CBD weed. The modern love for cannabis light

CBD weed. The modern love for cannabis light

The success and popularity of CBD weed has surprised many.  With THC levels often well below 1%, these so-called ‘cannabis light’ varieties simply can’t get you high. They look and smell just like traditional cannabis and contain high CBD levels, often around 10-20%. CBD weed is sold in health shops, herbalists, tobacconists and online. Perhaps surprisingly, where CBD weed is available there has been a statistically significant drop in the use of pharmaceutical medicine. For many people who might not consider taking ‘traditional’ cannabis, cannabis light can seem a safer alternative which they are prepared to try.


Cannabis light and prescription drug reduction.

Italy has been one of the first areas where cannabis light has seen huge initial sales and large levels of public interest. In December 2016 the Italian government passed a law allowing buds with THC levels below 0.6%. The law was designed to help farmers produce and sell hemp. But, perhaps unwittingly, it also allowed a boom in cannabis light sales on the Italian high street. The widespread availability of cannabis light over the last 2-3 years has allowed researchers chance to analyse data on prescription drug trends in Italy. The findings have made headlines in the mainstream media. The report shows significant reductions in the number of prescriptions for some important medicines. The full report from the University of York is here and is relatively easy to read and understand.

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Cannabis light and the reduction in Italian medicines prescriptions.

Following the new Italian laws on cannabis light, the numbers of prescriptions were monitored for each different classification of pharmaceutical. The researchers noted reductions in traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions started around 3 months after cannabis light was made available in each region.


The biggest drops in prescriptions were in the following three categories:

Anti Anxiety medicines (‘anxiolytics’) decreased by approx 11.5%

Sedative prescriptions dropped by 10%

Anti-psychotic medication dropped by 4.8%


The research team also noted some slight, but perhaps interesting reductions in the following categories of medical prescriptions:

Anti-epileptics prescriptions decreased by 1.5%

Anti-depressants prescriptions decreased by 1.2%

Opioids prescriptions decreased by 1.2%

Anti-migraine prescriptions decreased by 1%


It is particularly interesting that the two prescription categories most affected when cannabis light was introduced were anti-anxiety and sedative medications. Many CBD users would have predicted that CBD would offer most help in these areas.


The researchers conclude by asking how much money could be saved from healthcare costs if some brave decisions could be made to use cannabis light, and normal cannabis, in traditional healthcare settings. The researchers describe it as ‘do it yourself’ medicine.


Recent evidence from the US has shown how access to medical marijuana can have important implications for health care policy and can generate conspicuous savings for the health system. It has been documented that local availability of medical marijuana can reduce the number of drug prescriptions and sales for several symptoms. These studies however dealt only with access to medical marijuana, which requires a doctor’s prescription. Instead, access to non-clinically supported marijuana to seek relief as a form of self-medication has not received attention so far. Yet, from a behavioral perspective, abandoning a well-recognized therapy for a non-clinically supported product can be quite risky.”


CBD weed for sale at Lidl supermarket.

CBD weed, or cannabis light, has become a popular alternative to tobacco in parts of Europe. You can even buy pre-rolled cannabis light joints from Lidl supermarkets in Switzerland. Some people use cannabis light because they feel that it helps their medical situation. Others think it is a safer alternative to tobacco. Some people that are trying to reduce their cigarette usage find that a smoke (or vape) of cannabis light stops their tobacco craving for a few hours. Some cannabis users also report that cannabis light removes their craving to get stoned, meaning it could be useful for people to reduce their cannabis (THC) tolerance.

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Growing your own cannabis light easily with feminized seeds or autoflower seeds.

If cannabis light isn’t available to buy where you live, then it’s easy to grow your own. Dutch Passion offer feminized seeds of CBD Charlotte’s Angel and autoflowering seeds of CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel. Both varieties produce around 15% CBD and THC levels which are usually well below 1%.


Cannabis light. Will CBD weed reduce consumption of high THC varieties?

Using data from the Italian authorities, researchers have studied the effect of cannabis light introduction and the confiscation data for THC-rich cannabis arrests. Perhaps surprisingly, they found that it led to a reduction in (THC-rich) cannabis seized by the authorities. The researchers comment that the introduction of cannabis light has cost the black market cannabis producers  “90–170 million euros per year. These results support the argument that the supply of illegal drugs is displaced by the entry of official and legal retailers.”


Perhaps the reduction in THC-rich cannabis seizures is because some Italian medical cannabis users have simply switched from illegal THC-rich cannabis to cannabis light. Of course, it is also possible that the Italian police are becoming more relaxed about THC-rich cannabis and not arresting as many people. It is also feasible that, with so many Italians using cannabis light, it has simply become impossible for the police to know who is smoking THC-rich cannabis and who is using cannabis light. As a result, perhaps Italian police are more likely to ignore cannabis.

cbd rich dutch passion cannabis seeds lidl Italy

cbdweed.com  Dutch Passion cannabis light available online!

You can buy Dutch Passion cannabis light buds/flowers online. The website cbdweed.com allows you to buy cannabis light buds/flowers from Dutch Passion genetics. These genetics are CBD rich and very low in THC and available in several different varieties. The flowers are delivered in purpose-designed, smell-proof and child-proof jars.


On cbdweed.com you can also buy cannabis seeds of all Dutch Passion CBD rich cannabis varieties. And you can buy bottles of 5% and 10% CBD oil.  CBG oil will be available soon in a 5% bottle. Demand for cannabis light has never been higher.




CBD weed. The modern love for cannabis light
July 19th 2019
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