The best autoflower seeds

The best autoflower seeds

Autoflower seeds have become solid alternatives to photoperiod seeds, but which are the best autoflower seeds? To answer that question, you first need to ask some questions about your own preferences.

Indica or sativa autoflower seeds.

Most cannabis home growers are not too fussy whether they cultivate indica or sativa autoflower seeds. So long as the quality is high, and the seeds are easy to grow most home growers will not have a strong preference. But some growers develop a preference for the slightly more energetic, creative high associated with the ‘up’ high of a good sativa autoflowering sativa. And some growers prefer the soothing, hard-hitting couch clock comfort of a strong indica autoflower seed variety. We all have our unique endo cannabinoid system, meaning that some people will prefer specific types of high and specific styles of physical effects. Sativa autoflower seeds, such as Auto Xtreme and Think Different may stretch a little more and can reach 1m+ in good conditions. Where as indica dominant autos like Auto Night Queen and Auto Mazar may produce slightly shorter, bushier plants. Auto Blueberry is an indica dominant autoflower with a blend of great fruity flavours and rich berry aromas. With good genetics and good environmental growing conditions you can achieve XL harvests with either sativa or indica autoflower seeds.

 Auto White Widow grown by Medgrower

Hybrid autoflower seeds.

There are perhaps most autoflower seed varieties based on blended indica/sativa genetics. These are often appreciated for a balanced, pleasing effect of the indica and sativa influences. You can expect a good body stone combined with a pleasant and stimulating psychoactive high. Auto Ultimate is one of the heaviest yielding autoflower seeds in the Dutch Passion collection, with a blend of indica and sativa genetics the growth is rapid and easy.  Auto Glueberry OG is another hybrid indica/sativa autoflower that combines XL yields with strong buds.

THC rich autoflower seeds and CBD rich autoflower seeds.

In the last few years CBD rich autoflower seeds have emerged, such as CBD Auto White Widow (indica dominant) and CBD Auto Compassion Lime (sativa dominant).  These grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days under 20 hours of daily light. The buds contain a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, for many medical cannabis growers the 1:1 ratio seems to offer the best results. But its not just medical growers that like to grow CBD rich autoflower seeds, increasing numbers of recreational smokers are enjoying a CBD rich vape these days. You still get a really enjoyable high from one of these CBD rich varieties, but you also get a deeper and richer physical effect which some people really enjoy. Many recreational growers enjoy having a jar of CDB rich buds to give them a pleasant alternative to their usual variety. Medical cannabis growers will find a CBD rich autoflowering variety is perhaps the easiest way to grow top quality meds in 10-11 weeks. If you haven't tried a CBD rich auto yet then why not try growing one soon and see if you are one of those that thrive on the CBD rich buds. Not everyone loves CBD rich varieties, but those that do value their CBD rich buds wouldn't swap them for anything.

Indoor autoflower seeds or outdoor autoflower seeds.

Most autoflower seeds will grow outdoors, usually taking an extra few weeks to grow because of the cooler growing temperatures. Often an auto will take around 90 days to grow from seed to harvest outdoors. Some autoflower seeds are designed to be particularly tough specifically for outdoor growing, these include Auto Frisian Dew, Auto Duck and Auto Durban Poison. Auto Frisian Dew uses proven outdoor genetics. Auto Duck has unique genetics, the leaves are not like the traditional iconic cannabis shape. Instead Auto Duck has stealth leaves, shaped likes a ducks foot it means your plants will not attract any attention and can be grown more safely in busy urban environments.

Fast growing autoflower seeds or slower, heavy yielding autoflower seeds.

Think Big is an unusual auto designed to be grown for a full 13-14 weeks before harvest. This allows some very chunky buds, XL yields and a very powerful effect which will satisfy even those with a high cannabis tolerance. Many of the repeat Think Big growers are happy to allow the extra 2-3 weeks, knowing they will be repaid with top quality buds. But other growers prefer faster crop cycles from their autoflowering seeds. Feminized autoflower varieties such as Auto Night Queen, Auto Brooklyn Sunrise and Auto Blackberry Kush can all produce fast phenotypes which can be ready to harvest in, and occasionally under, 70 days of growth.

Buy cannabis seeds online

Autoflower seeds have a well deserved reputation for being the easiest way to grow your cannabis at home. You just set the grow cycle to 20/4 and watch your plants grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days. And you can buy your cannabis seeds online at the Dutch Passion website. Growing your own.

The best autoflower seeds
January 26th 2018
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