Valentines Day. Love and Cannabis.

Valentines Day. Love and Cannabis.

Valentine's day falls on February 14th each year. For cannabis fans, this presents some great opportunities to combine our love of cannabis with the traditions of valentines day.

Cannabis and sex

Most cannabis users are aware of the aphrodisiac qualities of cannabis. Vaping or smoking some great quality cannabis often diverts the mind to the physical pleasures of life. Lots of cannabis users love getting high and then enjoying great sex. Some cannabis fans actually prefer to be high, claiming that it significantly enhances the pleasure of sex. Others prefer to light a joint after sex, insisting it is the perfect moment for relaxation. Experienced cannabis connoisseurs will get different feelings from an indica with a strong physical effect, to a sativa with a soaring psycho-active high. Much depends on your own personal preferences, and those of your partner. An indica can have a faster, more immediate impact. A quality sativa can have a creeper stone which can arrive a little bit slower and then have a powerful cerebral high. For some lovers, Valentine's day holds some great fun and experimentation ahead.

Couple in the bedroom

Cannabis sex aids and lubricants containing THC


Some companies have developed sex lubricants with THC. In theory, these should work for men and women. But in the USA it is the female-themed THC lubricants which seem to have become the most popular. THC has an arousing effect and is absorbed directly into the active areas. Many women report great results from a THC lubricant, with greater desire and pleasure. Some companies specialise in cannabis-based lubricants and are seeing strong sales.


CBD use in sex lubricants

Another interesting trend from the USA has been the success of CBD rich sex lubricants. Many will already know that CBD lubricants won’t get you high or have a THC-numbing effect. But CBD does have some well publicised physical effects. A cannabis variety with both CBD and THC present in high levels produces a pronounced feel-good experience which delivers a manageable and blissfully pleasant high. This is combined with a pleasing body stone. And that’s why some people strongly prefer a CBD rich lubricant for sex.



Valentine's day gifts

There are plenty of cannabis-themed gifts which you can give to a loved one on Valentine's day. For many cannabis fans, you just can’t beat getting a gift of some high-quality buds, hash, or a sample of deliciously potent cannabis extract. Hemp-based products are also popular with cannabis fans. These days you can buy almost any clothing item made from hemp. In some cities, restaurants are appearing which offer hemp-based menus. Some menus offer CBD infused food. And in places with legal cannabis, some cafes and restaurants will cook with THC rich ingredients, a great valentines night out.

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Valentines cannabis edibles

Some lovers combine their two great desires in life, sex and cannabis, and make it an all-day experience. Using a strong cannabis edible (or ‘medible’) can allow you to feel high for much longer than vaping or smoking. The optimum dosage for cannabis edibles varies from one person to another. Someone new to cannabis edibles should always start with a low dose before trying a high dose of edible. That’s because cannabis edibles have a powerful and long-lasting effect.

Some cannabis edibles offer the hard-core consumer up to 1000mg of THC at a time. That’s enough to get anyone high, even someone with a severe cannabis tolerance issue. But if you gave a 1000mg THC edible to an inexperienced cannabis user they would probably be overwhelmed and have an unpleasant experience which they would have to endure for most of the day. It’s far better to start with lower dose edibles containing around 10mg of THC and assess your own optimum level. Many people enjoy edibles with around 100mg of THC. Note that the high from an edible can take a couple of hours to arrive. It is quite different from smoking or vaping where the high arrives within minutes. That’s another reason why cannabis edibles should be approached slowly and with caution until you are confident that you know your own dose and limits.


Valentine's edibles

The gift of cannabis seeds


If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, then why not give some cannabis seeds on Valentine's day. Some varieties have terpene profiles rich in arousing terpenes such as limonene. Homegrown cannabis has never been as popular, you can grow your own personal favourite varieties easily. Whether you want to gift CBD rich cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds or photoperiod feminized seeds you can buy them all easily online at Dutch Passion. Whatever you do for Valentine's day, Dutch Passion hopes you have a good one.



Valentines Day. Love and Cannabis.
February 14th 2019
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