The average Dutch Passion customer

The average Dutch Passion customer

After 25 years in the business of selling marijuana seeds you would think we should have a good idea of the average Dutch Passion customer by now.

But the opposite is actually true.  Those buying cannabis seeds now come from all different age groups, social groups and types.  There has never been a more diverse range of people growing their own weed for recreational or medical purposes.

25 years ago you could say that the bulk of growers were recreational growers determined to grow better quality weed than the often poor-quality stuff which came in from overseas.  Very few varieties of seed were available in those days compared to modern times.  There was a smaller number of really good quality traditional varieties.  Initially there was a strong emphasis on outdoor/greenhouse varieties, but many growers eventually moved indoors to keep their crops safer from thieves.  Feminized seed had not been given a great deal of serious thought, and 70-day AutoFem’s would have seemed impossible.

How times have changed.  25 years isn’t really such a long time, but in the world of cannabis seeds 25 years has been enough to see the seed-world change out of all recognition. 

Today Dutch Passion customers fall into two categories.  The biggest group is the recreational grower who has decided to save money by becoming self sufficient. The other group of growers are the medical growers.  Medical growers have increased in numbers significantly in the last 10-20 years.  Marijuana is now regarded as medically effective by an increasing number of countries.  Like them or hate them, GW Pharmaceuticals have pioneered their Sativex cannabis mouth spray which will eventually be licensed for use all over the world for numerous medical applications and pain relief.  They have helped the medical marijuana movement by demonstrating the effectiveness of the cannabis plant as a medicine.


30-40 years ago the medical marijuana movement was not as mainstream as it is today.  Today the world is full of medical grow cooperatives as well as individual medical growers.  Marijuana is finding its place in the treatment of numerous medical conditions and after decades of prohibition the pharmaceutical companies are beginning to smell the profit potential of an under-utilised and inexpensive raw material.  Research into medical marijuana has never been as intense.  Here at Dutch Passion we believe all marijuana is medically effective but there may well be some important developments in cannabis breeding which will really benefit the medical growers in the coming year or two.


As well as plenty of younger people that like growing their own weed there are also a surprisingly large number of growers aged 50+, lots of them actually.  Many of these are people that have enjoyed recreational or medical marijuana in their youth.  They want to continue enjoying marijuana but don’t want to pay unreasonable street prices when they can grow much better quality pot themselves.  The average price for a quality feminized Dutch Passion seed is around €6-€7, and as you will have seen from previous blogs it is quite realistic to expect 75+ grams of top quality marijuana to be produced from a single seed under good conditions.  The most expensive part of the grow these days is often the electricity.  Seed costs are a minor expense in the process of growing your own weed, so choose a seedbank you trust.  And growing your own weed really has never been as easy.  Check out our first time growers guides to growing indoors, outdoors or in your greenhouse.  And if you really want a simple way to produce your pot quickly then you should try growing AutoFems.

There is no such thing anymore as the ‘average’ pot grower, the average Dutch Passion customer looks just like you.

Dutch Joe

The average Dutch Passion customer
May 11th 2012

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