Spannabis 2017 review. Europe's biggest cannabis show

Spannabis 2017 review.  Europe's biggest cannabis show

Spannabis 2017 was as busy as ever. Dutch Passion was present along with our sister-company Crazy LEDs and the rest of the major companies in the worlds cannabis industry.  Over 200 companies had booths at the show,  As always, the show was peaceful, well attended and well organised.  Thousands of mainly european visitors were there, but this year we noticed more visitors than ever came from North & South America, Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and New Zealand/Australia.




Spannabis 2017 'Best Grow Product' awarded to Crazy LEDs for the professional grade LED grow lights from California Lightworks

The highlight of the show for the Dutch Passion/Crazy LEDs team was winning the Spannabis Trophy for ‘Best Grow Product’.  This award was won by Crazy LEDs with the California Lightworks ‘SolarSystem’ family of LED products.  The professional grade LED grow lights were designed exclusively for growing cannabis, they are built in the USA using high-end Osram LED for the licensed cannabis grow industry.  The Spannabis judges were impressed with the unique combination of power, professional build quality, optimised spectrum and affordable price.  The SolarSystem 550 replaces a 600W HPS with 400W of high performance LED, it has adjustable power and spectrum.  More details are here




A record 30,000 people visited Spannabis.  Many companies had special offers at the show, Dutch Passion’s special offer was 2 auto seeds for €5.  Most visitors were home-growers taking the chance to see all the different suppliers under one roof.  Lots of small businesses, such as grow-shop and head-shop owners were also in attendance evaluating new products and checking out potential new suppliers.  Everything was on offer at Spannabis.  Grow tents were available from several suppliers.  All the major nutrient companies were present, some were giving away samples.  Plenty of companies were present showing different types of grow mediums.



One visitor that didn't make the show was Marc Emery.  The controversial Canadian ‘Prince of Pot’ was arrested with his wife and prevented from travelling by the Canadian authorities who also raided several of his dispensaries.  Emery has been arrested 20 times before and was in a typically combative mood in the post-arrest interviews.  


As well as the main expo area there were two additional tents for exhibitors.  Visitors to the show were well catered for, with numerous food vendors on-site cooking everything from fresh pizza, vegan food, and asian cuisine at reasonable prices.  Many of the overseas visitors took advantage of the cheap flights to Barcelona and low cost accommodation to have an affordable weekend away.  Although there is an official no-smoking policy inside Spannabis, this was widely ignored.  Many of the visitors joined cannabis social clubs for the weekend, there are lots of them in Barcelona and once you are registered you are free to buy cannabis inside.  The Dutch Passion team were kindly invited to the Barcelona Strain Hunters Club, it had a relaxed atmosphere with quiet music and comfortable surroundings - very enjoyable.



For home growers, Spannabis 2017 will be remembered as the year that LED grow lights entered the mainstream growing market.  In addition to the usual lower quality Chinese imports there were several high-end LED grow light companies presenting quality products.  There were rumours that some of the larger HPS grow light suppliers are now also actively pursuing LED technology.




The Spannabis judges were impressed with several aspects of the SolarSystem design/performance:


•Professional quality construction, USA build, proven over several years for design reliability, performance and spectrum.

•Price (less expensive than the other premium quality vendors)

•Proven Light Spectrum for Canna, high intensity (5W Osram diodes)

•Sealed, waterproof and humidity proof design (many grow lights still have the delicate electronics unprotected from atmospheric dust and humidity)

•The hand controller conveniently controls power/spectrum on a room full of daisy chained lights.

•Adjustable power and spectrum (red, blue and white LED on separate circuits)

•White light plant inspection mode (this is also seen as essential for US licensed growers too)


The video, below, shows a US legal cannabis grower that has swapped his Gavita 1000 HPS lights for SolarSystem 1100 LEDs and couldn't be happier with the results.


Spannabis is now a seriously large and impressive show with all the major industry suppliers present.  Low season accommodation/hotel prices in Barcelona during March are very affordable, and so are the flights.  Its a low cost treat for any cannabis lover. See you at Spannabis 2018!


Spannabis 2017 review.  Europe's biggest cannabis show
March 17th 2017
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