Welcome to the new Dutch Passion website

Welcome to the new Dutch Passion website

Celebrating 25 years of serving the world’s most discerning growers

We hope you like the new Dutch Passion website. After 25 years we want to be closer than ever to our customers and we needed a new website to allow us to do all the new things we have planned. The new website will allow us to give you more information, photo’s and video’s of your favourite cannabis varieties. It will allow you to give your own comments, questions and feedback. You will be able tell us directly what you like, and what you want to see us doing for YOU.

Our last 25 years was an incredible journey allowing us the privilege of giving the world feminized seeds and leading the exciting new AutoFem market. The next 25 years will be even more special, and we aim to create even more ways of easily growing top quality cannabis. Dutch Passion is changing and will continue to set new standards. Everything we do will be driven by understanding your needs. We will continue to sell all our legendary best selling strains but will also continue to develop the best new strains and innovations in the cannabis seed market.

Our 25th anniversary year will allow us to run lots of different competitions on our new website with lots of top quality free seeds for the winners. So please keep visiting our website and blog for the latest news and information.

Wishing you a great 2012. Happy growing !

Welcome to the new Dutch Passion website
January 5th 2012

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donna thompson

2014-07-28 05:56:55

Im excited to try this for myself. I have a green thumb for indoor plants.

Eddy | Dutch Passion

2012-02-03 15:16:46

@ Stef Thanks for the reply. The new website is still in development. We are working on a new style Photo Contest. It's a bit different from the old contest. We hope to have it up and running within 2 weeks or so. In the meantime if you want to participate in the contest, you can send your pictures to: photocontest@dutch-passion.nl


2012-02-03 15:05:45

hi guys... what about the photocontest???