USA starts to legalise cannabis. The beginning of the end for prohibition?

USA starts to legalise cannabis.  The beginning of the end for prohibition?

The world of cannabis is still coming to terms with the amazing news from the USA.  Washington and Colorado have legalised weed.  Not just ‘decriminalised’ weed, they have actually made it legal for recreational and medical users. 

The big question is what does this really mean for the rest of us?  The USA was the first country to begin the demonization of cannabis back in the 1930’s and since then it has exported prohibition almost everywhere.  The USA were the original prohibitionists but now the rest of the world is looking to see what legalisation of cannabis in the USA will really mean. 

Mexico have spent $Billions maintaining the illegality of cannabis.  Will they really feel like continuing to fight the ‘war on drugs’ if the Americans themselves have started legalising cannabis?  What will other countries do?  What will stop the South Americans, Europeans and everyone else from copying the USA, doing the right thing, and making cannabis use legal?

Apart from the massive financial cost of fighting the war on drugs there are the massive social costs and mounting death tolls which have slowed down the economic development of many countries.  Mexico alone suffers at least 10,000 drug-gang deaths a year in the war to keep drugs illegal.  Several generations have been scarred, economies ruined, money and lives lost fighting a war that can never be won.  But things are starting to change, after all the USA has now set a highly public example to the rest of the world, they have started legalising cannabis.

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At the moment there are more questions than answers.  The only losers from the decision to legalise weed in Washington and Colorado are the criminal gangs that depended on illegality in order to guarantee future tax-free profits.

State law in the USA is now in open conflict with federal law over cannabis.  Obama is now safe for the final 4 years in office, and with a growing number of states with some form of legal recreational/medical cannabis is seems likely that the only future is for the federal laws to be changed before they start to become an embarrassment.  Those of you that say the Americans will never change federal law will need to remember that they also said that no states would EVER make cannabis legal.  In the 1920’s the USA alcohol prohibitionists were saying that alcohol would never be legalised again in the USA.  Times change, and so do attitudes.  Those of you that still live with oppressive cannabis laws should start feeling optimistic that things are changing. 

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But what will it mean to the wider world?  The pharmaceutical companies must be watching this very carefully, and a few of them will be thinking about opening R&D facilities in Colorado or Washington where they will be able to go about medical marijuana research with great freedom.  Numerous American cannabis users are saying that they would now seriously consider moving to Colorado or Washington.  Fresh business opportunities are opening up every day for people who would like to make a living from legal weed in these states. 

Governments all over the world will be watching.  Some will be appalled that the USA has actually started legalised cannabis.  But most will be realising that there are some massive socio-economic benefits if they do the same thing.  What is the point of the rest of the world maintaining a tough attitude against cannabis if even the USA doesn’t believe in it anymore? 

And that is one of the key points.  Many modern politicians are moral cowards, afraid of making a potentially controversial decision in case it affects their political career.  But the recent American legalisations now make it a lot easier for the non-American politicians to implement similar policies in their own countries.  It makes it easier to criticise cannabis prohibition when the Americans are legalising weed themselves. 

The political consequences of legal Washington weed and Colorado cannabis will soon begin to ripple out overseas.  Who knows what will happen 12 months from now.  Few of us really expected cannabis prohibition to have weakened so much 2012.

Dutch Passion, and the rest of the cannabis world, have found 2012 an exciting year and it looks like things can only get better in 2013.  Good luck to cannabis activists everywhere; there has never been as many reasons to feel genuine optimism for the future.  Is this the beginning of the end for prohibition of cannabis?  We sincerely hope so.

 Dutch Joe

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USA starts to legalise cannabis.  The beginning of the end for prohibition?
November 16th 2012

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2012-12-11 07:00:17

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2012-11-18 17:15:06

If the other states legalise, and the federal government change their stance then hopefully we can have dutch passion quality here!!!