Success for Dutch Passion at the CBD Rich Cannabis Cup

Success for Dutch Passion at the CBD Rich Cannabis Cup

Dutch Passion were pleased to see two CBD varieties collect awards at the recent 'CBD Rich Cup’. 

CBD Charlotte’s Angel took 3rd Prize. But with just 2% of the votes separating the top 3 varieties, the competition was close. CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD rich feminised seed variety with CBD levels often around 10-15% and THC usually below 1%. It’s a variety popular with medical growers and doesn’t produce a psychoactive high, meaning you can use it during the daytime and function perfectly well.

CBD Colorado Cookies won a diploma for the ‘Most Relaxing’ CBD variety. Three of the four judges voted for CBD Colorado Cookies, which has THC levels below 1% with high CBD levels and a delicious cookie-flavour terpene profile. As well as being popular with medical users, many recreational cannabis lovers are finding that CBD rich strains offer a relaxing alternative to THC rich varieties without compromising taste or aroma.

Dutch Passion are always honoured to see the quality of their breeding efforts formally recognised. Dutch Passion were one of the first seed banks to offer CBD rich cannabis seeds and have just released the first THCV rich feminised seed variety named THC-Victory.

The CBD Rich Cup has evolved to cater for the massive interest in CBD rich genetics. More people than ever are now growing their own CBD-rich cannabis using feminised seeds or autoflowering seeds. Many thanks to the organising team behind the CBD Rich Cup, we hope to return next year.

Diploma CBD-rich Cup

Success for Dutch Passion at the CBD Rich Cannabis Cup
February 6th 2020
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