In a THC rich cannabis variety the THC can reach as high as 25-30% in extreme cases. That could be several times more THC than you would get from a low THC 1:1 variety.

So the THC levels in a 1:1 variety are usually much lower than a dedicated THC-rich variety. If you make your space cake using buds/trim from a 1:1 variety it should result in more mellow physical effects without an over-powering cerebral high. Of course, the actual strength of your space cake will depend on the total quantity of the buds/trim you use.


Lets consider a basic space cake recipe which uses say 10g of buds. A space cake made with 10g of buds from a 1:1 (THC:CBD) variety is likely to be less psycho active than a space cake made with 10g of premium buds from a variety with 25% THC. The base plant material, and the quantity of cannabinoids it contains, determines the final THC content and the final effects of your space cake. By varying the variety, and by varying the ratio/amount of bud/trim, you can experiment to find a space cake recipe which gives the perfect results for you!


High strength space cake. Feminised seeds and autoflower seeds for THC rich results

Autoflower seeds and feminised seeds which produce 20%+ THC levels will produce the strongest space cakes and cannabis edibles. These varieties produce buds with the highest levels of THC and should be treated with respect by any space cake enthusiast. If you want to produce the strongest and most powerful space cakes then use plenty of buds/trim from the best quality THC rich varieties.

As always, the most affordable way to produce top quality cannabis is to grow it yourself at home using either feminised cannabis seeds or autoflowering seeds. This allows you to grow cannabis easily. Your only costs are the cannabis seeds, nutrients and electricity.

What’s more, when you grow your own cannabis you know you are producing high quality cannabis free from pesticides, chemicals and additives. You can also harvest it at a time that suits your particular preference. Much of the commercially available cannabis is harvested at the earliest possible moment due to commercial pressures. When your grow your own cannabis you can choose to harvest when it suits you. Choose a late harvest date if thats the way you like it.

Using any of Dutch Passion’s (non-CBD) feminised seeds or autoflower seeds will give you THC rich buds for your space cake. You can grow indoor seeds or outdoor seeds, you can grow cannabis seeds in a greenhouse, polytunnel or indoors. So long as the buds are grown from good quality cannabis seeds in reasonable conditions you can produce great quality space cake from them.


Top-3 recommended Dutch Passion varieties for space cake

The top-3 THC rich varieties which we recommend for space cake include the following Dutch Passion cannabis seed varieties.


Orange Bud feminised cannabis seeds

Orange Bud. This Dutch Passion classic has been a top selling feminised seed variety from our ‘Orange Family’ seed collection for many years. Orange Bud produces consistently top quality harvests from her potent genetics. Orange Bud is sativa dominant with a sweet citrus taste and aroma. You may even notice a subtle citrus hint in your space cake if you use buds from this acclaimed variety in your cake. Orange Bud is an oil and resin rich variety with a great terpene profile. When grown well, this variety sparkles from a thick frosty layer of trichome resin glands which coat both the buds and leaves.

Orange Bud takes around 8 weeks of bloom to complete flowering. To complement the orange citrus aroma you will see some distinctive bright orange hairs on the buds. It’s an enjoyable variety to cultivate and the high THC content makes this a great choice for use in space cake.


Auto Lemon Kix autoflower seeds

Auto Lemon Kix is a THC rich variety which has quickly become one of Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflower seeds. These autoflower seeds are easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Indoor growers find a 20/4 light cycle (20 hours of indoor daily light from seed to harvest) produces excellent results. Auto Lemon Kix usually takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest indoors. Occasional phenotypes will take an extra week or two, but will reward the patient grower with an extra heavy harvest.

Auto Lemon Kix is a repeat seed choice for many of the autoflower growers that demand the very strongest crops. Auto Lemon Kix is also an easy variety to grow, even first time growers have harvested heavy crops of premium strength buds from this highly potent variety.

If you get lucky with some intensely lemon-scented buds you may even be able to give your cake a hint of a lemon taste! Lemon drizzle Kix cake anyone?


Passion Fruit feminised seeds

Space cake has always been a popular treat for any cannabis lover. But make your space cake with buds from our Passion Fruit variety and you can enjoy a space fruit cake like no other! Passion Fruit grows with a fruity aroma and a splash of Passion fruit scent. This variety grows with a pronounced resin frosting on the buds and fan leaves. She is popular with growers that produce cannabis concentrates and has many repeat growers.

High potency, high THC levels and a great fruity taste and aroma are the qualities which best characterise Passion Fruit. She takes around 8 weeks to finish blooming indoors and is a notably heavy yielder. With an uncomplicated growing style, great taste and knockout effects, Passion Fruit is highly recommended for space cake bakers!



Space cake recipe

Here are the things you will need to bake your very own space cake:

Space cake ingredients:

            •           5-10 grams of cannabis buds.You can use the equivalent in trimmings, oil/hash etc.

            •           125g (1 ¾ cups) of flour

            •           225g (1 cup) of unsalted butter

            •           200g (1 cup) of sugar

            •           ¾ cup of milk

            •           2 eggs

            •           2 teaspoons of baking powder

            •           ½ teaspoon of salt


Of course you can add any extra frills which you want. You may want to use some whipped cream or icing sugar. Some people like to add diced fruit, crystallised ginger, chocolate chips or other goodies. You can add a chocolate sauce, vanilla extract or any other additive to get the perfect flavour and texture.


  •    Oven

  •    Microwave

  •    A grinder for your herbs

  •    A mixing bowl

  •    Mixing spoon

  •    Oven tin for your cake

  •    Non-stick spray or lining paper

  •    Small bowl

  •    A skewer

  •    A wire rack to cool down your cake on



  • Preheat your oven to around 110°C. Grind your weed and place it in a glass bowl in the oven, cover it with some aluminum foil to stop it getting blown around by the oven fan. Leave it for 30–40 minutes to decarboxylate. This allows the cannabinoids to become bioavailable.

  • Once complete remove the cannabis and increase your oven temperature to 190ºC .

  • Place your butter in a bowl and microwave it for around 20 seconds until it melts. Now add your ground up cannabis into the butter. This is an important stage, the decarboxylated cannabinoids are fat soluble and dissolve in the butter.

  • Now you can put the milk, sugar, cannabis butter, eggs and flour into your mixing bowl. You can also add any extras, such as chocolate chips. Take a few minutes to mix it all together into a batter with an even consistency. If the mix feels too dry add a splash of extra milk. If it is too wet, add some extra flour.

  • Grease your cake tin with fat or non-stick spray. Or you can line it with a non-stick baking paper. Then carefully pour your cake batter into the tin and spread evenly around the tin. Put it in the oven for 25 minutes to bake.

  • After around 25 minutes, push your skewer into the cake. If it comes out clean it means the ingredients have baked and it is ready. If batter sticks to the skewer it means some more baking time is needed, check again in 3-4 minutes.

  • Allow the cake to cool for 15-25 minutes in the tin, then tip the tin upside down on the wire cooling rack for 25 minutes to further cool down. Once cool, decorate with cream, icing or anything else you like! Start with a small slice and wait 2-3 hours for the effects to kick in!


Adjusting the strength of your space cake recipe

As well as finding the size of space cake portion which works for you, you can also adjust the quantity of cannabis you use in your space cake. Seasoned space cake lovers could omit the 5-10g of dried buds and use a few millilitres of cannabis oil instead. This will mix easily with the molten butter.

Less experienced cannabis users could start their first recipe with a smaller quantity of buds to ensure that they don't accidentally make a cake which is too strong. It’s to you how you adjust the recipe for your own taste. Just remember to start slowly and build up. Enjoy your space cake! For some cannabis lovers there is nothing quite like it!




Space cake. How to make the best space cake
November 7th 2019
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Bonjour @ YouknowYouknow 2021-07-18 21:51:44, Nous vous conseillons d’utiliser 3,5g pour le space cake pour 7 personnes. Il vous restera ainsi 8,5g pour fumer. Gardez en mémoire que le cannabis doit être chauffé afin que vous ressentiez les effets dans le space cake: préchauffez votre four à environ 110°C. Broyez votre herbe et placez-la dans un bol en verre dans le four, recouvrez-le de papier d’aluminium pour éviter qu’elle ne soit projetée par le ventilateur du four. Laisser décarboxyler pendant 30 à 40 minutes. Cela permettra aux cannabinoïdes de devenir biodisponibles (et donc actifs). Bonne dégustation, Jay Dutch Passion


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