An honest guide to buying cannabis seeds & saving money

An honest guide to buying cannabis seeds & saving money

Buying and growing your own cannabis seeds has become the normal way for many people to become self-sufficient in their medical/recreational cannabis supply. Once you have bought a grow tent with the necessary equipment, growing your own cannabis can be done for a fraction of the price of cannabis bought in the streets, dispensaries, coffee shops or social clubs.

The biggest cost for indoor growers is usually the electricity and the nutrients. Cannabis seeds, even the best quality cannabis seeds, can often be bought for around €5-€12 per seed. Each feminised seed can produce a plant with buds worth several hundred €/$/£’s. You can save a lot of money buying cannabis seeds and growing your own. Read on to find out more about cannabis seeds, how to buy feminised seeds cheaply online and finding the best quality genetics for budget prices.


Buying cannabis seeds online

Many growers use a local head shop, or specialist cannabis seed shop to get their seeds. You can also buy your cannabis seeds online directly from the breeders’ website. Dutch Passion and the few remaining original high-quality seed banks sell their cannabis seeds direct to the public. Just visit the Dutch Passion website, choose the best weed seeds for you, check out and pay. It’s that simple to buy cannabis seeds online. You can even select next day delivery if you are in a hurry.

The tricky part is choosing high quality genetics which will perform well in your particular grow environment. Connoisseur cannabis growers will know precisely whether they want THC rich or CBD rich cannabis seeds. They will know whether they want the genetics in the form of autoflowering seeds or photoperiod feminised seeds. The Dutch Passion Seedfinder is helpful if you need some online guidance when choosing your cannabis seed types/varieties.



Money saving tips when buying cannabis seeds

If you are a serious grower who buys a lot of cannabis seeds, then it makes sense to look out for the bargains without compromising your high-quality genetic principles. If you ever visit a cannabis expo such as Spannabis you will sometimes find that the seed banks will make special offers at the show.

These can present some real bargains to the buyer who doesn't mind splashing the cash with a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Just make sure that the cannabis seeds have quality genetics and will work well in your grow room. You don't want to get a bargain purchase of stretchy, tall sativa plants if you are growing indoors in a tent which is just 1m tall.

Another option for bargain hunters looking for cheap cannabis seeds is to check the websites of the high-quality vendors for occasional special offers. This way you can get high quality genetics often with a hefty discount. In the past Dutch Passion have had sales with different themes. Some sales have focussed on fruity varieties, outdoor cannabis seed strains, autoflowering seed varieties etc. Keep checking the Dutch Passion website for the latest offers.


Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

Like so much in the world of cannabis, it depends on where you live. In some places, such as the UK, you can buy cannabis seeds as souvenirs. They only become illegal when you germinate them. In other places, such as The Netherlands, you are permitted to grow a small number of plants from cannabis seeds outdoors, without artificial light. In parts of the USA and Canada you are permitted to buy and germinate cannabis seeds so long as you stay within permitted plant numbers and have the necessary licenses.

Many of the worlds recreational and medical cannabis growers simply ignore the law. Cannabis users feel that years of cannabis prohibition have left an unfair legal situation. In many countries, the laws for possession/use of cannabis have become gradually less oppressive over the years. That has encouraged many people to grow their own cannabis from feminised seeds or autoflowering cannabis seeds.


Which are the best cannabis seeds for me?

Many cannabis cultivators only make a couple of grows each year. That means they may only require a few packs of cannabis seeds. Which are the best cannabis seeds for you? There are a few considerations. Knowing your own grow experience is useful since some cannabis seeds can require a certain degree of skill to grow. You will also need to know how much available space you have, how quickly you would like to complete your grow, whether you prefer THC rich seeds or CBD rich cannabis seeds.


Try the Dutch Passion Seedfinder tool!

Growers with limited grow space often grow less stretchy indica autoflower seeds or indica dominant feminised seeds. If more space and time are available, then perhaps a sativa variety would be a better fit.

If all this sounds a little bit too complicated then check out the Dutch Passion Seedfinder. This makes it easy to choose the best cannabis seeds for your personal grow situation and preferences. The seed selector asks you a few simple questions about your grow, your experience and preferences. Using decades of knowledge and customer service, the cannabis seed finder tool recommends the most appropriate seeds for you, whether that is autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminised seeds or regular cannabis seeds.




Are cheap cannabis seeds worth the money?

One of the difficulties with cannabis seeds is that they look the same whether they were produced following years of professional selective breeding, or whether they were bred by an amateur in his greenhouse. Most cannabis growers tend to research their weed seed options thoroughly before buying. After all, most growers buy just a few varieties each year and they don't want to waste 3-4 months growing a substandard cannabis variety.

Dutch Passion were formed in the 1980’s and have enjoyed several decades of success based on the tried and tested principles of professional cannabis breeding. The best parent varieties are identified and selected. In recent years many of the best quality, best potency and most stable genetic lines have come from the USA. The legal growing/breeding environment in many areas of the USA has resulted in a significant number of elite varieties which combine excellent yields, cannabinoid content and terpene profiles.

The best cannabis seed varieties undergo several years of work to optimise and stabilise the best qualities. Seeds are only publicly released when the performance is as good as possible. Many of the best cannabis seed varieties have been developed specifically to offer a wide growing latitude. This means that they are easy to grow under a wide range of conditions and will still produce exceptional quality buds. Ask any serious/professional grower if cheap, unproven cannabis seeds are worth the money and you will get a very clear answer.


Are cannabis cuttings/clones cheaper than growing from cannabis seeds?

Many growers keep cuttings of their all-time favourite varieties. This allows them to grow proven, well-loved genetics from a mother plant. However, not all growers like to do this. It is extra hassle having a separate ‘mother tent’ which has to be maintained all year round.

The mother plant tent requires electricity for 18+ hours each day, space, attention and a trusted friend who can feed your plants when you are away from home. For some growers it is simply too much inconvenience and additional worry/paranoia. It does take effort to maintain a mother tent year after year as well as pay for the electricity and nutrients.

For most growers, it’s simpler just to buy some quality cannabis seeds when they are ready to grow. Growing from high quality cannabis seeds also allows the grower more diversity than repeatedly growing cuttings from the same mother plant.


How much do cannabis seeds cost?

Premium quality cannabis seeds from the very best, most established seed companies tend to sell for around €5-€12 per seed, though you can pay a lot more for limited edition seeds. €5-€12 per seed is a modest price to pay when you consider the value of the subsequent harvest. Unfortunately there are plenty of low quality seed producers who charge high seed prices, tempting customers to think that high price means high quality.

There are no shortage of very low-price private seed resellers offering cheap marijuana seeds online. The best advice when buying cannabis seeds is to do your research carefully. Check out some grow reports from online grow forums. See how long your prospective seedbank has been in business. Maybe read some Trust Pilot customer reviews (check out Dutch Passion’s excellent Trust Pilot rating here, around 95% rate Dutch Passion cannabis seeds as good/great).

Choose a seedbank with a track record for innovation, excellence, reliability, customer service and plenty of cannabis cups. Remember that expensive cannabis seeds don't necessarily mean high quality seeds. Remember also that you don't want to spend months growing poor quality seeds with no hope of a potent harvest just to save a handful of change on the seed price.

Grow like the professionals and use the best cannabis genetics available from a trusted, proven source. Cannabis seed quality is one area of your life where you don't need to cut corners or make compromises to save a few bucks. You may find it useful to check the Dutch Passion customer grow reports and images if you want extra information/advice from real-world Dutch Passion growers.


Buy the best cannabis seeds online. Autoflower seeds and feminised cannabis seeds

Over 95% of people that grow from cannabis seed use feminised seeds or autoflowering seeds. These days, only 2-3% of growers buy regular cannabis seeds. So for most growers, feminised and autoflower strains are the best and most popular cannabis seeds.


Is it safe to buy cannabis seeds online?

Yes, many cannabis growers routinely buy their cannabis seeds online and have done so for many years. Some growers still visit their nearest seed shop for the personal touch and advice. But buying cannabis seeds online is still the easiest and simplest way to shop. It’s discreet, private and fast. Once a grower has found a cannabis seed variety which they love, they often buy a couple of packs and cold-store them in the fridge where the cannabis seeds will remain viable for many years. Some cannabis growers collect an extensive stash of their favourite seeds in the fridge. Simply ensure that the seeds packs remain dry and cool e.g. in a sealed plastic container. When it’s time to germinate your seeds, just use your own method or check out the Dutch Passion cannabis seed germination guide.


Growing your own cannabis cheaply at home with weed seeds

If you enjoy cannabis and want it for the cheapest price, then grow it yourself. You will save lots of money when you grow your own cannabis instead of buying it from the local supplier.

What’s more growing your own cannabis is a satisfying and rewarding pastime. Many cannabis growers say that managing their grow room is one of their favourite and most enjoyable hobbies. If you haven't tried growing cannabis yet, there has never been a better time to start. It’s enjoyable, rewarding and the cheapest way to provide your own herbal relaxation.

If you want additional inspiration, check out the Dutch Passion guide to growing cannabis indoors and our outdoor cannabis growing guide.



An honest guide to buying cannabis seeds & saving money
December 20th 2019
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