Signs that you are smoking too much cannabis. How a tolerance break can totally change your enjoyment of cannabis

Signs that you are smoking too much cannabis.  How a tolerance break can totally change your enjoyment of cannabis

From time to time many cannabis smokers find that their cannabis is simply not having the same effect that it used to.  Perhaps your tolerance to cannabis has increased to the point where you need to take a cannabis tolerance break.  Don’t worry, it happens to many cannabis lovers who have enjoyed their cannabis over the years.  As your body gets used to the wonderful effects of cannabis you may find that cannabis gradually seems slightly less effective than before, especially if you have been over-indulging yourself.


The simple way to re-set and re-calibrate your cannabis tolerance is to take a break, or significantly reduce your consumption.  It’s easier than it sounds, and when you return to cannabis you will find yourself gasping at the effects of your weed, just like when you first started enjoying cannabis.  Prepare once again to sit their on the sofa gripping the sides so you don't roll off, crying with laughter at the comedy shows on TV.  



Signs that you may be using too much cannabis, and would benefit from a cannabis tolerance break are:



  1. Smoking too early in the day, especially before lunch time.  If you vape/smoke weed too early in the day it will reduce the effect of it later in the day, causing you to smoke more and compound the problem.  If you feel that your weed consumption is excessive then delay your first smoke of the day until much later and stick to it.  Those that smoke first thing in the morning will know exactly what we mean.
  2. If you only get stoned from concentrates or dabbing its time to think of a tolerance break.  Some people develop a tolerance to cannabis buds, and switch to concentrates.  This is just a temporary way to address the tolerance issue.  If you find dabbing is the only way to get stoned, a tolerance break could be the way to restore your love of green buds.
  3. If you feel routinely disappointed and under-whelmed by the quality of your cannabis it could be a sign that you have built up a significant tolerance.  Remember cannabis varieties are not getting any weaker, the best varieties are based on solid genetics with routine 15-20%+ THC levels.
  4. If you feel that modern cannabis varieties are simply not as good as they were ‘in the good old days’ then it could be time to consider a cannabis tolerance break.  Probably your generalisation about cannabis potency is wrong, and the problems maybe related to your own over-use of cannabis.



How do I build up the courage to take a cannabis tolerance break?

If taking a cannabis tolerance break was easy then we would be taking them more often.  For medical users it can be extremely difficult to take a cannabis tolerance break.  For recreational users, cannabis can be one of their few pleasures in life.  So why stop vaping/smoking?  Those users that regularly take cannabis tolerance breaks find the the best motivation is the knowledge that when you resume cannabis its just like the first time.  A full cannabis tolerance break of 1-2 weeks is a great way to reset your physical and psychoactive response to cannabis.  After a tolerance break even experienced lifelong cannabis lovers have found themselves simply unable to function if they use too much weed too soon.  A cannabis tolerance break really does work.



Some people think that up to a month is required for a complete resetting of your cannabis tolerance, but that is probably too much for most cannabis lovers. 1-2 weeks is a more realistic target, the first day or two will seem the hardest, after that it gets easier.  After a tolerance break you should try to avoid smoking too much, take advantage of the new lower-dosing regime and keep it for as long as possible.

Signs that you are smoking too much cannabis.  How a tolerance break can totally change your enjoyment of cannabis
February 13th 2019
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Pavlo Westopoulo

2017-03-28 22:24:49

You would be surprised what just 3 days off can do, smoking again on the 4th. Saunas, exercise, and alkalizing foods also assist in lowering your tolerance and resetting. Also just being more conscious of your dose has a big effect; one hit of OG is all you need even though an entire spliff may be what you want. Keep stronger strains on the shelf for later on and enjoy the lighter strains on a daily basis, it's kind of like drinking wine everyday but you only have whiskey on the weekends. If you are a recreational smoker who can't deal with the stress of life without blazing then develop multiple avenues for those stresses, change your surroundings, or address the stress head on. Exercise assists everything I find.