Cannabis and yoga. Improving your cannabis high with yoga

Cannabis and yoga. Improving your cannabis high with yoga

Yoga is a particularly popular meditative hobby for many marijuana lovers. Yoga and cannabis have some mutual synergies according to fans that combine the two. Both yoga and cannabis are proven and effective ways to relax the mind and body, allowing peaceful and mindful tranquility. In recent years many proficient Yoga practitioners, or Yogis, have found that combining cannabis with yoga amplifies the benefits of yoga. In areas with legal cannabis yoga classes are now combined with the consumption of cannabis. But are cannabis and yoga fully compatible or not?

Yoga and cannabis. Combining two proven ways to relax and feel better

Yoga seeks the union of mind and body, and an improved state of mental well being which can lead to spiritual enlightenment.Yoga practitioners use a combination of physical exercises/postures and well as mental and spiritual practices during their sessions. The techniques are thought to have started in ancient India with origins in the Hindu religion. Some of the core aspects of yoga include the control of your breathing alongside meditation, together with the adoption of various body postures. In the west, most people practice a form of yoga derived from Hatha Yoga. Most yoga lovers claim the main benefits are improved relaxation and health.

Cannabis is widely used for the remarkably effective relaxation properties which it provides along with a feel-good high. For many people, cannabis is also an excellent antidote to the stress and anxiety which can seem omnipresent in modern urban life. So combining cannabis with yoga would seem to offer some superficial benefits. But is it that simple?


Reasons why yoga and cannabis may not be so good together

However, the use of cannabis during yoga is not universally welcomed by all yogis. Some feel that the effects of cannabis act as an illusion for the feelings which yoga is supposed to be able to produce without the help of drugs. Other critical yogis would say that the pleasant effects of cannabis remove the natural focus which is essential for the deep mental and spiritual disciplines involved in yoga. Some yogis feel that cannabis could even make some people feel more anxious and detach them too much from the real world.For many yoga lovers, the ultimate goal is to reach Samadhi. This is thought to be the final stage of enlightenment when union with the divine is reached thanks to the intense meditation. However, some yoga purists feel that Samadhi should be reached through meditation rather than be assisted in any way.

Yoga with cannabis. If that hat fits….wear it

But many yoga lovers disagree with the anti-cannabis sentiment. Their argument is that anything which helps them move closer to a physical and mental nirvana is a welcome help. Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs for relaxation around the world and for some people nothing else is quite as good. So why not combine cannabis with yoga and really push peacefulness, tranquility and mind/body union to the next level? If you do, the following points are worth considering.


Keep your focus. Yoga and cannabis

There is little point trying to combine cannabis with yoga if it causes your focus to drift. If you are in a class with others you will get more from your yoga if you can follow and engage fully with the disciplines of yoga. If cannabis causes your mind to wander excessively then you may need to re-think you cannabis use before yoga. Maybe you could find a lighter dose (or variety) which allows you to engage without losing focus.

For some yoga lovers, a CBD variety with reduced psycho-activity could be an option. Or instead of a powerful haze with a soaring cerebral high, maybe an indica with a stronger body effect could be more compatible with your yoga class. If you grow your own cannabis from autoflower seeds, CBD seeds or feminized seeds you can grow cannabis with precisely the right affects for you. That’s one of the great advantages of growing your cannabis rather than buying it. You are in complete control of the variety of cannabis you grow and the types of effects it will produce.

Cannabis buds v cannabis concentrates for yoga

Many yoga fans that do enjoy their cannabis find that smoking/vaping cannabis buds provides a more balanced experience than using cannabis concentrates such as hash, shatter, cannabis oil, BHO etc. Perhaps that’s because it is easier to accidentally over-indulge when using concentrates. Or perhaps it’s because well cured buds contain a pleasing array of fresh terpenes which are not always present in all concentrates (depending on the quality of extraction). But for some yoga fans, cannabis buds are the best form of cannabis to enjoy before yoga.


Cannabis edibles and yoga

Wherever cannabis has been legalised (and even in areas where it hasn't), cannabis edibles end up becoming hugely popular. One advantages of cannabis edibles is that it can seem like a high without limits. This is great for those that have a high cannabis tolerance. For some yoga fans cannabis edibles offer great synergy with yoga. But it’s important to consider the timing of your edibles as well as the strength. Eat your edibles just before yoga class starts and you won't get any effect, they can take up to 2-3 hours to really kick in. If your edibles are too strong, you could end up getting way too high to concentrate on your yoga class. Cannabis edibles and yoga have their place, but you will need to experiment mindfully to get the right combination of timing and potency.

Breathing. Does cannabis help or hinder breathing in yoga?

One of the core disciplines of yoga is control of your breathing. For some yoga practitioners it’s important to keep their airways as clear as possible to optimise their breath control. That may mean that a big spliff outside the yoga class just before start time may be counter productive. Perhaps a light session on your vape is a better way to enjoy cannabis before yoga? Find out what works best for you. If you do find smoking cannabis affects your breathing, you may prefer to look for alternatives instead.


Yoga and home grown cannabis

Yoga is a popular way to relax, meditate and contemplate the greater meanings of life. For those that enjoy cannabis as well, it can be really important to get the cannabis dose and method of delivery (smoking, eating or vaping…) right in order to optimise the experience. It can be a gamble buying cannabis, many people prefer to grow their own. This allows them to get the precise type of high which suits them and their lifestyle. Whether your most blissful cannabis experience comes from indica or sativa varieties, from THC or CBD, it helps to know your own preferences. Once you do know the varieties which best suit you, it makes sense to grow them yourself rather than hope to find them from a supplier.

For those cannabis lovers that haven't yet discovered yoga, it really is worth trying! For those yoga fans that combine it with cannabis, try finding the varieties which best suit you and your yoga. You may be able to take your yoga to the next level!

Cannabis and yoga. Improving your cannabis high with yoga
October 3rd 2019
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