StarRyder – a new AutoFem collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor

StarRyder – a new AutoFem collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor

In the 5 years or so since the Joint Doctor cleverly came up with the original Low Ryder autoflowering variety, the seed industry has worked intensively to increase the potency and productivity.  Today pot from the best AutoFem’s is as good as pot from traditional varieties.  And yields have improved dramatically as well.  The days when you could get 5-10 grams from a 15cm plant are a long way in the past.  Today good growers are getting around 75grams of resinous bud per plant, and the best growers can get 100grams +++ per plant or even more !

Here at Dutch Passion we feel that the Joint Doctor deserves a lot of credit for his initial work which so many recreational and medical growers have now been able to benefit from.  It has opened up a whole new area of cannabis growing.  And we thought it would make sense to join forces with him to create a new Dutch Passion AutoFem that brings together the best of the breeding skills from both teams.  It is a collaboration which we think will make sense to our customers as well.  The new variety is called StarRyder.  This is an exclusively Dutch Passion variety; it will only be sold by us and won’t even be available via the Joint Doc himself.  We are pretty excited about it.

The feminized genetics come from our  Dutch Passion hybrid Isis, which has been carefully worked by the Joint Doctor to create a 70-day autoflowering variety.  We have faith that the combined skills of ourselves and the Joint Doc have resulted in something quite special and unique.  She is potent too, and that is one thing which got our attention straight away, maximizing at 19% THC and we think that is one of the key features of this strain.  She is an excellent smoke with great flavours and a fast hitting and powerful stone which will satisfy the most demanding customers.  She will probably grow to around 50cm+ and yield around 45 grams of really good quality pot in the hands of the average grower.  In the hands of the experienced AutoFem grower with powerful lights and an effective grow system then we expect she will yield heavily, 100g+ per plant.
So far no public grow diaries have been made of StarRyder, but Dutch Passion friend Seymour Buds has the first seeds and will be growing her with a live grow diary on the popular and friendly Autoflower Network which has become the main internet forum for AutoFem growers.  The whole world can see for themselves how this will work out. The grow will be done in a deep water culture hydro system and flowered with high-performance LED grow lights from Hydrogrow LED.

Dutch Passion have done collaborations on new varieties before.  Our traditional (photoperiod) variety called Jorge’s Diamonds #1 was collaboration with Jorge Cervantes and has resulted in a top quality indica-dominant hybrid which is a brainstorming smoke.  So we have ‘high’ hopes for StarRyder which will be available to the public a little later this year.

So in the meantime we hope you enjoy watching the grow diary.  StarRyder is an important new addition to the Dutch Passion AutoFem family.

Dutch Joe

StarRyder – a new AutoFem collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor
June 15th 2012

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