Which are the top 3 easiest and hardest Dutch Passion seeds to grow?

Which are the top 3 easiest and hardest Dutch Passion seeds to grow?

One frequent question from home growers is ‘which are the easiest cannabis seeds to grow?’. A slightly less frequent question is ‘which are the hardest cannabis seeds to grow?’. Cannabis growers often like to understand the potential difficulty of the grow which they are about to undertake. Usually, it’s the more experienced growers who like the challenge of growing cannabis seeds with a higher level of difficulty. The easiest seeds tend to be preferred by less experienced growers.

When growing cannabis seeds it’s important to optimise the growing conditions and environment as much as possible. The experienced grower often does this automatically without too much thought. Avoiding large temperature fluctuations and extreme high/low temperatures is important, so is the correct use of nutrients without over/under feeding. Ensuring adequate light levels, air flow and a sufficiently large growing container are also important factors which will allow you to get the best results from your feminized cannabis seeds. If you don't get the growing conditions correct it will seem difficult to grow any type of cannabis seeds.

Let’s begin with some famously easy-to-grow cannabis seeds. These may be easy to grow, but the quality levels are just as high as the very strongest varieties. With good genetics there is no need to compromise on quality in order to get an easy grow.


Auto Mazar. Easy autoflowering cannabis seeds for indoors or outdoors

One of Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflower seeds is Auto Mazar. This variety grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days indoors using 20 hours of daily light. Sometimes you will find plants that will be happy to take an extra week or two at the end. These plants will deliver XL yields and are worth the extra wait. Auto Mazar grows well in any grow medium and delivers sticky THC rich buds with a blissfully pleasurable high and a strong body stone. Satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to the use of original multiple-award winning Dutch Passion Mazar Afghani/skunk genetics.

Auto Mazar, just like the rest of Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, has a wide growing latitude and is often grown by first time cannabis growers. Auto Mazar is also a reliable outdoor variety, taking around 100-110 days from seed to harvest. If you are looking for an easy autoflower seed variety you can't go wrong with Auto Mazar. She is fully proven, uncomplicated and unfussy to grow with heavy yields and a super strong smoke/vape.


Autoflower cannabis seeds. The easiest way to grow your own cannabis

It’s worth making a special mention about the ease, convenience and simplicity of autoflowering cannabis seeds in general. The fact that they grow quickly and without any requirement for a specific lighting regime makes auto seeds easy to grow. Companies like Dutch Passion have worked hard to create very heavy yielding autoflower varieties with high cannabinoid levels. If you want really simple cannabis growing, buy yourself a pack of quality auto seeds online and see how easy they are to grow.



Night Queen. Easy indica feminized seeds with a strong THC high and compact growth

If you are looking for an award winning photoperiod feminized seed variety then Night Queen ticks all the important boxes. This robust, bullet-proof indica stays short and bushy, she is easy to grow indoors in any grow system or grow medium. Yields are heavy and best of all this THC rich resin soaked beauty is as easy as they come for home growers.  Night Queen is a pure unhybridized indica variety. The best quality indica varieties are noted for being compact, easy to care for and easy to grow. Night Queen is no exception and produces some of the strongest indica buds in the Dutch Passion seed collection.



Frisian Dew. Easy outdoor feminized seeds

With so many Dutch Passion customers growing cannabis outdoors we thought it would be worth mentioning the outdoor feminized seed champion, Frisian Dew. This is one of Dutch Passion’s most reliable feminized outdoor cannabis seeds. Like all good outdoor varieties, Frisian Dew pretty much grows herself. If you can find a sunny sheltered spot with reasonable quality soil then you can plant this variety and forget about her. She is resistant to outdoor pests, weather and disease and is ready to harvest around early October in the northern hemisphere (early April in southern hemisphere). Frisian Dew can reach 3-4m tall outdoors and can be just as wide. Yields can be over a Kg if the plant has moist nutritious soil and ample sunshine.

Difficult cannabis seeds to grow

Some cannabis seeds require a little more effort, time and experience to grow to perfection. For some experienced growers the extra challenge is one which they relish. It’s a chance to put more effort into their grow and possibly get extra rewards from the quality of the harvest. Some varieties, such as stretchy sativa strains, can require more effort and attention during the grow. For indoor growers this can mean tying down branches, using a scrog screen and generally having to regularly ensure that the plant is managing well. Not all growers find this an easy challenge. Likewise, with some feminized (photoperiod) sativa varieties the bloom time can be fairly long. Up to 15 weeks in the case of same Haze varieties. This means that you will have to continue monitoring and feeding your feminized sativa plants for a few weeks longer than e.g. an autoflower grow.

Of course, for experienced growers issues like these are far from being show-stoppers. In fact, some growers enjoy the challenge of putting their grow skills to the test. But not all growers enjoy the challenge of a slightly more demanding grow. For the less experienced grower, these extra demands may be unwelcome. Some growers  simply prefer to choose a more straightforward seed variety. But for growers keen to invest the skills and time into a variety which will repay the extra effort, these varieties are well worth considering.



Desfrán. Pure sativa seeds with a THC rich soaring high

Desfrán is a pure sativa variety featuring award winning genetics from the famous ‘Destroyer’ strain. Desfrán is the result of crossing Destroyer with Destroyer, she was  originally a 3-way crossing of Mexican Oaxaca, Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai. During early vegetative growth Desfrán needs relatively little nutrition. Desfrán grows well in soil and thrives with plenty of root space, and grows vigorously in other grow methods too. Desfrán is 100% Sativa so she can grow very tall and develops long branches which can dominate the airspace/growroom in no time. In vegetative growth the stem can produce intense fruity aromas when rubbed. Indoor grower will benefit from a well managed grow room and some low stress training to tie down branches which become too long. Yes, this type of sativa does require a little more experience and hands-on approach in your growroom. But the reward is a supreme harvest of THC rich sativa buds which offer an exceptionally psychoactive feel-good high.


Blueberry. Cannabis seeds which thrive in a perfect setting

Blueberry is a variety with a reputation for occasionally being on the sensitive side. It’s a variety which can reward you like no other when the conditions are perfectly dialled in. Expect rich and deep aromas of dark forest fruit and a sweet blueberry taste in the well cured THC rich buds. But first you will need to provide good grow conditions. Blueberry can be a fussy feeder. She may require a little bit of extra effort to get the nutrients spot on. Blueberry can also set more particular standards when it comes to environmental control. Don’t be surprised if Blueberry requires a little more TLC in the grow room before she settles down to provide you with an epic harvest. Blueberry has a large and loyal following of repeat growers who love her despite the occasional extra effort which she sometimes requires. But if you manage to optimize nutrient and environmental conditions Blueberry is one variety which will offer genuinely outstanding rewards. Expect unique fruity aromas and flavor, autumn color in the buds and a blissfully pleasurable feel good anti-anxiety high.


Freddy’s Best

Freddy’s Best is a strong growing sativa variety which can be hard to predict and occasionally tricky to manage. It’s a THC rich multi-way sativa cross created by one of the original Dutch Passion breeders. It combines Chocolope, Dutch Haze and other sativa/Haze genetics into a very powerful variety noted for hard, dense buds that are produced in XL quantities. But the sativa genetics can make the stretch a little unpredictable and some effort may be required in the grow room to manage the growth pattern. Freddy’s Best can also be particular about nutrients and sensitive if she strays to far from her nutrient ‘sweet spot’. But just like Blueberry, there are excellent rewards on offer for the more experienced grower prepared to take on the challenge of a variety which can occasionally push the growers skill and experience. Expect a soaring psychedelic high which lasts all night.


Growing plants from cannabis seeds is easy

No matter which cannabis seeds you choose, the fundamental principles are the same. Ensure a good growing environment using a grow system which you feel confident with. Many grow their cannabis seeds in soil, when combined with organic nutrients such as BioTabs this is an easy way to grow your seeds. More experienced growers may prefer a sophisticated hydroponics grow system where you need to control nutrient feeds with EC and pH meters. As you gain experience and confidence you can experiment with more advanced grow techniques as well as trying new types of more demanding cannabis seeds. Of course many prefer to stay with the tried and tested grow methods which they have fine tuned over many years.  Growing your own cannabis has never been easier than it is today. Everything you need including seeds, nutrients and knowledge is easy to find online or read from a book. However you grow your cannabis seeds, do your research well and buy your seeds from a company with a long track record for quality and consistency. Poor quality cannabis seeds will never produce good results. But the best cannabis seeds will give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment!


Which are the top 3 easiest and hardest Dutch Passion seeds to grow?
September 13th 2019
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