The best YouTube channels every weed lover needs to watch

The best YouTube channels every weed lover needs to watch

Cannabis lovers now account for a significant percentage of the general public. According to Wiki many developed western nations see around 5-10% of their population use cannabis, though in the USA that rate is 16%. Yet there is little mainstream TV coverage aimed at those that enjoy using cannabis, and there is almost nothing aimed at those that are passionate about growing their own autoflower seeds or feminised cannabis seeds. That’s where YouTube has been so useful to the cannabis community in recent years.


All the best weed YouTube channels to watch

YouTube hosts lots of cannabis themed content including comedy, cannabis cultivation, medical news and current affairs. Read on to see some of the best weed YouTube channels and the best weed YouTubers.


Ruffhouse Studios

Ruffhouse Studios produce some very good ‘how to’ videos which cover many aspects of cannabis culture. You can learn all aspects of cannabis concentrate production, edible manufacturing, joint rolling, cannabis seed germination and much more. There are hundreds of videos, some with millions of hits. The quality of video production is very good.

One of our favourite videos is the one on how to make canna butter and pot brownies.


Cannabis Connoisseur Connection

The team from Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (‘CCC’) offer plenty of podcasts. Some are reviews of their preferred weed strains, others are reviews of glassware such as bongs, dabbing rigs etc. They also review tech connected to the cannabis world, such as vaporisers as well as some of the latest and greatest cannabis concentrates which they have been sampling. There is also chat and music videos, something for everyone.

One of the more unusual and interesting videos from CCC is this review of 99.6% pure THC extract.


Bubbleman’s World

Bubbleman’s World tends to focus more on grow-related videos, it’s an interesting channel for those that grow their own cannabis and are interested in all aspects of weed growing and harvest/post-harvest options. Some of the more appealing videos are reviews of commercial grow rooms, hash making tutorials, visits to outdoor ganja grows and reviews of equipment for making hash, rosin etc.

One of the more interesting videos is one of Bubbleman using a rosin press to cold-press dried buds and get rosin yields of around 25-30%.


Growers Network

Growers Network started as a grow forum for industry professionals, but their YouTube channel is even more popular. The channel focuses on insights into the grow industry and often involve industry leaders and some top-class cannabis eye candy in the videos. There are also some good quality Q&A interviews.

This video review of Grow-Op Farms in the USA is fascinating viewing for any home grower that fantasises about the fun and adventure of large scale growing.


That High Couple

That High Couple features Alice and Clark from USA who make chatty cannabis themed videos about most aspect of cannabis culture. Their topics include home growing, vaping, dabbing, joint rolling. It’s easy and enjoyable viewing if you want to chill out and watch some undemanding cannabis entertainment.

This video review of Alice and Clark visiting a new LA cannabis dispensary is typical of the style of entertainment which you can expect.


Silenced Hippie

Silenced Hippie is run by a mid-twenties stoner girl from Rhode Island, USA. She delivers regular videos with a social theme. The videos typically happen around one of her smoke sessions, sometimes with her girlfriends. There isn't any particular grower focus, nor are there many product reviews. Instead the videos reflect the life and thoughts of a young single cannabis loving female.


Urban Remo

He seems to be everywhere, it’s difficult to avoid the distinctive Urban Remo. His YouTube channel has something for everyone and he is constantly adding fresh content - a sign of the better YouTube cannabis channels.

This recent video from Urban Remo features his visit to a legal US grow room with 45 x Gavita 750 Pro HPS grow lights. But his videos feature plenty of other interesting stuff from all aspects of cannabis culture


NPK Hydroponics

If you simply love listening to podcasts designed for cannabis growers then check out the NPK Hydroponics Podcast. There are dozens of audio-only podcasts to listen to which give a really deep dive into all aspects of cannabis growing. The NPK team run their own hydro store, they also have a great NPK YouTube weed channel.

This video from the NPK team explains the basics of building a grow room. But you will find many videos which are all aimed at the serious home grower. The videos have an educational theme and have helped thousands of home growers with all aspects of cannabis cultivation.

What makes this YouTube channel so interesting is that it is aimed directly at helping home growers. It’s also smart marketing. Lots of people that see these videos will feel inclined to order their grow supplies from them. In that respect a good YouTube channel is a great marketing tool for some businesses. The NPK channel will be especially interesting for those that love grow-related topics delivered by knowledgeable specialists.


Mr Canucks Grow

Mr Canucks Grow show is a weed YouTube channel made by a home grower, specifically for other home growers. Many of his videos offer ‘how to’ guides and feature plenty of information on growing autoflower seeds and feminised seeds easily indoors.

If you get bored by non-cultivation related cannabis channels, then Mr Canuck’s grow room will provide hours of entertainment. As well as regular updates from his own grow room, Mr Canuck also likes to post about all aspects related to harvesting, cannabis curing, cannabis concentrate manufacturing and grow room technology.

His beginners guide to growing autoflowers is typical of the chatty, friendly and instructive style. Recommended to those that particularly like grow room themed video.


Enjoying the best cannabis YouTube channels

In the absence of mainstream TV cannabis shows, YouTube offers a great alternative platform for cannabis themed shows. Unfortunately, YouTube has also recently deleted many of the best cannabis YouTube channels which fell foul of their rules.

Those that enjoy growing their own autoflowering seeds and feminised cannabis seeds may also wish to check out the Dutch Passion YouTube Channel which features some fascinating seed-to-harvest grow videos, plus plenty of others. The time lapse video of Auto Mazar (below) is one of the most popular.

The best YouTube channels every weed lover needs to watch
January 10th 2020

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