We now ship our merchandise to North America!

We now ship our merchandise to North America!

Dutch Passion fans in the USA & Canada will be pleased to know that they can now buy genuine Dutch Passion merchandise directly from our Netherlands HQ! This is your chance to enjoy the merchandise which was previously only available to those from the European Union. Unfortunately, Dutch Passion can't yet ship seeds to North America, only merchandise.

Order your weed merchandise from Canada and the USA

At last! You can now order some top quality Dutch Passion merchandise for yourself or your friends. Dutch Passion can now ship their weed vaporizers, exclusive caps, designer T-shirts, grinders, pot labels and many other exclusive merchandise gifts to North America. Order your goodies now and feel firmly part of the Dutch Passion community!

The Dutch Passion USA & Canada Merchandise Collection

Dutch Passion merchandise collection features the best Dutch Passion branded items personally selected by us, for you. The Merchandise Collection includes the best vaporisers and many other carefully selected treats for the cannabis connoisseur. The most popular items from the merchandise collection includes the Dutch Passion metal Herb Grinder, clothing range, bags, posters and of course our catalogue.

Our heavy duty metal grinder makers bud-shredding a breeze, the grinder will last a lifetime. If you use a plastic grinder then you will be amazed at the performance difference delivered by a professional-quality metal herb grinder. It’s a treat you will never regret buying. Our range of Dutch Passion clothing is always a popular choice with customers whether for yourself or as a gift.

The Dutch Passion colour catalogue has been published every year since the 1980’s. It explains each variety in detail and gives background information about our seed collection.

List of cannabis merchandise available

Caps and clothes:
Auto Lemon Kix Snapback Cap   Order Now 
Dutch Passion Unisex Snapback Cap   Order Now 
Unisex Inhale Snapback Cap   Order Now 
Dutch Passion 'Masters At Work cap'   Order Now 
Limited Edition Dutch Passion T-Shirt   Order Now 
Hemp face mask   Order Now 

Smoking accessories:
Pro Grinder, 50mm   Order Now 
Pro Grinder, 55mm   Order Now 
Rolling Papers Slim + Tips   Order Now 
Rolling Papers Wide + Tips   Order Now 

With green fingers:
BioTabs StarterKit   Order Now 
Grow Organic in Comics limited edition   Order Now 
Pot Labels   Order Now 
Catalogue 2020   Order Now 
A5 Catalogue 2020   Order Now 

How to order Dutch Passion merchandise from North America?

Simply visit the North American Merchandise section of the Dutch Passion website. Place your order, and pay with one of the payment options shown below:

Payment methods:

• PayPal (Note paying via PayPal is only an option for USA & Canadian merchandise-buying customers. For use only with non-seed transactions)

• Bank transfer

• Cash payment. Note that cash payment is only possible with €Euro notes (no coins) sent by recorded delivery. Unfortunately change can’t be given.

Shipping cost:

• International Post (2020 rates: €11 for the shipments under 0.2Kg, €23 for 0.2Kg - 1.6Kg, €47 for 1.6Kg - 4.5Kg)

• FedEx: €19 flat rate

Delivery times:

• Postal service: 9 to 27 days for delivery

• FedEx 3-5 days

We now ship our merchandise to North America!
November 5th 2020
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Jay - Dutch Passion

2021-05-18 11:46:21

Hello @JW Hamrdic 2021-05-12 20:50:58 All of our merchandise can be ordered in the US :) Unfortunately, custom versions are not possible. Here you can find all merchandise: https://dutch-passion.com/en/merchandise-usa-canada Greetings, Jay Dutch Passion

JW Hamrdic

2021-05-12 20:50:58

Can you order Custom tee shirts.? Like your logo on the back of the tee shirt.? I would buy one. Especially one w/your logo "Dutch Passion Masters at work" sporting both seagulls. I 'd pay up to 60 American $$$ for one. Just sayin.