World leaders call for new approach to drugs

World leaders call for new approach to drugs



In an unprecedented announcement today the former Presidents of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland join with Kofi Annan, Richard Branson and George Shultz to present a radical alternative to the failed war on drugs.  

The team of former national leaders, diplomats and businessmen collectively form the Global Commission on Drug Policy.  They have been lobbying for years to regulate drugs, removing funding for criminals and treating drug users with an emphasis on health rather than punishment.  Current drug laws do nothing to reduce consumption, after many decades of expensive prohibition drugs are more widely available and cheaper than ever before .  Current drug laws now cause more damage than the drugs they are supposed to prohibit.  

The Global Commission on Drugs wants to see political leaders show the courage to change their failing drug laws.  Expect to see continued political discussion and debate on this issue in the coming months, this time the politicians will NOT be able to avoid the issue.

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World leaders call for new approach to drugs
September 9th 2014

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