‘OutLaw’ – a productive new Dutch Passion knockout sativa at a budget price.

‘OutLaw’ – a productive new Dutch Passion knockout sativa at a budget price.

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 ‘OutLaw’ is a great new variety which has really impressed us over the last few months, so much so we have decided to add her to our seed collection and offer it to our customers.  It is an appealing strain, a quality sativa-style ‘up’ high from the very reliably strong weed it produces. The high is something of a psychedelic buzz, strong and very nice!  THC production is heavy.  The taste is best described as fresh, strong and Hazey.

For the self-sufficient recreational growers, and medical growers, it is always puzzling why they are themselves ‘Outlaws’ simply because they enjoy marijuana.  But attitudes are changing.  One day, perhaps not too long from now, we hope it will be legally permitted to grow and enjoy your own weed.  In the meantime Dutch Passion are committed to bringing the best genetics that we can to the home-grower.  And right now the strain that has caught our attention is OutLaw.  The name is something of a reflection of the irony that you may be a perfectly decent and responsible person, but if you grow weed you become an ‘outlaw’.  


There has never been as many people growing their own cannabis as there are today. We hope that the sheer number of people growing their own pot will eventually force society to change attitudes towards the ‘outlaws’ that are the home-growers.  

Outlaw has been a consistently good yielding variety and not too demanding in the growroom.  It is a ‘high production’ variety, 400-500g/m² in optimum conditions indoors, perhaps 100g-150g per plant.  

OutLaw  has made a strong impression in all the important areas, and from experience we know that this makes it a solid variety which our customers will enjoy growing.  But with around 50 varieties already in the Dutch Passion collection a new strain has to really offer something very special to the Dutch Passion customer to make it into our catalogue as a new variety.

So we started thinking of a way to really make this popular with our customers.  The idea we had was to try to immediately establish this variety as a best seller and produce it for an entry-level price.  Producing the seeds in higher-than-normal quantities would allow us to sell them at a budget price of €40 for 10 feminized seeds. (5 for € 24 and 3 for € 15 ) That’s the plan!  And it also is the answer to all the customer feedback we have had asking when we could make a top-quality strain at a budget price.  Here it is, and it comes with our highest recommendations.  10 feminized seeds for just €40 – we hope it will combine excellent quality with an affordable price and the security of the Dutch Passion name at a cost that even the low cost/low quality seedbanks will not be able to match.

Our team of smoke testers confirmed OutLaw to be a real knockout variety.  This is always a key part of our introduction process and we got great feedback from them all.  The sativa fans make up about half of our smoke-test team and they were especially happy with it.  It is a very heady high, it hits you fairly quickly and is powerful enough to leave you somewhat forgetful of what you were doing.  It is an intense stone, strong yet very enjoyable and easy to relax with.  It is way too potent to be considered a day-time smoke, but this is a good variety for creative and social pursuits.  It is also great for relaxing and chilling out, listening to music, conversation and enjoying.  Probably it isn’t much good for watching your favourite movie with as you will lose the plot, literally!

Dutch Passion ‘OutLaw’ is being introduced in the coming couple of months and we will bring you some grow diaries so you can take a sneak preview of it yourself.  It is pretty much 100% Sativa with a very definite Haze content to make for a really special smoke.  The harvest time is 12 weeks, this gives the best high and also the best taste/flavours.  We appreciate that 12 weeks is a long flowering period, especially with so many shorter flowering varieties available these days. But the longer flowering time gives a harvest worth waiting for and the yields are good.

It will only be offered as a feminized variety and will be without doubt the lowest priced ‘premium’ variety in our collection.  We expect it will be popular not just for the great weed it produces but also the overall combination of solid yields, potent buds, and the easy-growing nature which makes it easy for inexperienced growers to enjoy as well as regular Dutch Passion growers.

In the past seedbanks have been accused of favouring only the fast-flowering varieties, resulting in fewer traditional sativa’s. So on this occasion we have decided to follow our instincts and the quality offered by this potent new sativa and offer it at the best price we can.  We hope you all enjoy it.

Keep watching our website, we expect to start sales around July/August.  And remember you can now use Visa and Mastercard on our website to make shopping simpler.

Dutch Joe

‘OutLaw’ – a productive new Dutch Passion knockout sativa at a budget price.
June 8th 2012

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2013-01-28 22:49:55

I've been growing cannabis 15 years now and police have took six crops and about 10000 euros worth growing devices from me and i've been in jail 1 year 'cos growing cannabis, so i am an outlaw cos of cannabis so i like this very much. I hope i can someday grow my own cannabis legally without the fear and stress that the police and the coverment has gave me. I don't think me as a criminal but only thing i love so much is growing my own. peace, love and respect for all you at dutchpassion and all outlaws around the world!