The top 9 cannabis trends for 2019

The top 9 cannabis trends for 2019

The cannabis world is constantly evolving. Each year sees new genetics and new grow room gadgets. New technologies continue to improve and optimize. Growing techniques, nutrients and equipment continue to develop and mature. All of this progress is greatly assisted by the huge legal grow industries in places such as the USA and Canada. The legal grow industry is seeing €Billions pumped into cannabis cultivation and research. And it is producing some interesting new trends for 2019. Here are the most important ones:

LED Grow Lights. The easiest way to improve cannabis quality.

LED may be an expensive grow room upgrade. But an upgrade to LED is the best way to grow cannabis with permanently improved cannabinoid content. In other words, LED produces more potent cannabis crops. That’s the reason why so many professional growers have invested heavily to upgrade their grow rooms. A clone variety which may offer 16-17% THC under an HPS light can deliver nearer 23% under a high quality LED. The quality improvement is partly due to a superior light spectrum and partly due to the reduced heat stress from HPS technology.

Most people upgrade to LED purely for increased potency. But there are other benefits too. LED grow lights generally use less electricity than a comparable HPS. A good LED will last for 50,000-100,000 hours of use. That could be over 10 years for many home growers, with scarcely any reduction in light intensity during that period. In the same time you could have paid for dozens of replacement HPS bulbs.

If you are considering an LED grow light for your grow room please check out LED By Passion. They are a Dutch Passion sister company. The team test grow lights only from the worlds best manufacturers, putting them through several full grow cycles before agreeing to sell them. If you only make one grow room upgrade this year, consider upgrading to a quality LED grow light.

 tulips under led grow light

Continued legalization of cannabis.


2019 should see continued moves towards legalization around the world. The USA will see more states approving legal recreational and medical cannabis. Other countries around the world will also continue to move towards legalization and away from prohibition. In Europe, Luxembourg are likely to make recreational cannabis fully legal but no timetable has been established yet. French cannabis consumers are hoping that progress will be made on medical usage laws. France has been one of Europe’s slowest countries to adopt medical cannabis. But recent comments by the French Prime Minister have been encouraging. Italy is pushing for recreational legality. And Lebanon recently announced interest in cannabis as a cash crop to boost the economy.


Cannabis edibles and medibles.

When cannabis was first legalized in the USA the sales of edibles was initially limited. ‘Edibles’ simply means food which contains cannabis. A ‘Medible’ is a term often used for edibles intended for medical cannabis users. However, the longer a state has had legal cannabis, the more edible products are seen.

Cannabis edibles are now huge business in the USA, and not everyone foresaw this trend. The edibles market is set grow from a $1Billion to a $4Billion market from 2019 to 2022. Why is this trend happening? People love getting high from edible snacks. It is extremely pleasurable for recreational and medical consumers alike. An edible can have a longer lasting high compared to smoking.


Cannabis concentrates. Hash, cannabis oil, wax, shatter BHO and more!

Cannabis concentrates are another trend which will continue to prove more and more popular during 2019. Concentrates can be used discreetly and conveniently in compact vape pens. Many people prefer the ease of use associated with cannabis concentrates. Hash is also making a comeback as more and more people re-discover it. Dabbing has become a popular way for recreational and medical cannabis users to enjoy cannabis. Dabbing rigs were difficult to buy a few years ago, now they are available from almost every headshop. Cannabis buds remain in high demand everywhere. But cannabis concentrates are definitely becoming more and more popular.

 Cannabis concentrates. Hash, cannabis oil, wax, shatter BHO and more!

Cannabis concentrates. Hash, cannabis oil, wax, shatter BHO and more!

Cannabis terpenes.

Interest in cannabis terpenes has never been as high. 2019 will see a strong focus on terpenes in the cannabis industry. Terpenes are the aromatic organic compounds which occur naturally in cannabis, as well as other plants. Terpenes help give your cannabis extra aroma and flavor. And modern cannabis connoisseurs increasingly believe that terpenes have a strong ability to modulate (or ‘steer’) the type of high that you experience. Terpene production is better under LED compared to HPS. Genetics also have a large effect on cannabis terpenes, so does the growing and curing conditions. More and more cannabis growers want to produce crops which have better taste and aroma. One way to do this is to use blue light treatment for the last few days of growth before harvest. Growers with adjustable LED spectrum grow lights such as those from GrowSpec and California Lightworks are well placed to implement blue light treatment. About 4 days before harvest, the red light LED spectrum is turned down to zero. At this stage of growth, bud production is almost complete anyway. By switching to blue light, the plant photosynthesis focus switches from bud production to terpene production. And you benefit from crops which have a distinctive and unusually intense taste and aroma.


Minor cannabinoids. New types of high from cannabis?

2019 could finally be the year when we hear about the next big cannabinoid. First it was THC. Then it was CBD. Soon there will be new cannabis varieties which have been bred to have elevated levels of minor cannabinoids. A THC-V rich cannabis seed variety could be the first of these to be released by Dutch Passion as feminized seeds. And other cannabinoids are also undergoing some serious research. In the future there could be several new cannabinoid varieties rich in cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBG & CBC. Keep reading the Dutch Passion blogs for the latest information. Dutch Passion will also release their own non-psychoactive cannabis oil rich in CBG. Dutch Passion already sell CBD oil online.

minor cannabinoids. New types of high from cannabis?


UV Light. UVB light and THC increases.

Another interesting trend to come from the USA professional growers is the use of UV light. Growers have found that supplementing the grow room light with UVB for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom has a noticeable and measurable increase in cannabis potency. Specifically, if UVB is added to the grow room for 3-4 hours per day for the final 2-3 weeks the cannabis plant responds with increased trichome and resin production. The increased resin is partly to protect the cannabis plant from the damaging effects of UV light. In the USA and Canada, cannabis buds are priced according to their strength. By adding UV light a crop can increase from around 22% THC to nearer 24-25% THC. But be careful. UVB light is damaging to human eyes and skin. Never, ever, look in your grow room when the UVB lights are on. If you want to add a UVB supplemental light to your grow room you can buy it here from LED By Passion, our sister company.


Other cannabinoid based products. Creams, gels and drinks.

Where cannabis is legal, there has been a boom in the use of cannabis creams and other similar products. Some of these are CBD rich products, others are THC rich. Creams and topical gels have been designed for a huge range of conditions. Some are beauty and cosmetics. Others are for medical use with sore skin, pre-menstrual cramps, etc. When smoking or vaping cannabis, the cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed through the lungs and go all around the body. With a cream or gel, the cannabis is applied directly to the area where it is most needed. Expect to see more and more cannabinoid based products.

The market for cannabis infused drinks is also set to grow dramatically. Many of the companies involved in alcohol production are closely watching the cannabis market. They will be happy to switch from alcoholic beverages to cannabis beverages as the market grows. And many expect the cannabis drinks industry will eventually be worth $Billions.

top 9 cannabis trends


Cannabis moves into the wellness industry.

As cannabis use has become more and more popular it has moved into the wellness industry. The wellness industry is all about people improving their health and how they feel. One recent strong trend for cannabis has been the recent appearance in a whole range of wellness products. CBD in particular has surprised many people with its recent mainstream popularity. CBD can be found in foods, capsules, dropper bottles and many other forms. CBD was the first cannabinoid to achieve this mainstream acceptance. And it may make it easier for similar THC based products to be accepted in future years. And after that, perhaps products will be available enriched in other minor cannabinoids.


Cannabis trends in 2019.  Lots to look forward to.

The cannabis world and industry has never been busier. As cannabis takes it’s place in society it is being freed from much of the hysteria and prejudice which has accompanied it in recent years. The medical uses of cannabis continue to surprise medical researchers. And where cannabis has become legal there are no subsequent health or social problems. Dutch Passion will continue to develop and offer their cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds will remain as popular as ever. And in the future maybe we will see some feminized seeds rich in unusual and exotic cannabinoids. Growing your own cannabis will be more fun than ever!

The top 9 cannabis trends for 2019
April 24th 2019

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