What you can do if cannabis gets you too high

What you can do if cannabis gets you too high

From time to time some people can find themselves way higher than they intended. Maybe you completely misjudged the amount of cannabis edibles you needed and simply got too high. Or perhaps you got over-ambitious with your love of cannabis concentrates. Possibly your cannabis tolerance is just a little bit too low for the strength of the cannabis you just smoked. What can you do about it? Don’t worry, there are some useful, practical tips which will help you find your way through the difficulty of being too high.


Try not to panic. You may think you'll die, but you wont!

It’s easier said than done, especially if you are new to cannabis. But if you do find yourself too high remember that cannabis will only affect you temporarily. You won’t stay high forever, and you won’t die from it. Panic will only make matters worse. Remember that cannabis is not a killer, you can’t overdose. The worst you will face is an hour or two of confusion as the effects wear off. After that there won’t be a nasty hangover, as you would get from alcohol. But you may feel very sleepy.


Know your limits

Knowing the limits of your cannabis tolerance won’t help you get through your current high. But it can stop you repeating the error in future. Less experienced smokers often have low cannabis tolerances. This means there can be greater scope for accidentally using way more cannabis than necessary. Take small sips from your vape/joint until you understand the strength of your stash. Treat edible cannabis products with the utmost respect until you feel sure of a safe dose. Resist the temptation to consume more than you can safely handle in social situations. With modern cannabis seed varieties a little goes a long way. Some of the best modern feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds regularly produce harvests with over 20% THC. Cannabis concentrates can be nearer 70% THC. Using too much cannabis can be expensive and unnecessary. So there is a great deal to be said for moderate cannabis consumption.

β-Caryophyllene black pepper

Black Pepper to reduce the cannabis high

Many cannabis users have heard of the trick of using black pepper to remove the paranoia which can come if you find yourself too high. Rock musician Neil Young endorses chewing 2-3 balls of black pepper to ‘come down’ after smoking too much weed. Black Pepper contains the terpene β-Caryophyllene which is thought to dampen down the activity of THC. There is some science behind the theory too, with the Caryophyllene thought to bind to the same CB2 cannabinoid receptor in the endo cannabinoid system. There is a research paper here, published by Dr Ethan Russo which gives more scientific insight into this.

 eating snacks when too stoned or high will make you feel better

Drinks and snacks

Instead of anxious clock watching, wondering when your high will end, try a few light drinks and snacks. At all costs avoid alcohol, it will only make you feel worse. Try keeping yourself hydrated with a few soft drinks. It’s a good idea to avoid caffeinated energy drinks or tea/coffee. Snacking on a few healthy treats can take your mind off the worries of your high and allow you to enjoy some nourishment while the cannabis wears off. Perhaps a boost of glucose/sugar from some snacks will help you start to feel more like your normal self again.



Many cannabis users feel that CBD helps moderate the intensity of the THC high. CBD oil, or CBD products are now widely available. If you have some, it could be worth trying a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue to see if it slightly reduces the high. This CBD infused chocolate could be the right kind of treat for you if you do find yourself a little bit higher than planned. 

Watch some TV

Whether you prefer comedy, sport or some other genre, TV can be a great distraction if you are too high. Find something lighthearted and undemanding, it can take your mind off being high and you may find the TV an amusing diversion.


Curl up and rest

You may find the best way to get through being too high is simply to find a safe place to get cozy, curl up and chill out for a while. Try getting a blanket and pillow and finding a chill-out zone where you can rest in peace. Soothing and peaceful background music can help some people, as can a guided meditation from the internet. If you can sleep, that is a great way to deal with being too high, just close your eyes and drift away.

Relax, chill, curl up and enjoy being warm and safe 

Take a calming, mindful walk

For some people the best way to deal with being a little bit too high is to get outdoors and have a walk in fresh air. If you can, try walking mindfully, taking note of the sights, sounds and scents from outdoors. Breathe slowly and calmly. Some people find it grounding to take a pet dog/cat with them and aim for a peaceful place, preferably without crowds of people or loud noise.


The wonders of a bath/shower

If you are a bit too high it can help some people to take an invigorating steamy shower. Not only does it take your mind off being too high, it can help you feel refreshed and brighter. Many cannabis lovers really enjoy warm bubbly baths. The warm water can seem especially soothing and luxurious when you are high. Enjoying a luxurious warm bubbly bath it can be a great option if you find yourself higher than planned.


Distraction time!

A cannabis high, even a very strong one, eventually starts to fade. In the meantime you can distract yourself to help pass the time. Video gaming or watching TV can be great ways to distract yourself in an enjoyable way as the high wears off. Chatting with your friends/partner can be a great reassurance, as can a cuddle from a pet, watching a cartoon or simply doing some coloring/artwork. Appreciating music is one of the great passions for many cannabis lovers when high. If you are too high it can be very calming to listen to binaural music


Yoga and cannabis

Sequenced Pranayama and mindful stretching can be a wonderful way to find inner calm. Yoga practitioners, with increasing medical and scientific evidence, are finding that yoga is a great antidote to the stresses and anxiety of the modern world. This is not felt to be merely distraction. Yoga is thought to have been used for thousands of years to assist meditation and relaxation.

 Essential oils aromatherapy cannabis dutch passion cbd oil for sale


Aromatherapists and herbalists tell us that aromas and essential oils can play a valuable role in calming the mind and body. Aromatherapy is regarded as a complimentary therapy or alternative medicine, but some people hold a firm belief that eventually aromatherapy will find a strong scientific basis which will link the use of aromatic oils (such as linalool, and other terpenes) to biological mechanisms which benefit mental and physical well being. Many cannabis users don’t feel the need to wait for scientific data to support the theory. They feel that a simple diffuser with essential oils can be a simple way to fast-track to inner peace. If you get too high, aromatherapy is a calming option.


Growing your own cannabis to control potency

One of the main reasons that people grow their own cannabis is to ensure that they get the varieties, potency and quality which suits them. Buying cannabis from street suppliers/dealers often leaves you with no understanding of the genetics used. If you find yourself too high with the cannabis that you buy, the it may be time to grow your own. CBD rich cannabis seeds can produce varieties with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Many people find these offer a less intense psychoactive experience and may be preferable for some recreational and medical cannabis users. The other advantage of growing your own cannabis is that you can guarantee it is free from chemicals, nasty pesticides etc.


Try using CBD weed instead of THC weed, or alongside it

You can buy CBD rich cannabis buds online. These don’t contain enough THC to get you high but they look and smell like the real thing. Some cannabis users like to blend CBD buds with their normal THC-rich buds. This has the effect of ‘diluting’ your THC content and reducing the chance that you will get too high. You can buy Dutch Passion CBD buds online here.


What you can do if cannabis gets you too high
August 27th 2019
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