What is medical cannabis?

What is medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis refers to any marijuana variety which is helpful to someone suffering from ill health.  The terms marijuana, pot, weed, hemp, skunk, ganja, cannabis (and others) are street terms often used interchangeably. The official biological name is Cannabis. The medical uses of cannabis continue to increase every year, there has never been as much medical interest in pot as there is today. 

A lot of the best medical marijuana research comes from the USA (where medical cannabis is legal in around half the states) and Israel where cannabis is also widely prescribed medically.  Cannabis has uses in arthritis to help with discomfort, it is used by cancer patients to increase appetite and help sleep.  Cannabis is used to reduce nausea in those having chemotherapy.  Israeli doctors prescribe cannabis for a full range of physical conditions as well as helping those with psychological issues, such as  their military veterans suffering from anxiety disorders.  If you want to know what a legal cannabis dispensary has to say to its customers about how to use medical cannabis then read thisThis may also be a useful read if you want a useful resource centre for medical cannabis.


Above, CBD SkunkHaze, a best selling high CBD variety which offers a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD

There are 80-100+ cannabis-related compounds, known as ‘cannabinoids’.  Of the cannabinoids THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well known, responsible for many effects including the famous euphoric high.  But Cannabidiol (‘CBD’) is a cannabinoid being studied extensively for its properties with epilepsy, and many other conditions.  In some cases the effectiveness of cannabis medicines exceeds that of traditional, non-cannabis, pharmaceuticals.  There are even strains of non-psychoactive cannabis rich in CBD that are being used to treat children with Dravet’s syndrome.  

One thing is clear, if cannabis was a plant that had just been found in the Amazon jungle it would probably be worldwide headline news that a multipurpose miracle plant had been discovered. 


Above, Canna-butter.  Many medical marijuana users like make cannabutter (google it).  Recommended on toast.

Cannabis is not a new medicine, archaeological discoveries have shown it has been used for thousands of years.  However, so far as modern man is concerned medical cannabis is almost completely new to medical science.  Medical researchers are still understanding why cannabis works so well and how it interacts with the dedicated Cannabinoid receptors in the human endo cannabinoid system.   This is part of the human nerve system and was only discovered in the 1980’s. Of course, we should remember that medical research of any kind is severely restricted in places where cannabis remains illegal, which is still most of the world. 

There are THC rich cannabis varieties and CBD rich medical cannabis varieties.  Each has their own uses.  CBD rich cannabis varieties are also known as high-CBD, they have 4% of more CBD in the dried buds.  Its easy to grow your own medical marijuana, the best quality cannabis seed banks sell online medical marijuana seeds, but be sure to choose a seed bank which you can trust to deliver stable seeds which do what they say on the packet.

Above, high CBD oil made from high CBD cannabis.  

High CBD varieties of cannabis are useful to many medical users.   CBD oil (extracted from CBD-rich cannabis varieties) is especially valued as a health supplement for those suffering ill health.  High CBD oil can be used as a cream for skin conditions but many medical users prefer to eat small daily quantities of the oil.   The most effective variety and dose of medical marijuana will very often vary from one person to another.

 Cannabis edibles are a good way for the medical marijuana patient to consume the quantities of cannabis required for their condition, and its a lot healthier than smoking.  Many medical marijuana users can also vaporise their cannabis using a portable vaporizer. These gently heat the cannabis releasing the active ingredients in a vapour which you breathe in, there is no combustion at all which means no smell.  It is important to note that many medical marijuana growers prefer THC-rich varieties rather than high CBD varieties. CBD is important but it is only one of many medically effective cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.



cbd skunkhaze
Above, CBD SkunkHaze at harvest.  Lots of medicine.

Cannabis is used by all age groups for just about every medical condition.  Cannabis, with its unique blend of physical relaxation and psychological tranquility has something to offer medical marijuana users of all kinds.  

 One of the reasons so many medical cannabis patients grow their own cannabis is to get the best quality medical weed for their condition at the lowest possible cost.  Growing your own medical cannabis is easy, you can buy your medical marijuana seeds online and grow them indoors or outdoors.   There are numerous marijuana grow guides and resources online - it is not difficult to grow, they call it weed for a good reason.  

da vinci
Above, portable vaporizers.  Popular with medical and recreational cannabis fans and a healthier alternative to smoking

In summary, medical cannabis will become big news in the coming years as more countries legalize the use of medical marijuana.  And as more professional research continues into medical cannabis you can be sure that more uses will be found.  Big pharmaceutical companies will increasingly get involved in production of medical cannabis extracts.  But if you really want to get the cheapest supply of medical cannabis then growing your own medical pot is the cheapest way.  A seed costing just a few €Euro’s can produce a plant capable of producing several hundred grams of top quality cannabis.  


Cannabis medicine.  Concentrated legal extracts such as Sativex are available in many countries but many medical cannabis users also grow their own.


Growing your own medical marijuana has never been easier.  Choose a seed bank you trust and research your selected varieties careful before starting.  The better seed banks will have online grow reports from customers so you can see what you are buying. One thing is for certain, medical marijuana is going to be massively important to all of us in the future.


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What is medical cannabis?
July 18th 2014

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